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Desperate Pleasures DVD Movies

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A Weekend At Grandpas - Desperate Pleasures

Lowest Price: $3.99
Three overly curious young girls spend some quality time with gramps! The girls are comfortable alone in the company of older men, and the men are happy to show the young ladies things they have never felt!

Deflower Me Daddy - Desperate Pleasures

Lowest Price: $18.94
Dancer and webcam model Daisy Summers had never been with a man and made the very unique decision to give up her virginity on film. Somehow or another we managed to get this beautiful Korean and Russian beauty to do it for us. This is a look at the moments before she loses her virginity to JW inc...

Family Way - Desperate Pleasures

Lowest Price: $4.95
Dear Diary: OMG!I don`t know who my baby`s daddy is - my bro or the man of the house!?The ultimate taboo fantasies... Watch young women get seeded!

Daddy's Watching - Desperate Pleasures

Lowest Price: $6.45
Hope Harper notices daddy watching her in the shower and it turns her on so much that she finally takes advantage of the situation!Piper goes the extra mile to put on a solo show for daddy when she realizes he is watching to lure him in and make her fantasy a reality!Jessi notices daddy checking ...

Taboo Family Vacation - Desperate Pleasures

Lowest Price: $6.25
Mark is a retired SEO consultant who spends a lot of time with his daughters...Russell is the only son and has developed a very special bond with his sister Kate.Kate is an aspiring model who is very close with the men in the family...Hope has daddy wrapped around her finger; and other parts of h...

Family Traditions - Desperate Pleasures

Lowest Price: $5.25
A family secret is discovered by 2 sisters... and life will never be the same! These girls want to experiment, and they take advantage of the men in their lives for their own convenience!

Dna Daughters Need Anal - Desperate Pleasures

Lowest Price: $3.33
When step-daddy comes knocking at the back door, these chicks cannot resist, and gladly let them in!

Family Lies - Desperate Pleasures

Lowest Price: $5.00
Dear diary: I have always been a very shy girl, and my older sister Emma was the outgoing cheerleader in the family. Every now and then I`d catch glances between her and our step-brother, but I was too naive to see the truth. But when I saw Emma fucking Step-daddy, I became so aroused I could bar...

Taboo Diaries 2 - Desperate Pleasures

Lowest Price: $5.15
Sometimes, good girls do some very naughty things... This is XXX that just shouldn`t happen from Desperate Pleasures! When these men find themselves faced with an opportunity to perv out on a hot young woman, they waste no time taking all they can!

Devious Daughters - Desperate Pleasures

Lowest Price: $9.99
She caught daddy being bad. Now he has to do whatever she wants! It`s all about sexual discovery and taboo pleasures when the girl gets an itch she cannot scratch alone!

Taboo Creampies - Desperate Pleasures

Lowest Price: $5.25
Young amateurs spread their legs for hard cock and get dosed with a warm load, oozing out of their tight teen holes! They endure their pounding for those deep cumloads!

Taboo Handjobs - Desperate Pleasures

Lowest Price: $5.25
Mothers with step-sons! Sisters and step-brothers! Daughters with step-fathers! It doesn`t get naughtier.. Watch these girls work the shaft to make relations even closer!

My Daughters Big Tits - Desperate Pleasures

Lowest Price: $5.25
Girls that want to show off their new found assets make a dirty first step and start by seducing their own step-dads!

Anal First Timers - Desperate Pleasures

Lowest Price: $5.90
Four amateur girls get their asses poked and pounded for the first time on camera!

Daddy Made Me A Mommy - Desperate Pleasures

Lowest Price: $5.25
Porn pregnancy! Watch a girl go from initial insemination and fuck all along her way to the third trimester as her hormones grow more and more out of control!

All Fathers Sin - Desperate Pleasures

Lowest Price: $4.45
Judas, daughter of the god Odin, used her feminine wiles to seduce both her brother and father. Enraged by her sinfulness, Odin banishes Judas to Earth, allowing her one chance each year to escape her prison infecting small towns with her insatiable desires for family members. Only by corrupting ...

Pregnant And Pounded - Desperate Pleasures

Lowest Price: $5.25
Bulging bellies on expecting mothers who let their raging hormones get the better of them! They might be ready to pop, but that doesn`t stop them from seducing a stud and getting him to bury his meat. Can`t get pregnant if you already are, right!?

Daddy Loves My Rosebud - Desperate Pleasures

Lowest Price: $4.95
YES! DAddy`s cum is leaking out of Kate`s ass!Anal and vaginal creampies and 2 bonus solo anal scenes!

Interracial Family Affairs 2 - Desperate Pleasures

Lowest Price: $9.99
Mixed relations on the next level of taboo! These people are put in close quarters situations and can`t keep their hands to themselves!

Family Cums First - Desperate Pleasures

Lowest Price: $5.25
Dear Diary, you`ll never believe what I did yesterday... Cum is thicker than water!No more fantasizing, it`s time to stop playing the what-if game!

Daddy And I - Desperate Pleasures

Lowest Price: $5.79
Sometimes household relationships can get a bit out of hand, and a little too close... Watch curious girls seduce older men and share moments of pure delight! Some girls are just born bad!

Dna 2 Daughters Need Anal - Desperate Pleasures

Lowest Price: $16.99
Sometimes the daddy bug runs in the family, and when young, curious girls can no longer contain their forbidden lust, all bets are off! Once they get a taste of the taboo, they even go after each other! An ass reaming twisted tale of hot teen tail!

Daughters Desires - Desperate Pleasures

Lowest Price: $4.95
Some girls just can`t control their desires and some daddies don`t want them to! Alex Tanner - I can`t help it. Every time I think about my daddy I touch myself! Zoe Parker - As long as mommy`s not home, I bet daddy would let me see his cock!

Just For You Daddy - Hope Harper POV - Desperate Pleasures

Lowest Price: $5.00
With a sweet, curious girl like Hope in the house, every day is fathers day! Young sluts waking up the man of the house with a blowjob just looking to swallow their first load ever and even looking for a hot internal cumshot - all just to be daddy`s favorite!

My Grandson's Girlfriends - Desperate Pleasures

Lowest Price: $5.00
There is something about a rich older man that appeals to young women. When my grandsons began their girlfriends around the office to intern it was inevitable that wind up falling for my charm. Treating them like ladies, seducing them passionately with deep kisses and lots of foreplay makes them ...
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