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Shadow Players DVD Movies

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Pets Maids And Slavegirls - Shadow Players

Lowest Price: $14.31
In a dozen different scenes, these beautiful submissives are variously kept as pets in cages, trained to act like dogs and ponies, serve as maids and harem slavegirls.

Arizona Ponygirls - Shadow Players

Lowest Price: $14.31
Ponygirls Hailey Young and AnnaBelle Lee play on the banks of an Arizona rive, kissing and licking each others pussy and making love. Beautiful and busty Sybil is trained in a corral, ridden through the desert, and rewarded with an orgasm. AnnaBelle Lee gets her initial solo trainingin hurdle jum...

Bondage Candy - Shadow Players

Lowest Price: $14.31
Evelyn Machine is shackled and has her clothes ripped off. Jade is tortured with clamps, her pussy spread, and suspended with ropes. Sierra has her clothes ripped off while she is shackled and whipped.

Cherry Torn At The Ranch - Shadow Players

Lowest Price: $14.31
Bondage whore Cherry Torn experiences her first ponygirl training along with other outdoor humiliation, including hard labor; fully-nude and bound!

Outdoor Ponygirl And Naked Slavegirl - Shadow Players

Lowest Price: $14.31
Time to put `em to work !!They are stripped of their clothes, sold off, and made to partake in some humiliating labor!

Pain Sluts Of Shadowplayers 2 - Shadow Players

Lowest Price: $14.31
80 minutes of naked BDSM. four sultry submissive pain sluts are teases and tormented for your pleasure.

Ponygirl Rodeo - Shadow Players

Lowest Price: $14.31
Adorable 19 year old Kitten is an anime cosplay fan who likes to dress up as her namesake. Here she gets to play pony girl as she is harnessed up, Fitted with a steel butt plug ponytail, and bells on her nipples.

Ponygirls Out West - Shadow Players

Lowest Price: $14.31
Outside the box fetishism outside the dungeon!!! This is a wild mash-up of flavors and the results are very titillating indeed! Bonded women are made to tow carts and are then tied off to posts when their done with their work!

Rose Algren - Shadow Players

Lowest Price: $14.31
Enjoy Rose in all her punishment sessions. It will leave you wanting more.

Cherry Torn - Shadow Players

Lowest Price: $34.90
Bondage superstar Cherry Torn exhibits the toughness she is famous for in several hot scenes from Shadowplayers!

Cherry Torns Pony Boy - Shadow Players

Lowest Price: $14.31
Watch as Cherry Torn trains her pony boy to be good little submissives!Ad A test of training, Cherry takes her pony boys to the street s of San Francisco, where she drives them around in public. A parade of other pony boys and girls are joined before finishing the day!

Desert Ponygirls - Shadow Players

Lowest Price: $14.31
Hailey Young, lost in the desert, thinks she is being rescued, but instead finds herself shackled and forced into ponygirl training. Bridgett Harrington, with her head shaved bald, is lassoed in a corral, punished for disobedience is saddled and ridden. Petite young Jade leaps over hurdles, pulls...

Grand Canyon Ponygirls - Shadow Players

Lowest Price: $14.31
Sybil Hawthorne is a natural when it comes to pony play. And what more beautiful setting than the Grand Canyon?Cherry Torn is another perfectly submissive Pony Girl. She shows off her style in another Western setting, but this time in the urban streets of San Francisco.Back in the wilderness, bux...

Kitten 2 - Shadow Players

Lowest Price: $14.31
Cute, skinny nerd-girl Kitten returns for more exploration of her kinky side! She is put through all the experiments and torturous trials and is brought to orgasm many times throughout! Also includes a 200 picture slideshow!

Pain Sluts Of Shadowplayers 3 - Shadow Players

Lowest Price: $14.31
Lovely submissives willingly submit to painful pleasures.

Young Ponygirl - Shadow Players

Lowest Price: $14.31
Two Beautiful Dommes Cock Tease and Torture a Slave into Perpetual Arousal with No Relief. Sybil Hawthorne and Lola Babalon torment their helplessly bound male slave into paiful erection without mercy. Using whips, vicious clamps, cock rings and harnesses, urethral plugs, needles, and more, they ...

Bondage Candy 2 - Shadow Players

Lowest Price: $14.31
Lovely Asian beauty Li Ming is tormented, while Lillian Lee suffers and Sierra is tormented.

Molly Winters - Shadow Players

Lowest Price: $14.31
In 10 exciting scenes Molly is spanked in a schoolgirl outfit, stripped by having her clothes cut and ripped off, ball gagged and whipped, and tortured with clamps and weights on her tender nipples and pussy lips. Held in stocks she is caned until red welts appear on her ass. She serves as a maid...

Pain Sluts Of Shadowplayers - Shadow Players

Lowest Price: $14.31
Four sexy submissive pain sluts are tormented in devious ways. Leahnim is kept in an outdoor cage, forced to stand on tiptoe and whipped, hung by her ankles and caned, and endures clothespins clamped on every sensitive spot. Lillith stars in a fantasy abduction sequence...she is questioned and to...

Painful Predicaments 2 - Shadow Players

Lowest Price: $14.31
Three beautiful naked submissives are put in uncomfortable bondage and tormented with weighed clamps, whips, canes, gags, and more.

Young Masochist 2 - Shadow Players

Lowest Price: $14.31
Young Sadie Simone submits to Sybil Hawthorne. She is hogtied and whipped tied spreadeagle naked and punished with painful clamps, ball-gagged, and fucked to orgasm with a strap-on. Young submissive Mandi is dominated by Ive Thornton. She is forced to stand on painful spikes with her bare feet wh...

Cherry Torn Dominatrix - Shadow Players

Lowest Price: $16.00
Watch Cherry take full advantage of her submissive slaves with CBT, foot worshiping, corporal, oral, and more! She has her fun and becomes satisfied, but leaves him fully erect!

Dani Hunt Trained - Shadow Players

Lowest Price: $14.31
Dani Hunt is an Ebony beauty from England. She comes to San Francisco and is put into slave girl training by Cherry Torn. She is caged naked, bound in ropes and flogged, gets pet girl training, and is teased with a powerful vibrator to orgasm. On the roof overlooking the city, she endues the cold...

Naked Slave Labor 2 - Shadow Players

Lowest Price: $14.31
These chicks are all put through their paces to demonstrate their slave girl skills.

Ponygirls Of Canyon And Mesa - Shadow Players

Lowest Price: $14.31
High on a mesa overlooking Lake Powell and Glen Canyon, Ivy Breann is strapped into pony harness with a remote control vibrator in her pussy. After extensive pony cart training, the scene moves to the Utah desert, where she works the cart stark naked and barefoot over a sandy and rock strewn road...
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