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Command Post - DVD - Titan Media



Alexy Tyler, Damien Crosse, Darius Falke, Dean Flynn, Dirk Jager, Marko Hansom, Steve Cruz, Tober Brandt, Victor Banda


Command Post is about military men in the situations you’ve only fantasized about until now: in the barracks, on the base, on the field.

Featuring TitanMen exclusives Darius Falke, Dean Flynn and Dirk Jager, it also features the first unforgettable on-screen pairing of TitanMen exclusives Victor Banda and Damien Crosse.

Tober Brandt arrives while Alexy Tyler and Marko Hansom are setting up camp. As things start heating up, Tober takes them back to his motorcycle where they take turns fucking each other on it in an explosive three-way.

Dean Flynn gets a message from HQ: Rendezvous tomorrow at 0800 hours, which means he’s alone with Dirk Jager in the tent until then, and what better way to pass the time than to get boned by the shaved-headed stud and his massive cock?

It’s a steamy hot night and Darius Falke and Steve Cruz are sweating through their tanks. It’s too hot to sleep and the humid weather’s got Steve thinking about one thing: having a ride on Darius’s fat cock.

By a campfire, Victor Banda and Damien Cross talk about how everyone thinks they’re brothers and that they’re so close they practically are. Damien gets up to take a piss, and despite the fact that he’s got a raging boner, he shoots a stream of hot liquid ten feet away. When Damien invites his buddy to “touch it”, Victor soon falls under his command!

With fast-moving, ultra-hot action and hunky men, Brian Mills' 'Command Post' delivers enough shock and awe to obliterate the competition.

Review from ManNet:

The opener, a three-way with Tober Brandt, Alexy Tyler and Marko Hansom gets started at a bivouac with olive drab tents in the background. As the smoke rises from the campfire, the trio heats up with kissing, sucking to a first round of cum-shots, and some amazing ass-eating by Tober with Alexy on the receiving end. Alexy's tight butt takes Tober from behind, using the stud's cycle as support, and he creams while Tober is pounding his ass. Then Tober gives Marko the same treatment, followed up by stroking out his own load, all with the help of his handy motorcycle.

The match-up between handsome Dean Flynn and perfect-bodied Dirk Jager is a study in contrasts. Dean, whether he's downing Dirk's dick or being fucked by him, shows just exactly how much he's enjoying it, while Dirk is the ever-reserved sex machine, never blinking even, until he's close to cumming (which he does twice). There are many amazing aspects to this sequence, but the most scintillating is the way Dirk treats Dean's ass, laving it with his tongue, and then fingering it until Dean can't keep silent. The ass-fucking is just as wonderful, and Dirk is truly an insatiable top -- you just can't keep your eyes off him as he insistently probes Dean's tight hole.

Steve Cruz always brings fire to any scene he's in, and with Darius Falke, he almost burns down the house. It's a hot night, the dudes are sweating, and Steve pulls Darius in for a kiss for starters. The first round of hungry sucking and ass-eating has Darius sitting on Steve's face while Steve jerks out a huge load. Then Steve turns around assists with the initial penetration of his ass by Darius' hot cock. Darius fucks Steve so hard he makes the cot they're on rock back and forth, and at one point I was worried about Steve maybe getting whiplash. But Steve's a big boy, and he not only takes it, he loves it. Darius' body is dripping with sweat as he shoots his load on Steve's prone form.

Nothing that has gone before here comes even close to equaling the finale, in which lookalikes Victor Banda and Damien Crosse fuck. Damien gets Victor's attention when he stands up with a rock-hard dick and takes a piss, sending the stream flying several feet away from his body. Damien then invites Victor to grab his dick, and he does, but then Damien drops to his knees to suck Victor. Both these dudes are hung much better than average, neither has any trouble taking care of the other's cock. Damien spews huge on Victor's chest at the end of the oral sequence. Damien's cock never falters, even throughout a long rimming scene where he's got his tongue shoved deep into Victor's hairy ass. Later, Damien fucks that ass hard, smacking his hips against Victor's butt rhythmically. The dudes both cum huge in the end, and you have to love the way Damien flings the remainder of his load onto Victor by spinning his still erect cock around like a centrifuge.

And in the end, when the two share a final kiss, it's almost like looking at a mirror image -- this is what fucking your own clone would probably feel like.

DVD features: Chapters; cum-shots chapter; interviews (Dean and Dirk; Darius and Steve); trailers ('Shacked Up,' 'H2O' and 'Boiler'); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).

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