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Radio Erotica - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $9.99
Porcha Sins hosts a late night show for Adults Only, Radio Erotica. A program where women can exchange their sexual fantasies and experiences with the listeners. British female Director, Anjali Kara, delivers an erotic, sensual movie featuring some stunning performance from her cast. Our sexy hos...

Caribbean Connection - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $9.00
The story about Mike and Kerrie who decided to go for a holiday to the Caribbean. During a boat trip, they meet a French couple Alan and Sophia, dragging them into an erotic adventure without limits...

Mind Games - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $2.49
Starring Miya Rai! A faceless internet user has tracked down a selection of past acquaintances and communicates with them online through social media. Direct messages are sent that both disturb and excite, in equal measure. Five women are targeted and taken on a journey of sexual temptation ...

Fade Into You - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $1.50
Our past encounters and previous lovers will always be part of us. Every memory, sexual experience and intimate fantasy has made us who we are today. Now its just the two of us and those thoughts become a blur as I Fade Into You. Anjali Kara directs an intense, couple friendly series of erotic vi...

Eternal Valentine - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $2.95
Female director Anjali Kara directs a collection of couple friendly vignettes that celebrates the intimacy that couples share on Valentine`s Day.Five cinematic scenes capture the fun and excitement of the giving of sexy, personal gifts and the resulting sexual encounters. Eternal Valentine is a m...

Stay With Me - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $3.50
Starring Stella Cox! Daring! Pure presents, Stay With Me. A cinematic, couple friendly erotic movie, directed by Disanto. Five naturally passionate girls are waiting for the attentions of their lovers. Their minds are full of sensual memories as they start to pleasure themselves. Each scene ...

Girls Experimenting - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $14.95
Diane Summers delivers real girls having passionate sex. They are happy, healthy and naturally sexy girls with no fake breasts, experimenting their salacious desires for other girls. Specifically out in the open air they feel free without any limitation. No script, just pure, unadulterated girls ...

Girlfriend Experience - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $3.95
Passionate secret affairs. The attraction of sex with no complications. Five stunning ladies chronicle their sexual adventures with their lovers of choice. Intense, cinematic erotica for your viewing pleasure. Daring Media Group delivers a beautiful volume of high quality adult entertainment.

Girls Seductions - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $2.99
Welcome to the latest installment of Daring Pure! Girls Seductions. Lesbian sex the way it is meant to be. Nothing is sweeter than the kiss of another girl, the feel of her breast, the taste of her skin, and the seductive nature of her touch. Natural, passionate and sensual. Enjoying nature on a ...

Milf A Darker Side - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $3.50
MILF A Darker Side is Kendos latest erotic exploration into the attractive nature of the sexually experienced and demanding woman. By her refined seductive manners, she controls every aspect of the art of making love, and although she does take the lead into a journey in which the chemistry betw...

My Bff - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $2.50
Have you been waiting all your life for someone to trust, care, and always be there? Someone who always would tell you the truth, especially when it`s the hard thing to do. A friend who comforts and pleases you on every need ?Experience what the intense moments with your BFF could be like on the...

Daring X Files 10 - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $2.99
Enter the amazing world of Daring and enjoy a selection of the very best scenes. Where our hottest girls show you their sexual needs and desires in eight fantastic scenes!

Illicit Affair - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $2.99
A relationship often starts with lots of passion and fun. But once the boredom sets in a prohibited affair can just rise up! It`s hard to resist all the temptations in offices and sports clubs and your second lover is just around the corner on an internet forum. If you choose for enjoyment, your ...

Bed Time Stories 3 - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $3.24
We invite you to part three of our successful and acclaimed series Bedtime Stories. A series based on the needs of most couples showing the passion and emotions between lovers, as if they were having sex for the first time. A love so intense we simply had to engage with experienced porn star Carl...

Picture Perfect - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $2.95
Daring Pure presents Picture Perfect. In an age of social media, face time and mobile communication, couple snow have the ultimate sex toy at their disposal. They can tease each other when together or apart. This sexy adult production features five beautiful girls at play with their partners. A ...

Crazy About The Blonde - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $2.49
Elektra is the young and beautiful manager of Pussy L.T.D., an adult entertainment stock rating company. Mister X, a multimillionaire leading the Fault Corporation, wants to appropriate her firm. Elektra will have to unsheathe all her sexual weapons to save Pussy L.T.D. and possess the leadership...

Fetish Sins - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $6.95
Naughty tight encasing rubber and young firm flesh come together to make another stunningly sexy film shot by worldwide award winner Kendo.Penetrating deeper than just the fetish for rubber alone. A film consisting of five beautifully created sex scenes shot in lavish locations and with a unique ...

Coming Out - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $9.95
Daring Pure! proudly presents our new and promising director Diane Summers, with her first innovating release Coming Out, capturing women in their most natural behavior.In uncertainty about their sexual orientation these young women finally no longer conceal their sexual preference, and revealing...

Girls Summer Sins - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $14.95
What can be more beautiful than enjoying nature on a beautiful day? ...Of course, to feel the tender kiss and the loving touch of another woman. Daring Pure! brings you both with Girls Summer Sins, the most beautiful girl/girl video from Diane Summers conception to now. Earth shattering orgasms f...

Exploring Fantasies - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $3.00
With Exploring Fantasies I look into the fantasy not only for its sexual nature, but also for the chemistry that it brings to my camera. Five beautifully shot scenes that have the exploring couples theme at the heart of every scene. - Lisa Loves

Ink 2 - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $2.99
Kendo delves intoo the depths of beauty and art with bodies adorned with the most exquisite ink. See these tattoed temptresses tease and excite you through their most intimate encounters!

Flesh For Sale - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $1.19
Alex, a disappointed policeman, is a mercenary working for a group trafficking in young women, who are attracted by the dream of a job abroad. This is why they gather at the villa owned by Valentina, a lustful woman engaged in shady business, who is going to train the girls before negotiating the...

Anticipation - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $3.94
Five hardcore, intense vignettes that feature some of the very best players in the adult industry today. Anticipation is a movie for fans of intense, hardcore erotica.

Stocking Seduction - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $3.24
Kendo presents Stocking Seduction - five exquisite scenes depicting the pure and sensual seduction of a beautiful woman in stockings. Shot in the stylish Kendo way, the visual feast of lust and desire will fulfill you across every scene as we see five hot couples getting it on.

What She Wants - Daring Media

Lowest Price: $1.78
Female Director Anjali Kara chronicles the erotic encounters of five assertive women as they use their positions of power and influence to indulge in their love of sex with younger men. Each lady knows exactly 'What She Wants' as they seek the satisfaction that they can only get from energetic st...
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