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Video-X-Pix DVD Movies

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The Opening Of Misty Beethoven (Single Version) - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $24.00
The opening of Misty Beethoven is one of the most expensive, glamorous, and exciting adult features ever made. Dr. Love (Jamie Gillis) bets sidekick Geraldine Rich (Jacqueline Beaudant) that he can transform Misty Beethoven (Constance Money) from a lowly streetwalker into a hand-picked symbol of ...

Barbara Broadcast (Single Edition) - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $14.00
Many consider Barbara Broadcast to be the most professional porn film every shot -- witty sophisticated, and erotic. A former high-class prostitute turned acclaimed author, the stunning Barbara Broadcast (Annette Haven) transforms lunch with a journalist (C.J. Laing) into an afternoon of sexual e...

Private Afternoons Of Pamela Mann (Single Version) - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $12.89
Radley Metzger`s first artful foray into hard-core filmmaking, Pamela Mann exudes the dirty elegance of mid-1970`s NYC. The plot follows a private detective named Frank (Eric Edwards) who is employed by a wealthy businessman (Alan Marlow) to investigate the sexual infidelities of his socialite wi...

Inside Little Oral Annie - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $19.99
THE ULTIMATE HEAD MISTRESS!Annie introduces each scene on a dark soundstage while in the middle of a blowjob. The guy cums in the middle of the intro. This happens every time, including once when the guy, anguished, asks Are we rolling? right before he pops.

Scent of Heather, A - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $9.00 (53% off average online price)
AN EROTIC MASTERPIECE!A Scent of Heather`s story line traces the sexual awakening of Heather (Veronica Heart), a tasty young virgin who leaves her convent to join in an arranged marriage with Frederick (Paul Thomas), a gardener`s son. Much of this awakening is induced by Heather`s lecherous Aunt ...

Take Off - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $8.74 (53% off average online price)
Time: the present. At a lavish party thrown by an unknown host, a young lady, Linda, meets a handsome Texan and tries to discover who and where the mystery host is. Exploring the house, they happen upon a room that unexpectedly turns into a projection room. The film that the two guests watch is a...

Inside Seka - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $9.51 (53% off average online price)
Seka, the most gorgeous girl in porno today, has agreed to reveal and relive all her most exciting sexual experiences and fantasies in front of our camera. The picture begins as Seka prepares to make love to her husband. During the act of love, she whispers her previous sexual encounters to her h...

Naked Came The Stranger (Single Edition) - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $9.00
Sizzling sex, stunning cinematography, and Radley Metzger`s trademark humor make Naked Cam The Stranger and undisputed classic from the golden Age of erotic filmmaking. Set in swinging 1970`s New York, the film follows the sexual exploits of radio host Gillian Blake 9Darby Lloyd Rains) as she set...

Inside Jennifer Welles - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $9.98 (48% off average online price)
THE CRITICS RAVEINSIDE JENNIFER WELLES appears destined to be regarded as a classic... -- John Cocchi, BOX OFFICEJennifer Welles is a walking sex manual. She gives fans the treat of their lives, practical demonstrations in the art of seduction. -- Bob Amsel, CHERIJennifer Welles is unstoppable in...

Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $3.99 (75% off average online price)
THE GOLDEN GIRL OF PORN! Annie Sprinkle, the most sensational porn star of all time, exposes herself entirely in this hot movie. Annie tells us her true story. We relive her experiences as she develops into the voluptuous Venus she is today. Annie`s desires and experiences are unique. She bathes ...

Roommates - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $42.98
A totally unique film about three women whose lives become entwined as they share a N.Y. apartment. A landmark film, Roommates takes us inside these women`s minds, hearts, and passions!

Female Athletes - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $10.00 (43% off average online price)
The delicious Annette Haven is our girl out to prove that women have equal standing with men in sports. Viewed through sexual athletes she meets, Annette is introduced to a group of athletic supporters that do more for men than any type of undergarment. Her success brings her just rewards as she ...

Private Afternoons Of Pamela Mann (2-Disc Set) - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $26.88
2-Disc Collector`s Edition. Widely considered to be one of the greatest erotic films ever made, The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann is the first hardcore film made by legendary director Radley Metzger, under the alias Henry Paris. Made in the golden era of porno chic and released in 1974, it wa...

Blonde Ambition - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $69.98
2-Disc Collector`s Edition. Digitally remastered from the original 35mm film. An all-time classic of adult filmmaking, the Amero Brothers` Blonde Ambition is a glorious XXX tribute to the MGM musicals of yesteryear. Starring Suzy Mandel and Dory Devon, and featuring the finest of New York`s golde...

Wanda Whips Wall Street - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $39.90
WHEN WANDA TALKS, EVERYBODY LISTENS!WANDA WHIPS WALL STREET is the first adult motion picture to probe and expose the sexy and exciting world of big money. Wanda, played by the lovely Veronica Hart, sets out to gain complete financial domination of a major securities firm. Wanda uses methods both...

Babylon Blue - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $5.00 (73% off average online price)
It`s early morning and Martin is released from prison. He served six months for receiving money for sex... big money! He`s a first class gigolo. When Missie picks him up and takes him home, he`s right back where he began. Missie has created New York`s newest and most sensational house of pleasure...

Erotic Adventures Of Lolita - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $8.00
Misty teased.Debbie pleased.But, Lolita does it all!

Maraschino Cherry - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $10.00 (46% off average online price)
Gloria Leonard runs a pricey house of prostitution, and business is booming. Then her younger sister shows up and announces that she wants to earn her spurs in the world`s oldest profession. Gloria is simply thrilled to have her sister training to take over the family business, and she promptly b...

Succulent - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $14.99 (23% off average online price)
This one is a must see, especially for the male chauvinist, porn lover. This feature has an all star cast. Basically, the entire film is an intense series of dream sequences. First, Jennifer (Kelly Nichols) falls asleep and dreams of getting sold to an Arab sheik (Ron Jeremy) to have as part o...

Blonde Goddess - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $9.50 (51% off average online price)
AN EROTIC CLIMAX TO THE 20TH CENTURY!The erotic, macho dreams of Elmo Smathers, shy comic book artist,transport him first to a lush South American forest, where he meets a tribe of lusty warriors, and ultimately their beautiful pagan queen, the BLONDE GODDESS.Next, Elmo`s fantasies take him to Fr...

Bel Ami - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $12.00 (38% off average online price)
Harry Reems is the journalist given a chance to become publisher of a French hardcore magazine. Feature chronicles his sexual (mis)adventures in pursuit of stories (like an African diplomat`s hot blooded affairs) and photos of the famous in infamous positions, with cute babes trying to drag him i...

Through the Looking Glass (Video X Pix) - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $9.00 (49% off average online price)
The first motion picture that explores supernatural sex!

Misbehavin' - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $18.00 (8% off average online price)
This story opens with an angel and the devil playing poker for human souls. The stakes escalate as they wager as to whether wealthy divorcee, Rita (Leslie Bovee), will marry for love or money. Gloria Leonard, as the marriage broker, supplies Rita with a stream of studs and beaus. The action build...

Girl's Best Friend, A - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $4.89 (75% off average online price)
The story involves a hectic and hilarious chase as Mrs. Leautrec and her dashing son Paul stalk three incredibly beautiful diamonds through the ballrooms and bedrooms of Europe, using love and lust as tools of their trade. Hot on the trail of the third and finest diamond, our notorious heroes fin...

Ecstasy in Blue - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $8.74 (50% off average online price)
Directed by Armond Weston in 1976, this film has funny dialogue and great cinematography that really is a pleasure to watch. Manny is the leader of his own cult of women who worship his giant c*ck. He is an eccentric and depraved man in search of ecstasy. His assistant Charly must find acolytes f...
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