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Seller's Guide

Fees and Pricing

Listing a DVD on Adult DVD Marketplace is free... you will only pay a commission when your DVD sells. At that time we will collect your sales price from the buyer, add to that a shipping credit to help cover your shipping expenses, and deduct our commission of $.50 plus 15% of the sales price. These funds are deposited into your seller account, the entire balance of which is paid out to you monthly.

If you plan on selling a large number of DVDs each month, you can avoid the $.50 fee by joining our Merchant Subscription program.

Shipping Credits

Adult DVD Marketplace sellers ship items directly to their buyers. Sellers are required to ship within two business days of the purchase, and we request that the seller use inconspicuous packaging that doesn't reveal the nature of the package.

The shipping credit you will receive is $5.50 for the first DVD, and $1.00 for each additional DVD purchased by the same buyer. So, if a buyer purchases three DVDs in an order, you would receive a total shipping credit of $ 7.50 for that order. Shipment is required even if the shipping credit does not cover all shipping costs. Such discrepancies should be accounted for in the price you set.

If you decide to support Expedited Shipping, and the customer selects this shipping option, then you will receive an increased shipping credit of $9.75 for the first DVD in the order.

International Shipping

Participation in our international sales program is on a by request basis.

The shipping credit you will receive is $44.00 for the first DVD, and $0.50 for each additional DVD purchased by the same buyer.

These orders are to be shipped International Priority, packaging only the disks and artwork, no cases.

To avoid customs issues, orders to Japan will not include artwork.

Listing Expiration

To prevent an accumulation of unmaintained listings, listings that have not been sold, or had their price modified after four months will be expired. In the case of an expiration, you will receive an email containing instructions on how automatically re-list the product.

Seller Payments

Sellers on Adult DVD Marketplace are reimbursed for their sales in one of the following ways:

  1. Throughout the month your current sellers account balance can be used towards purchases on our site. The credit from sales is available for purchase on the next business day following a sale, and can be applied towards an order from the checkout screen.

  2. If you've opted to receive reimbursements via PayPal (from the "Seller Profile" page of our site), then we will send your reimbursements directly to your PayPal account via PayPal Mass Payment (you will not be charged a fee by PayPal -- these funds will be transferred into your PayPal account approximately 10 business days after the first business day of the month. Please be sure that the email address you use on this site has been added to your PayPal account if you opt to receive PayPal reimbursements.

    Note that it is not possible to select PayPal reimbursements until 45 days after your first sale.

  3. If you haven't selected reimbursement via PayPal, and your monthly sales balance exceeds $20.00, then you will be mailed a reimbursement check each month. To allow time for credit card settlement and fraud screening, checks are mailed approximately 10 business days after the first business day of each month. These payment checks are in the name of our corporate entity, ADM Media, Inc., so they can be deposited in a discreet manner.

    If your sales volume for the month is less than $20.00 then this balance will be automatically carried over to the following month's account.

    If at the end of the month you no longer have any additional titles listed for sale on our site, then you will be reimbursed the full amount of your seller's account balance.

Note that from your "Seller Profile" page you can choose to have your reimbursement withheld. In this case, it will not be sent at month-end so that it can be accumulated for future use, such as for purchases from our site. You may turn this option off at any time.

Purchasing DVDs With Credit

Once you have been selling on our site for more than a month, and have accumulated an average feedback rating greater than 4.75, you can optionally begin using the credit you've accrued from sales on our site towards purchases from other sellers.

This credit will be made available the next day after a sale is transacted, and can be used up until the time the balance is reimbursed to you. Note that you can turn off reimbursements through the "Seller Profile" page so that credits are accumulated up until the time you chose to use them on purchases rather than being reimbursed according to our normal rules.

If a credit you have credit available for purchases, it will be displayed on the order checkout screen, along with an option to apply this credit towards the order.

Merchant Subscriptions

If you have a large inventory of DVDs to sell at Adult DVD Marketplace, a Merchant Subscription will allow you to access more powerful tools for managing your listings, while also lowering your overall expenses. With a Merchant Subscription, the $.50-per-sale commission is waived on every listing you create-- you pay only the remaining 15% commission.

Merchants are, however, required to input tracking numbers for all orders.

Contact us for more information on this program.

Tracking Numbers

All sellers are strongly encouraged to enter tracking numbers for each of their shipments in order to keep customers informed as to the status of those orders. Tracking information can be submitted via the Shipping Tools page.

Merchant sellers are required to input tracking numbers for their shipments. Those who do not input tracking numbers for an order will be subject to the following penalties:

  • Revocation of the reduced merchant commission rate
  • Immediate refund on any overdue order missing a tracking number

Shipping Guidelines

Please pack and ship your DVDs in a professional manner by following these guidelines:

  • In order to respect the privacy of the buyer, please do not label in the package in any way so as to reveal the adult nature of the contents.
  • Carefully wrap and clearly label your packages.
  • To protect used DVDs during transit, place a tissue or peice of thin bubble wrap inside the case over the spindle, to prevent the disc from coming off the spindle and getting scratched.
  • Use a complete return address, printed in a neat and legible manner, on all packages.
  • Include the packing slip provided in your "Sold--Ship Now!" e-mail, or a similar written reminder of the transaction details, with your item.
  • E-mail your buyer when you ship their item. Let them know it is on the way, and by what method you have shipped it.
  • Please note that shipping a single DVD via USPS Ground Advantage rate can be cheaper and faster than USPS Media Mail rate if pacakaged carefully. We encourage you to use this shipping method if possible.
  • If a single customer purchases a large number of DVDs from you in a single order, we strongly recommend that you insure the shipment to protect you from any loss during transit.

Privacy Issues

In order to protect your privacy, we will not provide buyers with any contact info for you except for your e-mail and Adult DVD Marketplace username.

Likewise, in order to protect the privacy of our buyers, we absolutely forbid the use of a customer's contact information for any purpose other than for fulfilling the order for which it was provided. This includes any subsequent communications or solicitations either electronic or otherwise. Failure to follow this policy is a violation of our Sellers Agreement, and will result in being permanently barred from the site.

Unacceptable Listings

We welcome your new and used DVD listings on our site. However, the following types of listings are prohibited:

  • DVD recordings not created by the copyright holder, including recopied media in any form.
  • Any media format other than DVD, such as VHS tapes.
  • Any DVD encoded with a region code other than Region 1 or Region 0/non-encoded, including PAL DVDs, UNLESS this DVD is explicitly listed in our database as an import title.

Condition Guidelines

Currently you can buy DVDs in five categories-- New, Like New, Very Good, Good, and Acceptable.

Each of these categories may have listings without a case and/or artwork, in which case the listing will show this disclaimer beside the condition. In the case of New listings, it is only acceptable to specify this condition if the disks were originally distributed by their manufacturer unpackaged.

  • New: Just like it sounds. A brand-new, unused, unopened DVD in perfect condition in its original packaging and with all original packaging materials included.

  • Like New: A DVD in perfect condition, in its original case, with its original artwork. A DVD in this condition should be indistinguishable from a new DVD other than being out of its original packaging material.

  • Very Good: A well-cared-for DVD in its original case with its original artwork that has been viewed, but remains in great condition.

  • Good: A DVD in its original case with its original artwork with clear external signs of wear, but one that continues to play perfectly.

  • Acceptable: A DVD with or without its original case and artwork, showing external signs of wear, but one that continues to play perfectly.

  • Unacceptable: DVD recordings not created by the copyright holder, including recopied media in any form.

Customer Refunds

If, following a sale, you find that you are unable to promptly ship an item to a customer, then you are obligated to promptly request that a refund be issued to the customer. A refund can be requested by viewing the one online sales history, and selecting the appropriate link on the order to refund.

Note that a high refund rate is frowned upon, and will be displayed to customers so that they can judge the accuracy of your inventory tracking.

Sellers who accumulate a refund rate over 8% of will have their inventory displayed in the "Special Order" tab until the rate is brought back down below that threshold.

Sales/Use Taxes

We take responsibility for all sales tax obligations between ADM Media and those states in which we have a legal nexus. It is the Seller's and the Buyer's responsibility to determine whether sales or use taxes apply to the transactions conducted through our site, and to collect, report, and remit the correct tax to the appropriate tax authority.

Terms and Conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions here.

How do I create a sellers account?

To create a sellers account simply click the "Register" button on the "User Account" menu. Once you have created a standard customer account, click on the "Start Selling DVDs..." link under the "Account Info" menu.

To ensure the integrity of our marketplace sellers, we will need two pieces of info from you:

  1. We will need a valid credit card account with billing address info. We will use this info only for address verification purposes-- the credit card number will not be stored, and no charge will be made (only a temporary authorization will be used to perform the verification).
  2. We will need a valid cell phone number that can receive SMS messages. We will send a code to this SMS number that you will need to activate your seller's account.

How do I determine the best price for my DVD?

In an effort to help you price your DVD competitively, we will provide you with a suggested selling price if we have retail prices available.

The suggested selling price for an item is calculated as a percentage of the best on-line retail price for a new copy of the item and depends upon the quality of the item. The pricing table we use is as follows:

Condition< Suggested Price (percentage of best on-line retail price)
Like New 70%
Very Good 60%
Good 50%
Acceptable 40%

How do I list a DVD for sale?

There are two ways to list your DVDs on Adult DVD Marketplace. First, log into the site using your ID. Then either:

  • Retrieve the info page for the DVD you wish to sell through a title search. When your DVD info page is displayed, click the "Sell Yours Here" button.
  • If you have a large number of DVDs to list, you can use our import tool to load the listings from a text file. To import a file, select "Import Listings" from the "User Account" menu.
If you are unable to locate the DVD you wish to sell in our database, you can send us a request to add the DVD by clicking the Request DVD Addition link on the Support menu.

How do I add a missing title, or add missing content for a title?

If you are unable to locate the DVD you wish to sell in our database, you can send us a request to add the DVD by clicking the Request DVD Addition link on the Support menu.

To add missing content for a title (description, performers, category, or box cover), log into the site and add your listing for the relevant title. After doing so, you will see an option at the top of the page to submit any missing content for the title.

How do I list novelties for sale?

We only support the sale of NEW novelties from retailers, not from individuals. To import novelties into the system, you must use our tools for importing listings. Contact us for more information.

Do you have any tools to help automate the selling process?

For detailed information on our tools for sellers, consult here.

How can I easily link to my listings?

If you want to advertise your listings on our site, you can use the following shortened URL to link to your listings:


or, to link directly to the gay side of our site:


Note that these links will not work if you have any spaces, periods, or other special characters in your username.


This label is automatically displayed beside your listings when you have:

  • Received at least fifty feedbacks from your customers
  • Maintained an average feedback rating of at least 4.95
  • Maintained a refund rate of less than 3%

Alternatively, if your refund rate is at or above 5%, you will see a HIGH REFUND RATE label beside your listings.

If your refund rate goes above 8%, all your listings will be moved under the SPECIAL ORDERS tab.