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Bad Boys Get Spanked - All Worlds Video

Lowest Price: $14.95
The passions of wicked young men and their inherent need for punishment are delectably accentuated in BAD BOYS GET SPANKED. Submitting ever so willingly to the euphoric pleasure that only the slap of a hand or the crack of a whip can offer, these naughty little things take their punishment as onl...

Spank 'em Hard - Bacchus

Lowest Price: $44.99
If you like all male hard spanking action, you will love this video. This great new spanking video has 13 models in 8 hot spanking scenes. Mark spanks lots of guys throughout the video. At the end they gang up on him and beat his butt good with leather straps. Lots and lots of sore, red butts...

Spanking Master 2, The - Bacchus

Lowest Price: $12.99 (35% off average online price)
If you like lots of hot, spanking action, this video is for you! Spanking Master Part 2, features lots and lots of beautiful, smooth, white butts-turned bright red from being spanked, by the meanest bunch of probation officers you`ve ever seen, with hand, paddle and leather strap.This video has i...

Spanking Master 3, The - Bacchus

Lowest Price: $8.88 (52% off average online price)
Mr. Brook is back and he`s brought hot butts to this spankfest!!! This new installment to the Spanking Master series features some of the hottest white and tan bottoms turning chili pepper red before your very eyes!!!The Spanking Master orders you to enjoy!!!

Spanking Frat Games - Spank This Studios

Lowest Price: $11.99
The frat house has never been the same since Paul Pratt arrived with plenty of punishment to go around to each of his fellow brothers.This is one DVD you will have to have on repeat.

Punish Me - Helix

Lowest Price: $9.95
Some guys love being punished! Enjoy 7 spank scenes and 2 bonus sex scenes!

Daddy Spank - Spank This Studios

Lowest Price: $9.99 (73% off average online price)
Sissy boys get spanked by their stern partners!

Spanked @ Work - Spank This Studios

Lowest Price: $12.95 (70% off average online price)
We introduce two new spankers and several new boys in this exciting film. T.J. Jordan and Baileey join us and step right in spanking bad boys. During interviews and job reviews these bad boys need discipline and they get it from all angles.

Spanking Master, The - Bacchus

Lowest Price: $24.99
This video has 11 models in sexy jack off and hard spanking action. Starring sexy blonde newcomer Chris Todd. Lots of sore red bottoms here.

Spankin' Adventures - Damaged Productions

Lowest Price: $6.89 (78% off average online price)

Amateur Spanking Videos 1 - Magnus

Lowest Price: $3.99
Shot in High Definition. You know I bet when you moved away from home, that was the last time you would get spanked. But tipping over the cookie jar isn`t the only reason for a good spankin`! Check out my hot amateur models getting each other`s asses nice and red with some good clean spankin` fun...

Ass Whupping Skaters - Saggerzskaterz

Lowest Price: $69.75
Ian Madrox & Dustin ‘DK’ Kilimin reunite along with two new models - Raven storm & Mark Dickmore - for 3 brand new scenes of ass whuppin skaters! in the first scene, ian & Dustin make a bet over who’s going to win at a video game... and they are both so confident that they’ll win, they ar...

Spank Your Buddy - Bacchus

Lowest Price: $24.00
ten hot young men star in this classic spanking video, which features four great scenes of sexy red hot spanking action. While this is basically a spanking video, there is some sex action as well. Some of the guys suck on each others cocks and most of the young guys jack off either before or afte...

Spanking Tutors - Spank This Studios

Lowest Price: $8.00
These days the threat to the education system isn`t teen pregnancy and drug use. It`s the students that blatantly choose not to follow the rules. The heroes this time are the tutors that whip them into shape. These tutors have little patience for the unfocused mind. They paddle and are firm belie...

Black Spank Master 3 - Bacchus

Lowest Price: $4.99 (64% off average online price)
These brutal spank masters are about to deal out an ass-whoopin` that won`t soon be forgotten! Spank dat butt brother. These boys crave punishment, and they are in for a real treat. They`ll leave with red cheeks and the memory of the hardest cock they`ve ever had! This is a pounding of the flesh ...

Beyond Limits - Spank This Studios

Lowest Price: $9.99
Jeff Sterne returns with a new lot of unruly boys who need to be set straight. Spank fans will love watching naughty blonds Derrick Porter, Devon Pryce and brunette cuties Adrian Layton and Ian Huntt get swatted with paddles whips and spanked hard with Sterne`s bare hands until the twinks smooth ...

Spanked At Work 2 - Spank This Studios

Lowest Price: $12.89
Our second movie of bad boys being spanked in a warehouse. TJ Wood the supervisor disciplines where needed and then welcomes Mason Coxx as our new spanker. Mason takes over the night shift and deals with the problem employees in his own way.

Butt Spankers - Red Moon

Lowest Price: $6.99 (86% off average online price)
If you like watching great bubble-butt asses get spanked and worked over, then this video will certainly get the right juices flowing. This is real spanking. Nothing is held back as each duo gets together for some hard ass thumping play. Beyond the spanking each duo gets sexually involved in o...

Hot Hands Black Ass - Bacchus

Lowest Price: $3.72 (88% off average online price)
He`s a cutie with a bootie just begging for some hands on spanking action. Bongo beats that fine, black ass until it shines red and begs for more.

Ive Been Bad So Spank Me - Rokk Hard Pictures

Lowest Price: $8.95
When Hans misbehaves, he learns that there are consequences!A bad grade lands Tristan on his stepdad`s lap!Tommy is about to get punished for coming home late!

Out of Control (Spank This) - Spank This Studios

Lowest Price: $9.99
These boys have been bad, and now they have to be taught a lesson. Bend over and take this spanking like a man.

Parole Officer Spank - Spank This Studios

Lowest Price: $10.35 (75% off average online price)
These right here are some lucky-ass fuckers. My parole officer smells like spinach and all he gives me are piss tests.

Spank My Ass & Military Ass Spankers - Projex Video

Lowest Price: $25.00 (42% off average online price)
When the spanking is done...The fucking begins!

Farmboy Discipline - Spank This Studios

Lowest Price: $12.95 (71% off average online price)
Disciplining farm boys is what you are about to watch! Enjoy

Frathouse Spank - Spank This Studios

Lowest Price: $6.99 (84% off average online price)
All kinds of things happen in a Frathouse and here we follow a number of them. There is the ritual of spanking and the unspoken sex. From hidden cameras to set scenes we love to see it all.
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