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Crave DVD Movies

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Shoplyfter 2 - Crave

Lowest Price: $11.99
She gets to keep her cash because now she`s paying with her pussy!

Shoplyfter 3 - Crave

Lowest Price: $11.99
These security guards wish every woman would try to steal!

Petite Black 2 - Crave

Lowest Price: $12.19
A big black ass and 34D melons, Jenna couldn`t be any hotter! Brittney goes to the park for some exercise but her trainer has a different physical activity in mind. Daya is finally legal and ready for her first ever XXX scene! Sierra is eager to show us what she can do with her tits but it`s what...

Black Valley Girls 2 - Crave

Lowest Price: $9.90
Beautiful dark skinned teens with naughty desires, explore their sexuality in erotic, hardcore scenes! Nia is such a naughty girl; she stole her best friend`s guy just because she wanted to try some thick, white dick! Horny Ana has been dreaming about fucking the pool guy so today she decides to ...

Shoplyfter 4 - Crave

Lowest Price: $10.00
Sometimes being a security guard has its perks!Fact: There are approx. 27 million active shoplifters in our nation today. American retailers lose $45 billion annually to theft. In the business of retail, there are two separate but equally important parties. The SHOPLYFTER that tries to steal the ...

Milf Tames Brat - Crave

Lowest Price: $12.19
When Abby discovers her roommate lost her rent money and the pair are going to be evicted, she decides the only thing to do is for the two of them to have sex on the web! Aurora wants Tali to help her make it as a singer, and Tali wants just to make it with Aurora! Arielle has been a real naughty...

Dad Crush 2 - Crave

Lowest Price: $10.34
How could any man be expected to resist? Stepdad left a load in Jaye`s mouth! Annika was ready to go out, but stepdad said she was grounded. Well, naughty Annika has an idea that will give her and.daddy exactly what they both want! Brooke and daddy are going to watch a movie but Brooke`s changing...

Moms Guide To Sex 2 - Crave

Lowest Price: $8.03
Some moms cross the line and get a little too involved in the sex lives of horny teens! Aaliyah has a thing for her step-daughter`s boyfriend, but when Sloan catches her step-mom fucking her BF, things get very, very naughty! Cherie doesn`t like that her step-daughter has more fun than she does s...

Little Girls Love Big Dicks - Crave

Lowest Price: $10.66
Alaina discovers her best friend broke up with her boyfriend because his dick was too big and being the good friend she is, Alaina had to experience it for herself! Bambi is the Easter treat every man would be happy to find. Chloe sneaks into the home of her favorite musician, gets caught by secu...

Moms Guide To Sex 3 - Crave

Lowest Price: $8.03
Marie is a stepmother with some very strange parental ideas. First she takes advantage of her stepdaughter and then she gives Haley`s boyfriend a blowjob. When Haley catches them in the act, the real party begins! Katya confesses to her stepmother that her boyfriend doesn`t find her sexy anymore....

Twisted Threesome Tales - Crave

Lowest Price: $11.55
Izzy walks in on a blowjob she never should have seen and soon finds herself involved in sex acts she never dreamed she would experience. When their teacher catches Scarlett and Karter fooling around with one another, they promise him they`ll do anything as long as he doesn`t tell anyone what the...

Dad Crush 3 - Crave

Lowest Price: $9.40
Skylar`s stepdad lets her know that her outfit is not appropriate for her date, but it`s just fine for him! Jade is so tired of her creepy stepdad that she offers him a blowjob if he would just leave her alone. Charlotte leaves her stepdad a sexy video to prove that she`s a better fuck than mommy...

Moms Guide To Sex - Crave

Lowest Price: $11.49
Growing up there was always that one hot MILF in the neighborhood. She might have invited you over for dinner, or even given you a kiss on the cheek, but that`s about it. Did she ever leave you wishing for more? Welcome to Mom`s Guide To Sex! First they will tease you, then seduce you, and before...

Petite Black 3 - Crave

Lowest Price: $9.01
Sarah catches her brother`s buddy creeping on her in the shower and attacks his manhood, telling him a real man would act on his desires. Karissa has a banging body and loves to twerk for her boyfriend. She strips down, delivers the hottest BJ and then climbs on top of that monster cock until her...

Sis Loves Me - Crave

Lowest Price: $11.61
Alice`s step-brother has a problem; his step-sister is so hot he can`t control himself. He gropes her wet body, fresh from the shower but the good thing is that this naughty girl liked it! Cleo goes to her step-brother to find out why her boyfriend doesn`t want to fuck her anymore. He decides to ...

Black Valley Girls - Crave

Lowest Price: $7.94
Daizy is a spoiled brat who`s refusing to listen to her private swimming instructor. When he tells her it`s time to get wet, she pulls her bathing suit to the side and reveals her smooth ebony pussy! Sexy, little Sizi was taking a nap when her step-brother creeped up on her. She awakes to find hi...

Brace Face 2 - Crave

Lowest Price: $10.00
Her friend`s older brother suggests they go swimming and then spies on Kharlie while she`s changing. She`s pissed and flattered all at the same time.Her brother`s friend calls Veronica a pecker wrecker because of her braces. She`s so pissed that all she can think of is proving him wrong!Daya is s...

Ginger Patch 2 - Crave

Lowest Price: $11.61
Cute, young ginger Briar has milky skin that begs for your touch. Arya discovers a love for hard cock sliding in and out of her ass! Big-titted Lauren has a tight, hairy fire patch. Miley is the redhead next door that takes a load all over her puffy pussy!

Milf Tames Brat 2 - Crave

Lowest Price: $11.01
Jayden made a voodoo doll of her stepdaughter so she could control every aspect of Jennifer`s life; she even made her strip and play with her pussy! When Lily gets in trouble at school, her stepmother Anna and her friend Sami, decide to teach her a lesson, lesbian-style! Gracie was excited to go ...

Brace Face - Crave

Lowest Price: $11.07
So young and sweet and once those braces were added, she became irresistible! Karly has learned to perfect the Brace Face blowjob, and her tight pussy is pretty nice too! Ellie confesses to a stranger that she`s self-conscious about her braces but he informs her that her and her braces are adorab...

Cheating With The Babysitter - Crave

Lowest Price: $10.00
Peter has a date until Martini answers his phone and curses the girl out. Luckily for Peter, Martini is eager to perform services other than babysitting. Molly is the babysitter who`s happy to help her employer dress for work since his arm is in a sling, but once she sees the bulge in his pants, ...

Twisted Threesome Tales 2 - Crave

Lowest Price: $10.00
Charity and Zoey thought stealing stuff was cool but once they got caught, strip searched and covered in cum, they learned crime doesn`t pay! Arielle is jealous of all the cash Alana has. Alana lets her friend know that camming is the answer; all you have to do is suck some dick! Claudia was sunn...

Dad Crush 4 - Crave

Lowest Price: $11.01
Stepdad discovers Ember web-camming. Luzbel is eager to prove that she`s all stepdaddy needs when she catches him jerking off. Zoey thought that if he watched her doing yoga it would relax him, but all it did was get stepdaddy all worked up. Kat catches stepdaddy beating off to pictures of her; n...

Sorority Girls Guide To Group Sex - Crave

Lowest Price: $9.51
Zoey and Mila are feeling the heat and decide to go in the house to cool down, but when Jade finally joins them, she discovers her friends naked and sucking on a dildo! Kelsey and Maddie finally decide to indulge their lesbian desires, but when stepmom Alissa joins in, that`s when things get real...

Touch Of The Younger Kind - Crave

Lowest Price: $11.01
19 year old, corn-fed, country girl Valerie is eager to film her first porn scene. Alli works in a sex store but is ready to do anything to get out of retail. Naomi is a tiny little thing who came to us from Nashville, Tennessee to help get her porn career off the ground. Karmen, a smoking hot te...
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