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Dad Crush 10 - Crave Media

Lowest Price: $10.00
Starring Violet Rain! Emily is such a caring stepdaughter; when she sees that her stepdad is depressed because he lost his job she'll do whatever she can to cheer him up. When stepdad discovers some 'substances' in his house he decides to strip search Jessica to see just what else this sexy ...

Dad Crush 11 - Crave Media

Lowest Price: $5.54
Starring Tali Dova! When a computer repairman discovers all the porn Eliza's watching, she promises to do whatever he wants as long as he doesn't tell her stepdad. Brooke is a whole lot of trouble wrapped in a sexy little package, so when her stepdad discovers she's stealing and fucking boys...

Dad Crush 12 - Crave Media

Lowest Price: $4.99
Starring Tiffany Watson! Isabella's stepdad is concerned that she doesn't spend enough time with her girlfriends; Isabella agrees but the reason is because all she wants to do is hang out with him! Angel wanted to get her stepdad a really nice gift but she really messed it up; luckily she ha...

Dad Crush 13 - Crave Media

Lowest Price: $5.00
Starring Kayla Paris!

Dad Crush 14 - Crave Media

Lowest Price: $10.63
Starring Kenzie Madison!

Dad Crush 15 - Crave Media

Lowest Price: $10.71
Starring Lexi Lore!

Dad Crush 16 - Crave Media

Lowest Price: $14.28
Starring Aliya Brynn!

Dad Crush 2 - Crave Media

Lowest Price: $11.85
How could any man be expected to resist? Stepdad left a load in Jaye`s mouth! Annika was ready to go out, but stepdad said she was grounded. Well, naughty Annika has an idea that will give her and.daddy exactly what they both want! Brooke and daddy are going to watch a movie but Brooke`s changing...

Dad Crush 3 - Crave Media

Lowest Price: $10.34
Skylar`s stepdad lets her know that her outfit is not appropriate for her date, but it`s just fine for him! Jade is so tired of her creepy stepdad that she offers him a blowjob if he would just leave her alone. Charlotte leaves her stepdad a sexy video to prove that she`s a better fuck than mommy...

Dad Crush 4 - Crave Media

Lowest Price: $10.19
Stepdad discovers Ember web-camming. Luzbel is eager to prove that she`s all stepdaddy needs when she catches him jerking off. Zoey thought that if he watched her doing yoga it would relax him, but all it did was get stepdaddy all worked up. Kat catches stepdaddy beating off to pictures of her; n...

Dad Crush 5 - Crave Media

Lowest Price: $10.28
Casey and her stepdad discover that the best way to take a young girl`s mind off her nightmares, is a big, thick dick! Lily is trying to talk to her boyfriend when her creepy stepdad walks in and pulls out his cock. Joseline is having boy trouble so her stepdad decides to help her out by showing ...

Dad Crush 6 - Crave Media

Lowest Price: $6.95
When Eden discovers her stepdad has been jerking off to her selfies she decides to turn this into a money making venture. Darcie is learning CPR and her stepdad is more than happy to let her resuscitate his dick! Bobbi has no money and can continue shoplifting or start sucking stepdad dick for ca...

Dad Crush 7 - Crave Media

Lowest Price: $10.71
Mom calls saying she`s going to be late, giving Monica and her stepdad some extra time to do some stepdaddy-daughter bonding. Anastasia wakes up after a short nap to discover her boob hanging out of her shirt and her stepdad`s hand between her legs...just the way she likes it! Jennifer is a bad s...

Dad Crush 8 - Crave Media

Lowest Price: $9.94
Tory needs to get her green card but she needs a job. She asks her stepdad if he`ll hire her but he`s apprehensive. Tory knows just what to do to relieve him of any doubts he may have. Gracie is in her room crying when her stepdad pops in to check on her. She`s scraped her knee and tells him momm...

Dad Crush 9 - Crave Media

Lowest Price: $10.40
Jadyn is finally back home after being away at school and is eager to spend some special time with her stepdad, even if that means risking getting caught by her mom! Jeni knows her stepdad is obsessed with her, but this naughty girl doesn`t mind; she loves the attention. Layla is so sick of her m...

Freaky Fembots - Crave Media

Lowest Price: $11.23
Brand New Model Charma Kelly!

Freeuse Family Secrets 2 - Crave Media

Lowest Price: $15.98
Featuring Lilith Grace & Ryder Rey! In A Freeuse Family, The Men Have Unrestricted Access To The Women!

Ginger Patch - Crave Media

Lowest Price: $4.99
What is it about that red hair and pale skin that drives us wild? It's that these crimson haired babes really know how to please a man better than any other women! And these 4 fiery beauties are ready to prove it in smoking hot XXX action!

Ginger Patch 10 - Crave Media

Lowest Price: $9.13
Starring Ella Hughes! April Reid asked her stepbrother if he wanted to watch a scary movie and he ended up putting on a Halloween porn parody; April was grossed out but was still turned on so when he started feeling her up, she was definitely open to the offer! Our stud saw gorgeous ginger E...

Ginger Patch 11 - Crave Media

Lowest Price: $10.72
Starring Aria Carson!

Ginger Patch 2 - Crave Media

Lowest Price: $7.50
Cute, young ginger Briar has milky skin that begs for your touch. Arya discovers a love for hard cock sliding in and out of her ass! Big-titted Lauren has a tight, hairy fire patch. Miley is the redhead next door that takes a load all over her puffy pussy!

Ginger Patch 3 - Crave Media

Lowest Price: $6.54
Stepdad walks in on his wife helping her daughter try on bras, but when mom leaves the room he can`t control his desire any longer. Ava thought her stepdad had forgotten her birthday but when he gives her a see-thru leotard she rewards him by putting it on...and taking it off! Krystal is being bu...
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