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Vivid Wave DVD Movies

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Jenna Loves Rocco - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $6.99 (51% off average online price)
Roberto is on the run after committing a crime of passion. But his sins come back to haunt him... because he`s just met a very wrong girl... on a very wrong night... on a very wrong side of town. It`s Wave`s Jenna Jameson and Rocco Sifreddi... together finally in Jenna Loves Rocco, a Toni English...

Poison - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $24.99
Woody Long is a man on the verge... of death. He's been secretly poisoned, and his last hope is detective Bill Marlowe. Was it foxy Celeste, slinky Dyanna Lauren, unknown Sally Layd, or awesome new blonde Kylie Ireland? Do you care, as long as they're all nude at some point? Join Scotty Fox on ...

Blame It On Ginger - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $59.99
Vacations. Stepfathers. Daughters. Friends. Long nights. Hot days. And everything in between.

Cheating - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $55.35
Cheating is about a surprise birthday party that's a surprise for only one reason - everyone's sleeping around behind each others' backs. Join Ashlyn, beautiful new starlet Christina Angel, and the hot nympho Leena in a public look at everyone's favorite private pastime... Cheating! DVD Featu...

In Defense Of Savannah - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $196.00
Adult Video On Trial In Everytown, USA. Everytown USA - Savannah, adult's hottest video star, is embroiled in controversy as the whole medium of adult video goes on trial in small municipalities throughout the country. 'Every community sets it's own standards - only no one knows them ahead of tim...

Bonnie & Clyde - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $59.99
Relive the glory days of Bonnie And Clyde , with spectacular sets, memorable performances and stunning stars. DVD Features: Multiple Screens Chapters INT. TEL. Sex Previews Playable worldwide

Club Ginger - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $24.95
As they become reality.

Bedlam - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $39.99
Maybe the walls don't have ears, but the mattress talks. Welcome to director Paul Norman's BEDLAM, the story of a girl and her bed, a bed that gives advice, tells tales, and just might save Celeste from some untold danger. Joining Celeste is the beautiful new superstar Nikki Tyler, in her girl/gi...

Nymph - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $98.99
A rundown apartment building in LA holds a very special secret. Below the foundation's a spring that is home to a beautiful nymph...who comes up for air from time to time to cast her magical spell. It's Chasey Lain, in her final feature film. If you're a mammal, rent it

Simply Blue - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $19.95
Ashlyn is a sensitive artist, content with her career and the lifestyle it's afforded her. But apparently, her sensitivity spreads beyond the canvas. Ashlyn is despondent over an affair she's had with her boss--the one that turned into a three-way, with his best friend joining in. Now it's time t...

Ashlyn Rising - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $33.99
Ashlyn Gere is a woman reduced to a mere shell, with no self confidence or self-image. A friend persuades her to seek psychiatric therapy. There's only two problems ... the friend's in love with her. And so is the psychotherapist. Acclaimed director Layne Parker delves deep into the psyche of a s...

Torrid Tales - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $16.95
Paul Thomas presents 3 stories in one feature film. THE GUEST ROOM has the burning hot Melissa Hill masturbating wildly while her curious hosts get it on in an adjacent sitting room. In THE GIFT, Raquel gives Nikki a present: Madelyn Knight. And is mad to find that Nikki's not only been there. Sh...

Bed and Breakfast - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $6.85 (39% off average online price)
Gregor is a gourmet chef relocating in America from Russia - but for now, he's cooking in a small bed and breakfast for people like Asia and her shady bodyguard Rocco. And they fall in love. Hard. But the cook has to kill a husband and maybe a bodyguard to get to Asia. Will he? Who knows? DVD ...

Encore - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $39.00
It's Teri Weigel's return to video, and she's not just back -- she's back with an ass-pounding DV - DP vengeance! In this Fred Lincoln story, Teri's under police protection because she witnessed a mob robbery. Only problem is, she's a porn director. Solution: Bring the cops to work and thank them...

Twisted: A Portrait of a Different Color - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $39.32
Christy and an office boy have one thing in common: twisted marriages. And as Paul Thomas' story turns, they soon have another - each other. Twisted. Around her finger, or under her thumb. The choice is yours. 'Miss Canyon at her best'' Harrison Forbes -AVN. DVD Features: Multiple Screens S...

American Pie - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $9.99 (18% off average online price)
When Nikki's lover dies without a will, his evil niece Jeanna takes her place in his home, causing everyone to hate her in the process. Right before the will is read, however, the two vixens discover the one thing they may have in common - lust for one another. After they've sated their desire, t...

Masseuse 2 - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $39.99
Ashlyn is having an interesting life. Or shall we say, lives. By day she's a horny provocative masseuse in a low-end massage parlor. By night she's a woman of substance, with breeding and a rich boyfriend to match her rich lifestyle. She enjoys the duality, until a singular experience changes eve...

Trouble Maker - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $35.00
She's Troubleā€¦But it works on paper. On their honeymoon, newlyweds take on a partner of another sort - a trouble maker The mind games are as hot as the sex play, which goes on everywhere and every way ... DVD Features: Multiple Screens - Stills, Live action and Bio's of all the Wave girls ...

Mask - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $19.99
A scientist blows his face off in an experiment gone awry. His girlfriend leaves him. He rebuilds his face and becomes irresistible to any woman... including the one that left him when he needed her. DVD Features: Multiple Screens - Stills, Live Action and Bio's of all the Wave Girls. Chapte...

Ginger On The Rocks - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $44.99
Following Ginger's adventures as she defies her wealthy family in a search for love and lust that takes her through men, women, wild parties, doctor's office orgys, a maid who does nore than windows and finally a simple country boy looking for a simple city girl.

Tempted (Vivid Wave) - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $19.99
She was a temp who was looking for something permanent. Lene is experiencing temporary insanity. She's a temp on loan to an interior design firm. Soon her brazen sexuality begins to drive away clients and eventually she drives a wedge between the man and woman who owns the business. Austin Ellis...

Blonde Angel - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $2.24 (79% off average online price)
Kelly's Here. Heaven Can't Wait. You'll Think You Died And Went To Heaven! What if you died and were taken through the highlights of your life and all you saw was one sex act after another? Buck faces just such a fate in Bud Lee's steamy feature Blonde Angel, with our very own blonde angel, Kelly...

Night Train - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $65.00
Ashlyn's on a long drive. She passes a mysterious handsome hitchhiker. In order to keep herself stimulated, she thinks of the hitchhiker and all the lovers she once had. Her thoughts become vivid rememberences in front of Paul Thomas' masterful camera. And inexplicably, in front of the hitchiker'...

Bad Company (Vivid) - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $7.49 (37% off average online price)
A vice-filled, sting-fashioned adventure, complete with gambling, sex, con men, and more sex. With three-ways, girl/girls, anal, and all the wild cards you can shake a dice at! Features Include: Multiple Screens- Stills, Live Action and Bios of all the Wave Girls. Chapters- Go straight...

Plaything - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $24.85
Just another day of working for Candy, a stripper who lives on the edge giving private groups of men a sexy show. This group is happy to take her over the edge! They wanted more than a dance! They wanted a plaything!
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