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Loves Kitty DVD Movies

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Naughty Black Moms On Redhead 1baby - Loves Kitty

Lowest Price: $54.88
What a beautiful contrast these gorgeous ladies make together when the pussies grind and the juices cum all over each other. Strong black women dominating young white girls and to see how excited the little girls get when they have their first lick on a chocolate pussy especially when they discov...

My Black Hard Candy 1 - Loves Kitty

Lowest Price: $5.64
When the hot chocolate wants some sweet cream, it just takes it! Enjoy this kinky adventure where 2 beautiful strong black girls will gang up on an innocent young white girl and take her pussy away eating it so well that, of course, she will be forever their sex slave! When Gemini and Destiny enl...

Kink MILFs On Innocent Teens 1 - Loves Kitty

Lowest Price: $17.67
When the mothers get really really horny no pretty female is safe, especially a gorgeous teen. A taste of fresh wet pussy is the most desirable commodity on the planet and the amazing Karen Fisher knows it well Enjoy her feed off this amazing beauty. Warning: the sex gets aggressive wild juices...

Mammas Little Girl 1 - Loves Kitty

Lowest Price: $14.50
Love between two females sometimes comes from that deep emotion of trust and comfort, sexual desires lay repressed in our subconscious looking for a chance to explore. With Loves Kitty`s newest release, we showcase just that opportunity. Strong black females warmly embracing sweet innocent young ...

Lesbian Girl Scout Cookies 1 - Loves Kitty

Lowest Price: $3.49
Cute goes with girl scout fresh young, dripping wet, tasty, pussy goes with it! That`s what these sweet girls have and they want to taste each other`s cream and that`s exactly what these gorgeous ebony beauties do!

Big Butt Lesbian Club 1 - Loves Kitty

Lowest Price: $3.49
The story remains the same through time. Almost all people that walk the earth are infatuated with brig round beautiful butts. So when you put 2 together who love pussy then you have a real piece of art!!! Cover girl Tamera is a one of a kind - her curves are out there and she is very pretty - re...

Big Butt Lesbian Club 2 - Loves Kitty

Lowest Price: $2.95
First imagine the best of the best and then you have Madison Rose and Aryana Adin together making love 2 beautiful darer`s rubbing one is white and one black such a beautiful contrast the juices are flowing as Madison smother`s Aryana face with her extra big butt! Anika`s bright white skin agains...

Black Lesbian Road Rules 1 - Loves Kitty

Lowest Price: $3.20
Love`s Kitty is back with the best Black Girl-Girl movie today! We have brought the prettiest talent to your door. Covergirls Teanna Trump and Harley Dean will melt you as soon as you see them both are pretty much 10`s! When they get together Teanna shows Harley how to dance that ends up licking ...

Mama Tapped Datt Young Ass 1 - Loves Kitty

Lowest Price: $12.47
This a simple story about strong black older women surprising sweet young girls with ultimate pleasure and basically introducing them to the irresistible taste of pussy! Xena is a rare woman with the beauty and bronze and when she spots innocent Coco with her amazing shape Xena had to have her - ...

My Stepmother Took My Pussy - Loves Kitty

Lowest Price: $5.64
When the new stepmother moves in and sees how beautiful her husband's daughter is well that's when things start to change. Brandi is a naughty teen with her pussy that is always dripping the sweetest juice. When she shows her extra fat pussy to her new step mommy that's all it takes for the lust ...

Black Butch 1 - Loves Kitty

Lowest Price: $3.75
True stories of butch women fucking their new girlfriends with big strap-ons, these strong manly dominant females really take control and make the strawberries cum! Take a wild adventure into the world of lesbian love and how it works with a bad ass butch! (warning-extreme sex). With Love Meow

My Sweet Black Ruby Fruit - Loves Kitty

Lowest Price: $2.00
Ruby fruit is what the world wants and work for as a matter of fact! It makes the world do round and when you put chocolate and vanilla together you get the sweetest flavor ever! Skyler is a tasty 18 year old insatiable beauty! Her face is so pretty and her Rubyfruit is dripping for another woman...

Big Butt Lesbian Club 3 - Loves Kitty

Lowest Price: $1.00
Big Butts are a part of a body that really lets you know this is a woman and she`s got something men and women desire! So when you see a couple of ladies with asses like Mia n Layla together, you get so excited when these pretty lesbians touch, lick, kiss then orgasm, truly see something special!...

Black Muffin Munchers 1 - Loves Kitty

Lowest Price: $3.85
Black Muffin is the tastiest treats around `n you`ll bet all your money on that when Adriana goes hiking with her young roommate. They role play and end up discovering how good each others` pussies taste, which ends up back at home in many pussy licking good positions! Yasmine De Leon have to pic...

Latin Mother Naughty Daughter 2 - Loves Kitty

Lowest Price: $2.85
Welcome to part 2 where you will be able to enjoy these beautiful mothers make love with these young untouched Latin pricesses and please understand how excited these girls get when kissed and tounge fucked by the ladies! Standout and future superstar Yenny looks so innocent and taste so sweet - ...

Salt N Pepper Hard Daddle 1 - Loves Kitty

Lowest Price: $3.98
Face to face, pussy to pussy, the look in the eye of your partner as you both succumb to your explosive orgasms. In this latest release from LOVES KITTY FILMS, we explore the taboo of dominate white female taking charge of her black lover`s pussy and making it hers. White freaks doing what they c...

Latin School Girl - Loves Kitty

Lowest Price: $2.88
When Liv saves Lola from a potential outta school attack, Lola invites her into her home and that`s when Lola finds out that she can`t be saved at all. The fact is Liv is a predator and loving licking cumming on girls is what she lives for, but Lola likes it. beautiful naughty Jenny from Colombia...

Black Lesbian Leather Licks 1 - Loves Kitty

Lowest Price: $2.52
Black lesbian can pussy the best; that`s why they are always turning out pretty, young, unknowing, beautiful, sweet-tasting black cherry`s! Top it off with a little leather bondage and you have a ride that no new innocent female can resist!

Latin Mother Naughty Daughter 3 - Loves Kitty

Lowest Price: $3.67
Latinas love sticking together no matter how they do it. In this Loves Kitty Flick Latin Mother and Daughter Exchange, these seductive and passionate Latinas are not only there for each other, they want to be inside of each other. These chicks take loyalty to the next level as they exchange sweet...

Latin Mothers Naughty Daughters 1 - Loves Kitty

Lowest Price: $5.66

Dirty South Aka Thunder Head 1 - Loves Kitty

Lowest Price: $1.95
Warning be very careful when you enter the South! Thunderhead is running the streets and if you are a pretty little thing she will talk you onto the tip of her tongue. That`s when the thunder comes in! 1st you will go into shock. 2nd you will fall in love. 3rd aka Thunderhead will make you her se...

My Little Becky Bitch 1 - Loves Kitty

Lowest Price: $3.95
Just in case not everyone knows what the definition `Becky` means. It`s a pretty white girl who loves to get wild anytime anyplace usually with a stronger race! Cover girls showcase the beautiful Chanell dominating the 4 ft. 10` Trinity who looks like Bambi who is in trouble but as soon as she ge...

Super Thick Lesbian Bootys - Loves Kitty

Lowest Price: $2.95
Beautiful women kissing, eating pussy, and giving us exciting sights, add a monster round butt like Poison Ivy`s then you really got something really Erotic!

Dirty South aka Thunderhead - Loves Kitty

Lowest Price: $2.79
'Warning' be very careful when you enter the South! Thunderhead is running the streets and if you are a pretty little thing she will talk you onto the tip of her tongue. That's when the thunder comes in! 1st you will go into shock. 2nd you will fall in love. 3rd 'aka' Thunderhead will make you he...

Latina Bad Girls Club 1 - Loves Kitty

Lowest Price: $2.30
Spicy pussy is this week`s topic and yes it`s true the taste of a Latina pussy is similar to that of a tangy fruit salsa! First it hits your tongue and stings, then the flavor bursts through and makes your heart pump extra hard! The sweet Allie and her friend will make you dream about being part ...