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Viv Thomas DVD Movies

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Office Girls, The - Viv Thomas

Lowest Price: $124.69
Working 9 to 5 has never been so good. Stella wants a pay-raise, but the only way she's going to get one is to lick-out her boss, Lisa. The thing is, Stella has a secret crush on her colleague Vera - whom she fully intends to seduce one day. Nelly's firm arse is spanked by her superior, Helena - ...

Butterfly - Viv Thomas

Lowest Price: $284.99
Sandra Shine and Stella Stevens lead an all-star cast in this unforgettable tale of lesbian desire. When the beautiful Stella delves into the emotional recesses of Sandra's uninhibited past, little does she realise what she will uncover! As carnal pleasures are revealed in detailed flashbacks, St...

Viv's Dream Team Girls - Viv Thomas

Lowest Price: $9.86 (53% off average online price)
Viv Thomas has spent his career photographing the most beautiful women in the world. Now for the first time he has selected ten of his very best and kindly asked them to lick, probe and ravish each other`s perfect bodies. These stunning starlets show exactly why they belong on the Dream Team!

Unfaithful (Viv Thomas) - Viv Thomas

Lowest Price: $12.95 (37% off average online price)
Lisa seems to have made the perfect match. Her lover, Nelly, is nine years younger than her... Beautiful, funny, committed, and completely in love with her. But something is just not right. In between bouts of intense, passionate lovemaking, Lisa is hiding a secret guilt which she can`t bear to r...

Pink Velvet - Viv Thomas

Lowest Price: $69.97
Pink Velvet is a tale of sexual desires, young girls finding their sexuality and discovering their true feelings for one another. But most of all it is about true love, and passionate lovemaking.

Art Of Kissing 2 - Viv Thomas

Lowest Price: $2.99 (87% off average online price)
Do you like kissing? Do you like watching girls kiss? This film has all you want! Stunning girls sharing deep, tender, and sensuous kisses, truly feeling arousal and loving each other`s lips and form. They naturally awaken their lust and devour one another in full hardcore glory.

Forbidden Fruits - Viv Thomas

Lowest Price: $1.99 (92% off average online price)
Watch Vera, Jo , Peaches, Gina B and Nikki M in hardcore lesbian action. These flawless babes use their fingers, tongues, dildos, and strap-ons to probe one another`s tight pussies and asses. They hold nothing back as they delve into the Forbidden.

Girl on Girl (Viv Thomas) - Viv Thomas

Lowest Price: $4.49 (82% off average online price)
Here are five of the best, carefully chosen from the vast VivThomas archives to represent the different flavours and variety of lesbian love & lust.

Unfaithful 4 - Viv Thomas

Lowest Price: $27.75
Nella and Lisa have agreed to spend some times alone. Lisa needs to reassess her life, but can she stay faithful as she lays awake at night, her body aching for the warmth of her young lover, her soul craving the taste of her fresh scent, and her mind speculating as to who she is with. Nella is s...

Girl On Girl 3 Platinum Collection - Viv Thomas

Lowest Price: $12.94
In this latest collection of high class lesbian pornography, we have twelve scenes of unrivalled kissing, intense and real female orgasms, beautiful women, and fully explicit sapphic lovemaking.

Pussy In Paradise - Viv Thomas

Lowest Price: $5.89 (74% off average online price)
Pussy in Paradise follows the exploits of little Nadia in her last film before her retirement from adult movies. As she makes her way through a crop of gorgeous new models experiencing the sexual delights of lesbian sex for the first time (in front of the camera) Featuring beautiful girls in beau...

Office Girls 2 - Viv Thomas

Lowest Price: $48.75
The girls are back, and this time they`re working overtime! This oneis well worth the wait. Packed with amazing moments of real lesbian sex mixed with charm and humor. The Office Girls 2 is a top-notch DVD which will appeal to everyone. Office romances, sexual harassment in the work place, manage...

Teenage Seduction - Viv Thomas

Lowest Price: $19.99 (3% off average online price)
A Lezlove world exclusive! There's nothing more erotic than a young girl being seduced by an older girl. A police woman gives a young shoplifter a chance to feel the law! Little Jo is having difficulties in class. A stunning new teacher helps with her homework! Mother superior punishes a vir...

Lesbian Encounters - Viv Thomas

Lowest Price: $19.99
Lesbian Encounters is a journey to the roots of the Viv Thomas Studio. Six glorious scenes set to sexy emotional stories that complement the hot sex that follows. Twelve of Viv Thomas`s all-time favourite girls relish in unbridled sexual intensity that only the master of all-girl erotica can pro...

All About Eve - Viv Thomas

Lowest Price: $296.00
An all girl feature with five hot scenes each starring the luscious Eve.

Six Days With Vera 1 - Viv Thomas

Lowest Price: $4.94 (79% off average online price)
This hardcore feature stars some of the most beautiful girls from all the top-shelf mags around the world! One of the most intimate and real films of it`s kind each scene starts slowly, with long deep kisses, building up to intense trembling, genuine orgasms. All the girls were selected by Vera, ...

British Sexfest 2 - Viv Thomas

Lowest Price: $4.99
With 16 beautiful vixens there is more than enough sex to go around and then some.

Six Days With Vera 2 - Viv Thomas

Lowest Price: $3.74 (85% off average online price)
The second part of Vera's film gets hotter and harder! Vera's scene with Katie gets too intense for the girls and they decide to ignore the cameraman and ravish each other. Vera surprises Jo when they stop learning lines and send each other into twitching multiple orgasms. A classic title, an...

Confessions Of a Make-up Artist - Viv Thomas

Lowest Price: $19.99 (4% off average online price)
Zora Banx stars as a dominant woman having her way on the set of an all-girl porn movie. Vera co-stars as her rival make-up artist, Lil Dana. Together they compete for the attention of 18-year-old virgin, Cayenne, and blonde beauty Stella Stevens. A high-art movie crafted with style, Confessions....

Searching For Silvia - Viv Thomas

Lowest Price: $3.48 (85% off average online price)
Exotic locations and passionate lesbian sex combine in one of this years most important all-girl features. Silvia's first film in two years brings her back on the scene with a BANG!

Unfaithful 2 - Viv Thomas

Lowest Price: $4.94
Fully explicit and intensely erotic, UNFAITHFUL 2 pushes the boundaries of art-porn. Tasteful, beautiful, evocative, it is the unique vision of a production house set on changing the way we view pornography. Capturing fervent and wild lesbian sex genuinely and with honesty, it is a fierce and pow...

Inside Peaches - Viv Thomas

Lowest Price: $19.44
Peaches has the most amazing breasts you will ever see, with perfectly round, pert pink nipples. Her long, dark brown mane flows down to the crack of her arse. Her legs are long, like Greek columns. When she looks at you with her dark come to bed eyes, you feel shivers of lust-fever flowing throu...

Return Of Sandy, The - Viv Thomas

Lowest Price: $16.00 (29% off average online price)
Sandy returns with five of her favorite lesbian partners. Unplanned, unscripted and on-heat, these girls are so fit and sexually charged, you`ll make yourself sore. An all-time classic.

Sandy: Babe Abroad Season 2 - Viv Thomas

Lowest Price: $2.65 (93% off average online price)
Watch horny Sandy travel to all sorts of interesting places and do all kinds of interesting beauties! Sandy and her hot gal pals get naked and naughty in these 12 episodes of sweet lesbian lust. Toys, tongues and fingers probe and please, leaving you hungry for more!

Sandy Does Hardcore - Viv Thomas

Lowest Price: $3.23 (84% off average online price)
Watch as the worlds baddest bi-babe Sandy, tries out some hot Thai bead bum fucking on her willing partner Suzy, around the pool. Seven of the hardest lesbian scenes with seven of the sexiest women alive!
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