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Daring Media DVD Movies

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Pretty Woman XXX Parody - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $220.25
Night. Hollywood Boulevard. Bright lights, traffic, girls walking along the famous star-studded strip, in thigh high bots and short skirts. In a cheap apartment, above the street, Vivian gets dressed for the night. Meanwhile Edward, a wealthy businessman from out of town, is lost on his way to Be...

Perfect and Pure - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $7.45
Daring! Pure brings you Perfect and Pure, the latest installment of Jenny`s most perfect gorgeous young women experiencing the pure sensuous and sinful touch of another woman`s lips, the sweet caress of their tongues against each other`s silky flesh, and the dizzying rush of the naughtiest finger...

Bedtime Stories - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $14.45
Starring Lexie Belle! Welcome to the first film presented to you by Daring Pure. This film is created based on the needs of most women and men. After doing research on how couples want to see sex for over a year Daring! Pure will show you the true passion between lovers like if they where ha...

Addiction - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $8.19
Sex therapist Dr. Demetri Santos is a specialist practitioner dealing with the sexual needs of his wealthy female clients. His professional integrity is tested to the full as his stunning patients relate their explicit sexual fantasies and desires to him. The good doctor`s resistance is finally b...

Heavenly Moments - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $14.63
Daring Pure takes you to the highest regions of love in this fantastic film! Some moments are just beautiful bu these moments will take you straight to heaven! Enjoy the art of lovemaking in it's most perfect form! Lovemaking in its purest form! Remember how incredible it felt the first time y...

Wellness - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $9.99
Daring Pure! Takes you to wellness, which one should be asking if Wellness is only meant for rich, prosperous people? Well, nowadays wellness is for everyone, as we show you in 5 passionate scenes. Each soft caress leads to complete relaxation and into casual sensuous temptations. Yearning for de...

After Midnight - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $69.98
Working day and night all week no pleasure at all but then...yes weekend! Friday evening, no work for the coming days and all the time to fully enjoy each other. Some tasteful wine, a nice movie and just after midnight...time to discover new ways of pure pleasure in hot sensual sex!

Only Women Can - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $19.99
What is more satisfying to see how these soft-skin girls are melting together as one? This is the purity in making love that Only Women Can and we want to share this with you. Be quick and join in, maybe you can join them in your secret fantasies. Xoxo Jenny

Lustful Lover - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $8.94
You can have lustful feelings, love feelings, or feelings of infatuation, they are all feelings. But when you ask people what keeps the flame burning, they will say it`s love! We will show you you have passed the lust stage and are committed to your partner, fulfilled with admiration, respect, an...

Bound By Lust - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $3.75
The Daring Media Group presents Bounded By Lust. A movie that features five vignettes that chronicle the erotic sexual liaisons between kinky couples who thrive on the satisfaction derived through engaging in exotic roleplay. Seductive dream like intro sequences merge into intense hardcore sex sc...

Experienced - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $28.97
It`s a well known fantasy - a young guy wanting to have sex with an experienced and attractive woman. And it`s a common fact that women get more sexually active and demanding as they mature. In 5 beautifully shot scenes, we`ll show you the intense eroticism when both worlds collide and make love ...

Touch Of Nature - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $9.75
Mother nature has her own strength, and while walking around, you will feel her force! It feels so natural, that you can taste the love in the air.The heat of the sun guides hands and fingers to touch your deepest soul.There`s no way in this world that you could find more ecstasy that with a touc...

Young Mothers Request - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $7.00
With the experienced director Dawn you can be sure that the result will be exciting, beautiful and erotic. Enjoy along with the desires of these young mothers we have, they`re only too happy to fulfill. DPure passion, intimate camera work and scenes that suck you into into the casual, natural exp...

First Summer Love - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $39.95
The temperature isn`t the only thing heating up out here. Days are longer, nights are shorter and love is in the air. The passion that these lovers bring is as hot as the burning sun... There is nothing like the rush of a steamy uninhibited summer romance under a bright blue sky! please enjoy!

Trophy Wives Club - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $7.00
British director Anjali Kara documents the lifestyles of five, wealthy housewives who devote themselves to sexual adventure and personal satisfaction. As members of The Trophy Wives Club they make a pact to share their sexual conquests within their own private inner circle. Cuckold husbands, swin...

Hot Bodies - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $9.99
UK Director Kendo explores physical desire, the darkness within quelled by external beauty casting aside everything apart from lust and desire! The light and the dark play long the lines of her body. Paining and exquisite figure through the darkness, her skin rising gently with every breath. A...

Perfect Hustle - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $6.25
A stylish gang of London Grifters are always on the look out for a suitable mark to lure into their seedy underworld. When they come across a Demetri, a Playboy Gambler who loves the ladies, it`s an opportunity too good to miss. They entrap him into a web of sexual adventure and high risk gamblin...

All By Myself - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $2.74
Daring Pure takes you to a journey into the world of ten of the most stunning young women, with a penchant for taking matters into their own hands, captured by our cameras. This feature gives you a voyeuristic view into the urges for pleasure and satisfaction of these lonesome beautiful women in ...

Girls Girls Girls - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $11.74
Daring Pure presents this smoking hot production that features sensual lesbian love scenes with real and beautiful climaxes. Enjoy all over body kissing, tender touching and dizzying heights of erotic pleasure in every clip! The DVD also features behind the scenes footage and a photo gallery for ...

Intimacy - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $3.94
Sensual intimacy between two people in a loving relationship is a beautiful thing. Shutting out the rest of the world to worship each other, appreciate each others bodies and maintain complete focus is the best thing a couple can do for their sex life, and this movie shows just how rewarding it c...

Seduced - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $9.99
A tentative look, a flirtatious glance, the gentle touch before a kiss, the dance around one another before that first memorable embrace - the art of seduction. Sitting together but initially as if apart, his hand moves to her shoulder, gentle yet firm, the approach leads on from a gentle touch t...

Be Gentle With Me - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $21.00
Be Gentle With Me is a cinematic couples-friendly movie that chronicles the sexual excitement of submissive role-play. A beautifully shot movie that includes five intense and erotic encounters featuring some of the sexiest all natural models in Europe today. This is a movie made for couples to en...

Dusk To Dawn - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $1.99
Acclaimed director Dawn directs this spectacular production that stars Gina Devyne. A couples oriented collection of beautiful scenes, this DVD depicts the dizzying heights of ecstasy two people can reach when they truly love each other and are eager to explore their desires. Also starring Blanch...

Radio Erotica - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $9.99
Porcha Sins hosts a late night show for Adults Only, Radio Erotica. A program where women can exchange their sexual fantasies and experiences with the listeners. British female Director, Anjali Kara, delivers an erotic, sensual movie featuring some stunning performance from her cast. Our sexy hos...

Daring X Files 2 - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $6.99
Daring X Files 2: Come in Daring`s great world and experience the exquisite scenes! In 7 fantastic scenes our ladies will show their sexual desires and fantasies. And as a bonus there is an extra unprecedented scene!
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