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My Girl DVD Movies

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Cherry Jul - My Girl

Lowest Price: $1.99
Cherry Jul, one of the most beautiful women in porn, doesnt let her fashion model looks stop her from doing it all. See her tender thighs spread wide for wild toys, which bring on screaming orgasms!

Naughty Schoolgirl 2 - My Girl

Lowest Price: $9.89
July, Lulu, Sonia and Lola are searching for a way to make their last days in school as memorable as possible. What better way than to fill the hallowed halls of their learning intuitions with the sounds of their moans of barely legal banging! Now that they are legal they can`t wait to teach thei...

Naughty Schoolgirls - My Girl

Lowest Price: $5.89
Susie, Sugar, Sarah and Justin are four hot, horny, and privileged young deviants who are ready for the advanced class of filthy depravity! Every one of their carnal classmates has graduated and moved on, but due to their devotion to debauchery these students have to repeat their last year again!...

LULU - My Girl

Lowest Price: $4.50
Watch this beauty have all kinds of nasty sex: Double penetration up her pooper; multiple partners, including a kinky sex machine; girl on girl and fetishy foot play.

Perverted Socialite - My Girl

Lowest Price: $1.49
Their lives are lived in the tabloids. Every detail of this decadent bunch`s daily activities are reported and commented upon endlessly. The easy lives of excess and debauchery of this pampered group may seem outright outrageous. But it`s what they don`t want you to know that will really shock yo...

Lucy Love - My Girl

Lowest Price: $4.99
When you get the urge to whack it to just one girl make sure it`s one as scrumptious and slutty as our Lucy Love! You`ll get a front row seat as you watch this amazing blonde analist opening up her backdoor for the love log and cumming all over her strange sex toys! Whether she`s diddling her cli...

LAURA - My Girl

Lowest Price: $9.99
No petite chick is as horny or willing to satisfy as Laura. See her basketball sized bazooms bounce as she gets pounded, then covered with cream as a stud dribbles down her cleavage. Watch as a girl wields a toy up her shaved snizz, bringing Laura to one screaming orgasm after another.

Naughty School Girl 4 - My Girl

Lowest Price: $8.99
Alexandra, Milli Jay, Niky Sweet and Nesty were all severe discipline cases and that`s why they were sent to this prestigious Academy to learn how to properly behave. Like most barely legal whores, the quartet of sluts think they know it all and nobody can teach them anything new. And that is exa...

Naughty Schoolgirl 3 - My Girl

Lowest Price: $0.99
There`s no getting around it, school can be a big pain in the ass, especially when the naughty schoolgirls are in session.

Perverted Socialite 3 - My Girl

Lowest Price: $4.98
Nataly is the quintessential trophy wife. Half her hubby`s age, drop dead gorgeous and built for all night banging, join her on her quest to find as much hard cock and wet pussy that her tight young Russian body can handle. Threesomes, double penetration, freaky lesbian romps with countless toys ...

LOLA - My Girl

Lowest Price: $7.99
Theres no holding back with young Lola! See her drenched, screaming orgasms as she takes it up her pliable posterior plug!

Naughty Schoolgirl 5 - My Girl

Lowest Price: $18.25
Spoiled and pampered is way more than a lifestyle at this exclusive school. Grades and class ranking are not the top priority. Being the first slut to completely deep throat the hot teacher`s meaty dick is way more important! Bibi and Sue two of the nastiest schoolgirl sluts are more interested i...

Naughty Schoolgirl 8 - My Girl

Lowest Price: $89.99
Naughty schoolgirls get their education both in and out of the classroom. Pigtailed coppertop Nataly pushes the boundaries of her sphincter as she crams her instructor`s extra thick cock way inside. Tanita Black is a real naughty chick, you can tell from the big tattoo on her perfect ass and the ...

Perverted Socialite 6 - My Girl

Lowest Price: $4.00
Rolling in millions, this wealthy sexy widow og an insane rich Texan oul tycoon is literally bored out of her mind. How will this pampered imported European Goddess ever fill her lonely hours, now that her mansion is essentially empty? Shipping and dining out with friends fills some of the void. ...

CINDY - My Girl

Lowest Price: $8.99
Most women have their sexual preference as well as things they wont do. Not Cindy, who does it all! See her supple ass open wide for man meat while she licks another girl`s sweet cunny. Watch how she takes a boner all the way down till the dude`s pubes tickle her nose. See her perform all kinds o...

Cynthia - My Girl

Lowest Price: $6.49
How does such an incredible beauty stay looking so fresh after having such a steady diet of extreme sex? Its all the protein she gets!

Perverted Socialite 2 - My Girl

Lowest Price: $1.79
Every thing about this class of ladies exudes class and elegance. That is until the doors of their mansions close behind them. Their easy life of privilege and excess has left them bored and looking for something to fill the emptiness. And they find it in between the muscular thighs of their hire...

Perverted Socialite 5 - My Girl

Lowest Price: $5.75
Linda is the reigning princess in her high paced and expensive world of very late nights that last until the sun comes up, luxurious foreign cars and lots and lots of VIP room clubbing. Owning several of the hottest spots around the world keeps her social calendar packed and inhibitions very low....

Naughty Schoolgirl 7 - My Girl

Lowest Price: $15.00
Missy Nicole has been in detention more than she has been in class this year! Not that Missy is a bad girl, she just loves getting pounded deep and long by the detention hall monitor! Lola needs some more help with her studies so her parents hired a tutor. The sexy blond ends up teaching this guy...

Perverted Socialite 4 - My Girl

Lowest Price: $5.00
After watching the last batch of girls claim to be the real perverted socialite, the glamorous Simony felt the need to set those bitches straight. Simony conquers all cummers in her pursuit of climbing and staying on top of the wicked Hollywood heap.

Naughty Schoolgirl 11 - My Girl

Lowest Price: $7.00
https://www.excaliburfilms.com/AdultDVD/3015342D11_Naughty_Schoolgirl_11_dvd.htm?ShowUsed=0 Picture is not loading you can get it here to u/l it..

Naughty Schoolgirl 10 - My Girl

Lowest Price: $9.95
The devotion to dick extends all day as the die-hard devotees of kink stay after school learning the dirty sex secrets only experienced guys can teach them. Annabel is a real student of deviance and takes turn to an advance degree of kink in an interracial threesome. Pamela yearns for the knowled...

Naughty Schoolgirl 9 - My Girl

Lowest Price: $39.99
Learning should be a lifelong process, and the Naughty Schoolgirls prove that just because the school day is done, the instructing keeps on cumming. Lulu's slick pink pussy and round ass get turned inside out after her tiny white panties fall down. Liliane turns the tables and give her stud tuto...