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Gonzo Gay DVDs at AdultDVDMarketplace.com

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Breeding Season - Treasure Island Media

Lowest Price: $25.95 (42% off average online price)
Primal...irresistible...every man's need to dominate, take a man down, pump your seed deep inside him. To own him. To breed him. 'You're mine now, fucker, and there's no goin' back!'brbr From newbie sluts taking seed from that one big cock they just can't resist, to world-class cumdumps sucki...

Justice - Hot House

Lowest Price: $22.79 (53% off average online price)
What lengths would you take for justice? See all the ins and outs of the penal system!

Fleet Week - Falcon

Lowest Price: $7.00
The fleets in town and what else do horny sailors do on shore leave? Officers and enlisted men alike succumb to the charms of the city and, more importantly, sail into the arms of other hot-blooded and horny men.

Bedroom Eyes (Raging Stallion) - Raging Stallion

Lowest Price: $7.99 (82% off average online price)
Subject to change without notice 2 DVD set! Each scene, from the opening duo to the hour-long grand finale five-way, is a movie unto itself, each evoking an individual spirit, like chapters chronicling the pageant of a seductive story.

On Fire - Jet Set

Lowest Price: $25.95
Widescreen Edition. ON FIRE!, the new DVD from Jet Set Men, accomplishes the almost impossible task of creating a believably realistic background of firefighting, its training and day-to-day activities, as a setting for a gay sexual fantasy. Outside of sports, firefighting is the last profession ...

Straight Mans Whore - Men.com

Lowest Price: $4.31
Scott Riley is one lucky guy who is all about helping his friends any way he can. Colby Jansen, one of Scott`s straight friends, certainly doesn`t mind taking advantage of Scott`s willing mouth and eager hole. Colby fucks a load of hot cum out of Scott before blowing his own load. All in the name...

Stark Naked - Hot House

Lowest Price: $8.50
There`s no need for a plot, no time for a set-up... Hell, there`s not even one stitch of clothing! Just hot men having sex STARK NAKED!

Im Not Gay But - Big Cyclops

Lowest Price: $9.99
With our gay boys playing straight to the hilt, and straight dudes who are either incredibly convincing actors or seriously straight but hard up for cash, Im Not Gay, But presents 4 scenes of duos doing the nasty all for the money at least thats what they want you to believe!

Top To Bottom 3 - Men.com

Lowest Price: $19.98
The third entry in MEN.com`s popular grab-your-ankles-and-take-it series. The wait is finally over! Adorable Will Braun is about to have his tight virgin hole penetrated by Christian Wilde`s gorgeous cock in Top to Bottom 3. Big and beefy Colby Jansen is about to slam it home to Jimmy Johnson. Su...

Scared Str8 - Men.com

Lowest Price: $7.29
These men give heed to the imposing penile system as their lives become unmanageable with their addiction to sex and hung men.

White Trash - MSR Releasing

Lowest Price: $44.99
From the few scenes we've seen so far, this one looks to be one of the year's funniest, hottest, sleaziest, rudest, and most out-and-out most enjoyable. In all senses of the word. The opening is a sure-fire nominee for Best Oral Scene of the year. In it, we are treated to the gloriously crotch...

Pack Attack 1: Kent North - Hot House

Lowest Price: $19.49 (51% off average online price)
Pack Attack, the new gangbang series from Hot House Entertainment, features one lucky Hot House Man thrown to a pack of big-dicked, hole-hungry tops with trouble on their minds and monster cocks between their legs!brbr Pack Attack 1 stars Hot House Exclusive Kent North, the greediest pig-bottom ...

Twinks For Cash 5 - Pink Visual

Lowest Price: $29.43
How would you start off your music career? Would you take some nude pics for cash, suck a dick maybe, how about letting a couple guys air jam a lean butt f*cking machine up that rock star bunger of yours?

Arabian Playhouse - Alexander Pictures

Lowest Price: $8.95
ARABIAN PLAYHOUSE features hot Arabic men fantasizing and having sex in colorful Arabic Harlem. This time Alexander Pictures decided to make color film. Thus this movie has so much richness in 13 gorgeously shaped and well hung Arabian men.

Johnny Rapid 5 Years In The Making - Men.com

Lowest Price: $7.29
He`s taking his licks and everyone`s dicks!

My Guy Creampie - Magnus

Lowest Price: $3.99 (89% off average online price)
Now serving hot sloppy boy dessert!

Red Light - Mustang

Lowest Price: $6.99
Predatory and hungry, the red light district denizens quietly murmur: Wanna buy?; What cha got?; Yeah!They are merchants of iniquity, prowling their red light district, ready to buy, sell or barter. The flesh trade can be good with profits high, and pleasure and satisfaction guaranteed.

Cauke For President - Titan Media

Lowest Price: $7.49
In these trying times, we need a real man with true family values to lead this nation. One that can make America gay, err, great again. Luckily there`s a new candidate that trumps all the others and has all the big poles risingunless a torrid sex scandal makes him go down. Show America you want C...

Drunk On Cum 5 - Treasure Island Media

Lowest Price: $25.00
There are men born to suck cock. Their mouths open wide, their throats and guts yearn to suck down load after load. For these men it's more than sex. it's the worship of cock, a religious devotion to manseed. Drunk On Cum #5 is scene after scene of cum-slurping' cocksuckers servicing man after ma...

Bang! - Falcon / Mustang Studios

Lowest Price: $9.95 (79% off average online price)
Bang! Shot through the heart! This posse of eight horny young studs, packin' some heat and a whole lot of meat, aim to please.

Get Your Dick Outta My Son - Men.com

Lowest Price: $7.29
Athletic, boyish Michael Del Ray has been going crazy since his new stepdad, beefy Bruce Beckham, moved in. He cant get any kind of peace in the house since the newlyweds are constantly having loud sex. It does not get any better when he accidentally catches a peek of the handsome studs massive, ...

Attack Of My Clone - Men.com

Lowest Price: $7.00
Adorable hunk Jake Porter clones himself so he can skip doing housework and surprises his dark-haired, tattooed and muscular partner, Ryan Bones, who comes home to find his clone sitting on the couch. Hes really shocked that the clone looks exactly like Jake; the same toned body, bubble butt, and...

Auditions 18: Florida - Part 1 - Lucas Entertainment

Lowest Price: $5.49 (85% off average online price)
Michael Lucas flies his camera crew to sunny Florida for the 18th sizzling edition of his award-winning Auditions series! With the help of exclusives Ray Star and Jonathan Vargas, he meets tons of fresh new faces. From new-cummer Todd Welch (who’s perfect ass shows Ray’s thick dick a good tim...

Screen Test 20 - Club 1821

Lowest Price: $8.48 (79% off average online price)
Award-winning erotic video director Brad posey auditions seven hot young guys to see if they have what it takes to become an exclusive Club 1821 model! Some are shy, others bold. Watch them all strip down and stroke it off for their very first time on camera! Every audition is 100% real and unscr...
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