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Blu-ray Hi-Def DVDs

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3D Bel Ami (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo) - Lukas Ridgeston

Lowest Price: $6.49
The first Belami 3D movie! Filmed in Ibiza with erotic idols Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert, Dario Dolce, Jack Harper and more, Belami takes sex into a new dimension-literally! If you have a 3D blu-ray player and 3d glasses, you will experience unparalleled depth and realism. Not ready to go 3d? This ...

Tropical Men (Blu-Ray) - Maximus Studios

Lowest Price: $1.93
Blu-Ray Version. Two hours of eleven island boys getting it on! The sun isn`t the only thing that`s hot here! These guys are steaming!

Fixation (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo) - Titanmen Fresh

Lowest Price: $15.00
A mysterious, sensual dream. A fantasy waiting to be fulfilled. A burning desire that plays out on camera. What`s your Fixation? Let it come to life as TitanMen exclusive Hunter Marx leads the charge in a quest to bring one man to the brink of stardom. What surprises wait inside? By the time it`s...

Beach Boys (Blu-Ray) - Maximus Studios

Lowest Price: $2.01
Maximus Studios and director Paolo Desantos invite you on an erotic tour of the Brazilian coastline, where gorgeous island boys demonstrate the liberal sexuality that Brazil is famous for amidst lush tropical forests, remote waterfalls, and on private beaches and yachts. This big-budget movie off...

Men Of The Tropics (Blu-Ray) - Maximus Studios

Lowest Price: $3.21
Blu-Ray Version. Paulo Desanto`s craftsmanship takes us back to the tropical islands of Brazil where every majestic detail of the terrain, every glistening bead of sweat, and the carnal desires of the MEN OF THE TROPICS is captured in HD.

Payload (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo) - Titan Media

Lowest Price: $18.69
Time to take a heavy barrage from some muscly boys that are more than happy to deliver!

Sting (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo) - Titanmen Fresh

Lowest Price: $24.94
The surveillance video doesn`t lie -- you`re been bad, and you need to be taught a lesson. The punishment is up to you: solitary confinement or some hard lessons at the hands of TitanMen exclusives Hunter Marx and Marco Wilson, who lead a gang of private eyes out to capture their sleazy suspects....

Coyote Point (Blu-ray) - Titan Media

Lowest Price: $29.99
bFeaturing Titanmen Exclusives Jr Matthews and David Anthony!/bbrbr It's 1953 in a small town north of Las Vegas, and a tinderbox of sexual tension is itching to burst. Everyone has heard the rumors about the infamous house near Coyote Point, which catches the attention of TitanMen exclusives ...

Folsom Prison (Blu-ray) - Titan Media

Lowest Price: $39.95
XXX Hardcore!brbr Elevating hardcore fetish to both a new level of intensity and artistry, Folsom Prison is the latest in the highly anticipated series of co-branded Folsom films. TitanMan exclusive Tony Buff plays the corrupt corrections officer running everything on the inside of one of the m...

Mancapades (Blu-Ray) - Tru Filth

Lowest Price: $3.99
Blu-Ray Version. 5 juicy red hot scenes of Man-On-Man Interracial Sex!!!

Best Men 2 Wedding Party (Blu-Ray) - Falcon

Lowest Price: $34.99
Whos got the Wedding Day Blues? Tony Capucci and Andrew Blue are scheduled to walk down the aisle, but with this band of merry men, you know their journey is going to be sidetracked. From the horny wedding party to the hot and raunchy staff, everyone gets sucked into the festivities and fireworks.

Flux Director's Edit (Blu-ray) - Titan Media

Lowest Price: $14.99
b9 Men! 4 Scenes!/bbrbr Can you feel the stream of sensuality? In Flux, the fluid sex flows like a force of nature in this fusion of art and eroticism from the mind of award-winning director Brian Mills. Join nine masculine models-led by TitanMen exclusives Marco Blaze and Rick van Sant on a...

Double Standard; Blu-Ray, Director's Edit - Titan Media

Lowest Price: $19.99
Ever wonder what goes on at your apartment building with the repair men and building managers while you're at work? Well, if your building is like this one, you'd probably be calling in sick more often! Directed by Brian Mills, Double Standard stars Titan Men exclusives Dean Flynn, Francois Saga...

Mojave Run (Blu-ray) - Titan Media

Lowest Price: $15.00
A suspicious runner. A doctor practicing controversial treatments. A group of patients eager to please authority figures. What mystery waits along Mojave Run? A secluded facility near a correctional institute treats out-of-control sex addicts, including TitanMen exclusives Leo Alarcon, Dakota Riv...

Double Barrel (blu-ray) - Titan Media

Lowest Price: $14.95
b9 Men! 4 Scenes!/bbrbr The forest wood is big and hard, the guns are cocked and loaded. So double your pleasure and your fun in Double Barrel as nine amazing hunks led by TitanMen exclusives Alex Baresi, Marco Blaze, Dirk Jager and Chad Manning take you on a deep and dirty adventure into the ...

Folsom Flesh, Blu-ray Director's Edit - Titan Media

Lowest Price: $4.99
b4 Scenes! 8 Men!/bBrbr In just three years, TitanMen's co-branded Folsom leather/fetish line has racked up numerous awards, singlehandedly bringing high-quality fetish content into the mainstream. The studio looks to continue the amazing streak with Folsom Flesh, where artistic yet extreme ac...

Over Drive (Blu-Ray) - Titan Media

Lowest Price: $26.95
Blu-Ray Version. After cruising at the beach, Dean Flynn takes Max Schutler for a wild ride in (and on!) his carand gets more then he bargained for.Watching Dirk Jager suck Marco Blaze is too much for Franois Sagat to handle, so he brings his own hose into the action. After some oral and piss fun...

Full Access; Blu-ray Director's edit - Titan Media

Lowest Price: $34.95
Featuring TitanMen Exclusive bFrancois Sagat/b And bMatthew Rush/b!brbr How much size do you need? In Full Access, the men of Titan are here to satisfy your storage needs: hard wood to protect your goods, stiff locks to secure your valuables and massive muscle to manhandle your prized possessi...

Triage (Blu-Ray) - Titan Media

Lowest Price: $11.95
There`s never a dull moment in these horny hospital halls, where the colossal cocks ache for a cure. Check in to Folsom Medical and check out the 11 hot studs ready to make your stay memorable, led by TitanMen exclusives Marco Blaze, Tony Buff, Dirk Jager and Rick van Sant.

Intuition - Titan Media

Lowest Price: $16.50
It's that initial glance that piques your interest. It's the impulse that confirms an undeniable attraction. It’s that bolt of excitement that courses through your body. It's Intuition, and Titan demands that you follow it as exclusives Jessy Ares and Scotch Inkom lead a handsome crop of studs ...

Swelter (Blu-ray) - Titan Media

Lowest Price: $19.99
bFeaturing TitanMen Exclusives Tibor Wolfe and David Anthony!/bbrbr Can you feel the sweat beads forming at your temple, slowly sliding down the middle of your chest? It's brutal out there... take off that tank top and then whip it out. Or better yet, let TitanMen exclusives David Anthony and ...

Breakers (Blu-Ray) - Titan Media

Lowest Price: $24.99
For an event as monumental as acclaimed director bBruce Cam's final adult film/b, he pulls out all the stops in the very tradition of TitanMen that he himself created, taking a cast of 13 masculine men-with 11 TitanMen exclusives including the return of TitanMen exclusive Eduardo-and directs them...

Scorched (Blu-ray) - Titan Media

Lowest Price: $19.99
Heat stroke got you horny? Get some relief with this hot cast, who emerge from the pool as water cascades down the defined crevices of their bulging bodies. TitanMen exclusives David Anthony, JR Matthews and Dakota Rivers lead the charge as massive muscles soak up the sun in this steamy effort. Y...

Speechless - Titanmen Fresh

Lowest Price: $17.99
The sight is so arousing, you can`t stop staring: His welcoming eyes, huge chest, defined abs, throbbing bulge and juicy ass beckon you closer. You`re Speechless, but dont worry -- TitanMen exclusives Scotch Inkom, Hunter Marx, JR Matthews and Marco Wilson are here to keep their mouths moving for...
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