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Pulse (candy Shop) DVD Movies

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Chocolate Sorority Sistas 4 - Pulse (candy Shop)

Lowest Price: $39.98
The girls of I ATE PI are at it again. If you want in, you gotta be able to lick pussy and ass like a pro. The pervs at Candy Shop love going to school to see these dirty lesbos lick and prod each other all night long. School has never been this fun.

Chocolate Sorority Sistas 5 - Pulse (candy Shop)

Lowest Price: $18.88
When you party, you don`t want to be at no sausage-fest. You want to party with the pussy and Lacey DuValle throws the hottest pussy parties on campus. Good thing we had a Phil E. Blunt there to record the fun.

Chocolate Sorority Sistas 2 - Pulse (candy Shop)

Lowest Price: $23.00
Phi Slamma Ho! That`s the name of the party the sistas are throwin`. Phil E. Blunt captured this all black girl p*ssy fest at the hottest house party of the semester.

Chocolate Sorority Sistas 3 - Pulse (candy Shop)

Lowest Price: $12.85
The dirty whores of I ATEA PIE are at it again. Think you can get into this sorority? Well then, you have to prove that you love eating sweet brown poon and that you have the tastiest chocolate pussy on campus. If you can pass Jada Fire`s initiation, you`re in. BTW - no men allowed.

White Ass Attack 5 - Pulse (candy Shop)

Lowest Price: $19.99
To prove that the pervs at Candy Shop are equal opportunity, we set out to pick up and fuck the shit out of some pretty little white girls. Flower comes to LA to get fucked in the butt for money and Keri Sable takes one in the ass for cash before leaving for Europe. If only all hellos and goodbye...

White Ass Attack - Pulse (candy Shop)

Lowest Price: $14.00
These creamy white bubble butts are looking for you. Do you really want to run away from something like this...I didn`t think so.

My Daughter Likes Em Dark - Pulse (candy Shop)

Lowest Price: $14.99
There once was a dad named MarkWho had a hot daughter that barked.He found out whyOne night when he spiedAnd saw that his daughter likes `em dark.The pervs at Candy Shop hand-picked Annette Schwarz and the uber-titted Brooke Banner to lead an all-star cast of milky white babes that love the dark ...

Chocolate Sorority Sistas 6 - Pulse (candy Shop)

Lowest Price: $25.00
Jada is always horny and all the pretty young girls are playin` nice together. Nobody throws a better house party than the brothas at Candy Shop. Stop on by the house!

Chocolate Sorority Sistas 8 - Pulse (candy Shop)

Lowest Price: $5.99
The sorority sistas are reporting early to school and that means only one thing: Some newbies are going to get their pussies played with by upper class-women. The pervs at Candy Shop are lucky enough to be there to catch the hot toy teasing and anal abusing fun. The adorable Candice Nicole leads ...

White Chocolate Lovers - Pulse (candy Shop)

Lowest Price: $49.99
Once you go black, you never go back... that applies to black pussy, too! The girl crazy horndogs at Candy Shop rounded up some of the sweetest black pussy they could find and let the white guys take a taste.

Black And White Movie 2 - Pulse (candy Shop)

Lowest Price: $19.99
There was a time in America when it was illegal for a black man to marry a white woman. Today, we are proud to present a movie where a black man fucks the shit out of Aline and a few other hot white girls. The perverts at Candy Shop sure know how to celebrate race relations.

Holy Fuck It's Huge 7 - Pulse (candy Shop)

Lowest Price: $21.95
The girls love the huge cock. That`s why there are no 5-inch dildos. The pervs at Candy Shop are proud to introduce the latest installment of their best selling line. We rounded up the cutest little girls and teamed them with some huge black members so we can hear them scream HOLY FUCK IT`S HUGE...

Mommy Likes Brothas 3 - Pulse (candy Shop)

Lowest Price: $29.97
Daddy is off to work, the kids are off to school, and the kitchen is cleaned. This can only mean one thing... Mommy is done with her morning chores and looking for some black dick. The pervs at Candy Shop read the want ads and were all too willing to help out the horny housewives in need of a go...

Shawtys Pussy Tales 5 - Pulse (candy Shop)

Lowest Price: $8.48
Black on the outside and pink on the inside. Now that`s what a fine piece of prime pussy looks like. As for the taste... Well, Shawty`s girls are the only ones who know. The pervs at Candy Shop are back with more pussy licking and finger fucking fun in the all girl pussy-fest.

Chocolate Mousse Filling - Pulse (candy Shop)

Lowest Price: $3.97
My boy, there is no better feeling in the world than when you`re banging some girl and she tells you it`s OK to cum in her hot pussy. When you are banging the perfect piece of ass, Alexis Silver, it`s just that much better! The boys at CANDY SHOP put together the perfect all black creampie party ...

Chocolate Sorority Sistas Summer Sch - Pulse (candy Shop)

Lowest Price: $12.88
b6 All Girl Scenes!/bbrbr The girls fucked up (not to mention each other) and now they have some work to make up. The pervs at Candy Shop hand selected the hottest lesbians to go to summer school to correct what they got wrong and fuck who they missed. With over 3 hours of sizzling girl-on-gir...

Black And White Movie - Pulse (candy Shop)

Lowest Price: $4.45
Where all the white woman at? Cuz we want to fuck the shit out of `em. The horny pervs at the CANDY SHOP hand picked some gorgeous white woman who can handle a big black pole, and then spit the cum out, smile, and ask for more.

Your Sister Loves Black Cock 3 - Pulse (candy Shop)

Lowest Price: $39.99
Dude, I saw your sister at the party last night. She`s hot, she was fucked up, and she loves that black cock. Ruby`s brother doesn`t like hearing that, but what are you going to do. Ruby has a taste for the dark meat and doesn`t want anything else. For almost two hours of big black poles impaling...

My Daughter Likes Em Dark 2 - Pulse (candy Shop)

Lowest Price: $4.99
My daughter is a good girl. She`s smart, she`s funny, she`s popular. The only problem is my daughter likes `em dark, stressed Lola`s dad. The number one fear for white dads across the country is his pretty little princess bringing home a brother to introduce as her boyfriend. The pervs at Candy S...

Big American Booty - Pulse (candy Shop)

Lowest Price: $5.05
And I`m proud to be an American, where I can fuck a hot horny bitch in her can. The pervs at Candy Shop rounded up the juiciest asses from here in Southern California and fucked them proud!

Chocolate Mousse Filling 2 - Pulse (candy Shop)

Lowest Price: $11.69
What`s black, creamy and taste great? Nyomi`s cream filled pussy, that`s what! The perverted mind of Phil E. Blunt went out and found the hottest black girls that were on the pill and had them fucked and pumped full of man juice. Watching the cum flow out of a pussy... Now that`s a thing of beauty.

Girls Of Flava 2 - Pulse (candy Shop)

Lowest Price: $18.49
I bet you can`t taste the difference between pussy from Los Angeles and pussy from the East Coast, purred Desiree. East Coast pussy is sweeter and LA pussy is juicier, smiled Lavish. The pervs at Candy Shop rounded up eight of the horniest hoes that love pussy to sample the different flavas of th...

Hole In The Dark 2 - Pulse (candy Shop)

Lowest Price: $199.98
Little Red Riding Hood never had to deal with wolvers like this. The pervs at Candy Shop rounded up the hottest pieces of ass who are going to take a train at midnight. Trina Michaels leads an all-star cast of white sluts who love getting gang fucked by black guys and live to brag to their friend...

MILFs In The Hood - Pulse (candy Shop)

Lowest Price: $79.98
She married for money but not for happiness. Sounds like a typical woman to me. The best part is... This is the exact woman that wants to get fucked by a big black cock and then go home to the Palisades. The pervs at Candy Shop know exactly where to look to find bored, horny housewives that need ...

Shawtys Pussy Tales 4 - Pulse (candy Shop)

Lowest Price: $11.99
The girls are back and black and love eating pussy. The boys at Candy Shop are having a party and all the pussy in town will be there. If you`re late, you`ll miss Shyla sticking her tongue in Miss Brazil`s asshole. If you can`t make it, don`t sweat it, we`ll tape it.
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