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Help on Import/Export Functions

Importing Listings

In order to allow merchants to upload and manage a large number of listings, Adult DVD Marketplace supports the importing of a tab-delimited text file that can be created in any spreadsheet application, such as Excel.

Creating the spreadsheet

To create this file, a spreadsheet must be created with the following columns:

Column 1
This column must contain the Adult DVD Marketplace ID for the DVD being loaded. This ID can be found manually by visiting the info page for that DVD (where it is labeled as the SKU), or through an automated process described below.
Column 2
This column must contain the condition of the DVD. This can be either: New, Like New, Very Good, Good, or Acceptable. For more info on these conditions, please review our condition guidelines.
Column 3
This column contains any comments that you want to be displayed beside your listing describing either the DVD itself, or giving information about yourself.
Column 4
This column contains the price of the DVD (without a dollar sign).
Column 5
This column contains a count of how many copies of the DVD you have available. For used items this will normally be set to 1. If you don't want us to track inventory for you, but instead want the listing to always be displayed, you can set the count to a value of -1. In this case you will be responsible for manually canceling the listing if you run out of inventory.
Column 6 (Optional)
This column can contain an internal ID that will be stored with the listing and will be printed on the notification e-mail that is sent to you following a sale. This is for your own internal use only, and is optional.
Column 7+ (Optional)
If you want to store additional info related to this DVD in the spreadsheet for your own personal use you can use columns 6 and higher. This info will be ignored when the file is imported.
Sample Excel Spreadsheet
Creating the import file

In order to create an import file from this spreadsheet, you must save or export the spreadsheet to a tab-delimited text file. In Excel, select "Text (tab-delimited)" from the "Save As Type" selector on the dialog for saving the file.

Loading the import file

Once you have saved the spreadsheet as a tab-delimited text file, you are ready to import the file into Adult DVD Marketplace. The process is:

  • Select "Import/Export Listings" from the "User Account" menu
  • Select "Browse" to choose the file to be uploaded, or type the filename directly into the text field.
  • Click the "Import listings" button to load the listings from your file.
  • Our system will process your import file, and you will be sent a notification when they are available online. Note that any listings you had live at the time of the import will be replaced with the contents of your imported listings.

Exporting your listings

If you want to create an import file from a set of listings that you have loaded manually, or if you want to create a new import file based on your current listings, you can do so by selecting the "Export your listings" option from the import page.

You can edit this file in Excel by importing the tab-delimited text file. This is done by selecting "Import External Data" from the "Data" menu.

To export your listings via URL, use:


To add a column detailing the lowest price for listings in the same condition, use:


Looking up DVD IDs by Title or UPC

If you want to find the IDs for a large number of titles, rather than looking them up by viewing each DVD's info page, you can use our automated matching tool. To use this feature you should create a text file containing the titles of the DVDs you wish to import, with one title per line.

We now also support an optional UPC in the second column, which may be used to enhance your search results. Please note that our UPC database is not complete nor 100% accurate, so please review these matches very carefully. Consult here if you need more info on how to create a CSV from Excel.

Once you've created your file, select the file in the "Get DVD IDs" section of the import page and click the "Get IDs" button.

Our search will find the ID for any DVD with exactly one title matching the exact spelling of the title you provided, or the UPC. Results will vary depending on the complexity and uniqueness of the title. If an ID is not located, then that title is most likely stored under a slightly different spelling. In this case, you should use the title search tool to locate that title.

Exporting Your Sales

If you wish to export your sales in a tab-delimited format, you can access the following export URL, passing in your username and password in the appropriate fields:


With no additional parameters, your sales for the current day will be returned. However, you may use the following optional parameters for more control over the output:

Returns all your sales with an order ID GREATER than the ID passed in.
Returns all your sales on the dates GREATER THAN OR EQUAL to the date passed in (format: yyyy-mm-dd).
Pass in a value of "yes" to include a header row with the output describing the contents of each column.
Pass in a value of "xml" to output your sales as in XML format rather than as a CSV file.

Exporting listings via RSS

Your listings on Adult DVD Marketplace can easily be integrated into a third party site by exporting your listings in an RSS format.

To export your listings as an RSS feed, use the following URL:


By default all your active listings will be returned (up to a limit of 500 listings), sorted in the order in which the listings were added to the site. Use the following optional parameters to customize the data in the feed:

Returns only your listings for straight titles
Returns only your listings for gay titles
Returns only your listings for your own featured titles
Returns only your listings for straight titles
Returns only your listings for your own featured straight titles
Returns only your listings for your own featured gay titles

Sorts in order of time the listing was entered (Default)
Sorts alphabetically by title
Sorts alphabetically by studio then by title

Marking Orders As Shipped via REST Interface

To mark an order as having been shipped without having to use the admin web interface, use the following URL:


By default the order will be marked as shipped at the time the update is received. Use the following optional parameters for more control:

Sets the date on which the order was shipped
Sets the tracking info for the shipment

Accessing New Releases RSS Feed

To keep track of new additions to our database through our RSS feed, add the following URL to your RSS reader:

Straight Titles:


Gay Titles:


Exporting Product Listings XML

To keep track of feedback comments that customers have left for a seller through our RSS feed, add the following URL to your RSS reader:


Exporting the Current Market For a Product

This function allows a seller to export an XML document describing the current market for a given set of products. This market info includes all listings for the given products, including price and condition of these listings.

Note that usage of this call must be limited to no more than twice each day per product ID. Violation of this policy will result in account suspension.


The product_ids field is a comma delimited list (limited to 100) of products IDs for which market info will be returned. To retrieve info on more than 100 products, break the list down into 100 item blocks.

Exporting Reimbursement Info

If you wish to export a list of the orders and refunds that were included ih a rembursement check, use the folllowing URL:


Where month is equal to the two digit month number, and year is equal to the four digit year number for the sales you wish to query.