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Mr. Makamoto DVD Movies

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Dirty Asian Desires 2 - Mr. Makamoto

Lowest Price: $12.19
Watch these girls satisfy every one of their desires. They just want to fuck and suck their way through life, don`t you wish you were on the receiving side of all that.

Total Japanese Tease - Mr. Makamoto

Lowest Price: $11.95
Japanese girls are the best at teasing you with oils all over their bodies. The difference here is they don`t stop at teasing, they will abuse your cock until you can`t take it anymore.

Asian Cutie Gangbang - Mr. Makamoto

Lowest Price: $11.50
Asian girls love to be fucked by as many men at the same time as they can. They love to be probed, pulled and pushed around like little dolls. They want you to cum in their mouth and any other hole you can shoot it in. I love nasty little Asian girls!

Asian Teen Threesomes - Mr. Makamoto

Lowest Price: $12.19
Most Asian girls are so fucking horny that they`ll take on 2 dicks at once any time, and you can even throw in a third. These girls are insatiable. They`ll suck and fuck as many cocks as they can and as long as they can until all those cocks shoot cum all over their faces.

Dirty Asian Desires - Mr. Makamoto

Lowest Price: $11.99
Mr. Makamoto is one of the nastiest Pornographers shooting in Japan. He has found a way around the Asian pixilation laws and brings you the hardest and nastiest porn you`ve ever seen out of Japan, with NO MOSAIC and completely UNCENSORED. These are some of the cutest, and nastiest Japanese girls ...

Filthy Japanese Sluts - Mr. Makamoto

Lowest Price: $12.00
Mr. Makamoto has a way of finding the filthiest Japanese sluts ever to walk the streets of Japan. They just want someone to fuck the hell out of them. These girls are so nasty, but so cute with their little hairy pussies.

Once Upon A Japanese Gangbang - Mr. Makamoto

Lowest Price: $11.79
Now this is the kind of story I like, where the little Asian princess fucks every guy in the story at the same time. In this story we don`t even have to finish it to know it`s definitely going to have a happy ending.

Small Asian Pussy - Mr. Makamoto

Lowest Price: $12.79
One of the main reasons we love the Asians is small pussys that love to be pounded all day long. Asian girls are the most adorable dirty little whores in the world.

Asian Slut Sensation - Mr. Makamoto

Lowest Price: $9.00
I don't know about you, but I love Asian women. So nasty and at the same time, so adorable. These girls will fuck the hell out of you, then have you cum in their mouths, then they'll drool it into their hands, look at it, and then slurp it back up and swallow it. Enjoy the Orient.

Cute Japanese Sluts Get Fucked - Mr. Makamoto

Lowest Price: $12.19
When you`re real cute and you fuck like a slut, well that makes you someone that every guy wants to fuck all day and all night. We love slamming our cocks into sweet slutty little pussies.

Filthy Japanese Sluts 2 - Mr. Makamoto

Lowest Price: $7.00
They are filthy, nasty, dirty and beautiful. They love to fuck, suck, and drink your cum. There is no other women in this world as perverted as Japanese women.

Fresh Asian Fantasy - Mr. Makamoto

Lowest Price: $11.00
Asian women don`t just love cum, they worship it. They love the taste of cum more than any other women in the world. They build shrines that look like men`s cocks. I`ll take an Asian woman over any other woman.

Naughty Asian Love - Mr. Makamoto

Lowest Price: $11.00
If you`ve never had an Asian girl`s tongue up your ass, then you don`t know what you`re missing. These girls will lick your ass then grab your cock and stick it in their mouths until you can`t take it anymore, then they`ll fuck your brains out until you cum all over them.

Pleasures Of Japan - Mr. Makamoto

Lowest Price: $11.79
I can`t take it. These girls are so fucking cute. I swear I`ll fuck every girl in Japan that I possibly can until I die. They are truly the most pleasurable and nastiest whores in the world. They live to pleasure the man in any way they can.

Pure Japanese Dream - Mr. Makamoto

Lowest Price: $12.19
When I dream about these girls, there`s nothing pure about my dream. These little girls just crave your cum. They want it in their faces, in their mouths, and all over their bodies. Just sit back and watch your dreams come true.

Asian Slut Sensation 2 - Mr. Makamoto

Lowest Price: $10.99
To me all Asians are sensational, but when they are also sluts, that makes it even better. Watch these little whores masturbate until their pussy`s are soaking wet, and then get fucked so hard that all they can do is scream.

Dirty Japanese Fantasies - Mr. Makamoto

Lowest Price: $11.79
I have these Fantasies every day. The Japanese women have the tightest pussys and the hardest nipples you`ll ever play with. These little ladies love to eat cum all day long. Watch your fantasies come alive.

Orgy In Osaka - Mr. Makamoto

Lowest Price: $11.99
It doesn`t matter where an orgy takes place. They`re always going to be great to watch. The more Japanese girls the better it is so sit back and watch these little sluts suck cock and get fucked so hard they can`t even move anymore.

Supreme Japanese Babes - Mr. Makamoto

Lowest Price: $11.50
Japanese women have the wettest, hottest, nastiest pussies in the world. Once they get started they don`t know when to stop. They will drink your cum and fuck your dick until it looks like Sushi.

Teen Japanese Gangbang - Mr. Makamoto

Lowest Price: $12.19
This movie includes a lot of bush, and a lot of fucking and a huge amount of cum, shot all over these Asian whores bodies. Man, Asian girls sure love dick.