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Black Dog XXX DVD Movies

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Sodomized By A Black 2 - Black Dog XXX

Lowest Price: $21.99
All those rumors about giant black cock just have to be true, at least according to the sluts assembled for this installment of Sodomized by a Black. It`s their quest to attempt to tame these wild gigantic dark snakes with their moist pink holes. The question is: Can these brave white sluts maste...

Big Cock Crazy 5 - Black Dog XXX

Lowest Price: $40.00
Klenot, Brenda, Blue Angel and Zafira have caught the fever! The shakes, the uncontrollable drooling and the inescapable urge to have every possible hole filled up with the largest cock possible; it`s time to go Big Cock Crazy one more time! If you thought the mutant cocks we got last time were b...

Sodomized By A Black 3 - Black Dog XXX

Lowest Price: $2.89
Proving The adage that too much of a good thing is never enough. Black Dog XXX proudly announces Sodomized by A Black #3! Barbara, Sandra, Luisa and friends jumped at the chance to be the next lily white girls having their pink bits filled up and turned inside out by an oversized giant jungle sna...

Dick Feasting 3 - Black Dog XXX

Lowest Price: $46.99
Its time for more then just a snack. These famished whores need a feast for all of the holes! Hungry p*ssies shoveled full with meaty pricks!

Dick Feasting 4 - Black Dog XXX

Lowest Price: $7.91
It's A Dick Feast So Find A Hole! When foot-longs are on the menu these goo-drinking friends can never have enough. It's a ball buffet with an 'all the penis you can suck, fuck and cram inside' daily special. Domino and her darling cock-sucking friends are overstuffed with second helpings o...

Sodomized By A Black - Black Dog XXX

Lowest Price: $39.99
3 Reasons Why You Want This Movie 1. Hungry for meat, these sluts gladly take it deep! 2. Every hole needs to be filled and WILL be! 3. These girls dont know the meaning of TOO MUCH!

Dick Feasting 6 - Black Dog XXX

Lowest Price: $29.69
Ram It Deep, They're Cumming For More! So much fun the hours have been extended! It's the sixth installment of non-stop Dick Feasting, and the girls are showing no signs of feeling full! Gorging their pussies, assholes and mouths with big thick cocks of all sizes brings out the wild beast hi...

Sex Slave To A Black Dick - Black Dog XXX

Lowest Price: $19.88
Lily-white babes become powerless in the face of a giant black trouser snake! Taking that black dick deep in their holes, the hot sluts clench their pink pussy walls around the fat thick cock as they ride harder and faster than they ever have before!

Big Cock Crazy - Black Dog XXX

Lowest Price: $7.99
Big dogs burying their meaty bones!

Dick Feasting 02 - Black Dog XXX

Lowest Price: $16.99
A bunch of jizz drinking sluts are wet as fuck and NEED someone to lay the pipe, deep, fast and long!

Dick Feasting - Black Dog XXX

Lowest Price: $17.95
It'll Bring Out The Dog In You! More! If these girls could talk with a mouth full of cock, that's exactly what they would be screaming! More cocks to suck, more cum to gargle, more, more, more! More is exactly what these cock starving sluts are going to get, and in every hole available. Lock...

Big Cock Crazy 2 - Black Dog XXX

Lowest Price: $29.93
Behold a collection of big dick size queens unlike any other! physically unable to control themselves int he presence of such massive trouser meat, the gaggle of hardcore sluts have gone beyond the mere itch for banging and getting their tiny tight pussies filled to the busting point. No regular ...

Dick Feasting 5 - Black Dog XXX

Lowest Price: $39.97
Back To Another Heaping Helping! You have come to expect only the raunchiest extreme action from the freaky BlackDogXXX sluts! With pink holes packed tight with cock, whether it's double penetration or a double suck off, it's three way or the freeway for the sperm slurping suckers of Dick Fe...

Dick Play - Black Dog XXX

Lowest Price: $29.95
Taking Fucking to the Next Level! Two girls at the same time means six wet hungry holes and no waiting. Nibbling on nipples, fierce finger banging, and sucking at cum heavy ballbags keeps these oversexed young sluts occupied when they aren`t being drilled deep and long from their hard pounding st...

When Dick and Tongue Work In Harmony 2 - Black Dog XXX

Lowest Price: $3.57
Happiness Is A Threesome! It's hard to tell who enjoys a threesome the most. Some would say it's the guy, as two girls devoting their attention to his hard prick and cum laden balls is every man's fantasy. Others would say it's the girls, as they get a chance to suck some dick and play with ...

Big Cock Crazy! 3 - Black Dog XXX

Lowest Price: $4.85
Busty Sluts Riding Giant Junk! It's time for another round of oversized dick insanity! Pushing the limits of their supple pink and moist holes, these girls are going absolutely Big Cock Crazy in their attempts to conquer the giant rod! Each of these cock-hunting lady warriors has their own m...

Dick Play! 3 - Black Dog XXX

Lowest Price: $40.00
Two Girls Tag Team The Monster Python! Some girls like flowers, others don't. Some girls like to fuck one guy, and others like it groups! The girls in Dick Play 3 all have one thing in common; each one is a devoted cock worshiper! Even when they have to share an over-sized pants python, you ...

Cougar Feeding Time 5 - Black Dog XXX

Lowest Price: $4.72
It`s getting late and the big cats are starting to pace. Hungry pussies and asses starving for a big meal they aren`t getting at home and they aren`t going to settle for just a snack. Young prime delicious meat is on the menu and only the biggest portions of dripping wet meat are going to make th...

Girls That Wear Cocks! - Black Dog XXX

Lowest Price: $128.99
Girls Just Want To Strap On! Nobody knows what a woman wants like another woman. A woman's sensitive probing tongue, full wet lips and delicate skillful fingers can all work wonders on a sex-starved babe. But sometimes a girl just needs a cock. When that urge strikes and there is no dick in...

Big Cock Crazy 6 - Black Dog XXX

Lowest Price: $0.79
BWelcome To Giant Cock Country!/Bbrbr Size queens are a wild breed and made of kinky stuff. If that dick ain't twice as a teen slut's ankle and as long as her calf it ain't going in her twat! In fact the bigger the dick the wetter they get! Stretch marks around every fuckable orifice is small ...

Dick Play 7 - Black Dog XXX

Lowest Price: $7.75
When two sluts can share a big dick, everybody is a winner! The lusty ladies get a lesson in friendship and sharing while the lucky stud has six holes wet, willing and waiting to drain his cum heavy balls dry! Straight from a tight asshole, or dripping with pussy cream, it doesn`t matter to our f...

Big Cock Crazy 4 - Black Dog XXX

Lowest Price: $16.00
A long thigh-slapping thick dick brings out the wild animal beneath the skin of the Black Dog fiends. These cocks are too big to handle for most sock worshipping sluts, but not these talented bone smugglers. Black Dog girls are always down to a big one and if two guys arrive that`s no problem eit...

Dick Play 4 - Black Dog XXX

Lowest Price: $2.95
Hot girls need protein and love to make a meal out of a big thick sausage. Under perfect conditions, these greedy cock worshippers would never have to share. But life is less than perfect, and when there is not enough to go around these crafty sluts put their creativity in to overdrive. By wrappi...

When Dick and Tongue Work In Harmony 3 - Black Dog XXX

Lowest Price: $50.00
In Business For Pleasure! Pussy was made for pleasing! Every girl knows a good hard cock filling up her moist pink hole is the best remedy for a stressful day. And a talented tongue can balance a girl on it's tip and make her sweat, pant, moan and scream all at the same time! When dick and t...

Big Cock Crazy 8 - Black Dog XXX

Lowest Price: $3.49
bBeware Of The Uncircumcised Monster!/Bbrbr Krystal Is a blonde Russian slut. She likes to talk about big dicks. 'I like them not circumcised, she purrs. It's not so much that it makes a lot of difference when they stretch my pussy to it's limits. Even if I feel this extra skin rubbing my G-sp...
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