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LGI DVD Movies

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1001 Erotic Nights - LGI

Lowest Price: $5.00 (54% off average online price)
Two men stranded on a deserted beach, starts to get halucinations about a harem full of beautiful women, but like any harem there is always a "CALIFA" with his sword to protect the harem, and our stranded friends runs the risk of loosing something. Starring: Isis Ribeiro, Joyce D'Campos, Leila...

Cleopatra - LGI

Lowest Price: $19.88
The Dream of any Faraon. A young man completely in love, with the famous egyptian queen Cleopatra, ask's the "Oracle of Bes", the egyptian god, to help him realize his dreams, and take him back in time and into the paraide. To be with his beloved Cleopatra, and that for everything there a price...

Golden Assholes - LGI

Lowest Price: $1.76 (78% off average online price)
At the golden times of rock & roll, two young guy's decided to help a friend loose his virginity. The problem was none of the girls was very interested in helping them, until one offers her and then its all rock & roll. Starring: Amanda Beltrao, Fernanda Tavares, Michelle Butt, Leonardo Martin...

Cumming & Enjoying Life - LGI

Lowest Price: $2.22 (77% off average online price)
FOUR STORIES ABOUT HOW TO CUM & ENJOY LIFE. --An office boy posing as the boss screws the candidate for a secretary job. --An electrician who makes a high sex connection. --A pupil who will do anything to graduate. --She didn't give in the first time, but she did the second!!! Starring...

Three Musketeers, The - LGI

Lowest Price: $2.90 (70% off average online price)
Anal, DP, and a lot of adventure. Don't believe in the musketeer story of "one for all, and all for one": each one takes what he can, and last one, stay's with his own sword in his hand. Lots of sex and adventure in this superproduction. Starring: Denise Braga, Suzan Moron, Ingrid Miranda, Lo...

Screwing In The Bar - LGI

Lowest Price: $1.00 (90% off average online price)
Three couples get together for a weekend and as the night goes on, things start to happen.

What Women Want - LGI

Lowest Price: $4.49 (63% off average online price)
Four Stories about the fantasies & desires that drive women wild told by Female director Aretusa Lemos. Hot, steamy tales that brings these girls to ecstasy - along with their licky mal partners! Cum along for the ride! Starring: Sandie, Brenda Lins, Luana Alves, Josy Nunes, Roger Lemos, Marce...

Anal Revenge - LGI

Lowest Price: $4.49 (69% off average online price)
A depraved businessman and his cruel colleagues put a plan into motion to kidnap a wealthy heiress. Once J.Y Lecastel hears about it, however, it is no problem since he's got the skills to liberate lusty young ladies. Starring: Isis Ribeiro, Lucy Brandao, Nany Lajes, Alex Dragoon, Toni Tigrao, ...

Angel Sex - LGI

Lowest Price: $1.89 (79% off average online price)
Once upon a time there was an angel who travelled to Brazil, and learned some funny business which is not normally angel business, and when she came back to heaven she had to teach the others. Starring: Aretuza Lemos, Michelle Butt, Fernanda Tavares, Caroline Lima, Levy Chacal, Marcel York, Gi...

Cumming In The Clouds - LGI

Lowest Price: $2.33 (77% off average online price)
Anal With Story. The scientists of Introduction Entertainment invented the newest way in sexual entertainment: screwing in a flying bed at 200km per hour!!! Lot's of adventures between the cloud's awaits of Sao Paulo, Brazil awaits you in this super film. Starring: Fernanda Tavares, Edna Bot...

Mission Sensual - LGI

Lowest Price: $1.76 (81% off average online price)
A beautiful secret agent, succeed's in breaking into a film producer's office, to rob a film master, desconnecting the laser alarms and with a lot of other difficulties (confronting a lot of sex) she succeed in her mission impossible. Starring: Aretuza Lemos, Fernanda Tavares, Samantha Bolt, Sh...

Anal Expert, The - LGI

Lowest Price: $1.86 (78% off average online price)
Medical doctor specialist in anal sex is visited by a couple who would like some advise as how to get the wife iniciated in anal sex, and the doctor show her some of his experiments. Starring: Alana Ventura, Sheila Gomes, Samantha Bold, Sheila Santos, Leonardo Martins, Roger Lemos.

Female Hunters, The - LGI

Lowest Price: $2.88 (75% off average online price)
When they go hunting watch out for your cock. The director of this film Aretuza Lemos creates four different situations with women who has been cheated on, they become very dangerous and cheats back. Starring: Claudia Bella, Kanya Fernandes, Bianca Lavine, Elisa Sanches, Cindy Lover, Roger Le...

Fuck Me to the Moon - LGI

Lowest Price: $2.97 (69% off average online price)
A group of friends decides to rent a country house for the weekend from a strange real estate agent, who spies on the group. Because of the effect of the moon, he turns into a Lobeshomen, fucking the men and fucking the girls.

Call Girl, The (LGI) - LGI

Lowest Price: $7.55 (17% off average online price)
This girl and her friends will call on anybody and will do anything, watch!!! Starring: Kelly, Katia, Scarllet, Daniel, Jean, Jonathan.

Hamlet - LGI

Lowest Price: $0.59 (93% off average online price)
To Fuck or Not To Fuck? Hamlet a young danish prince, is faced with a terrible problem to fuck or not to fuck the beautiful Ofelia that's the question. And the brave price fight's feriously against his own mind to reach the Surpreme Fuck!! Starring: Michelle Butt, Alana Ventura, Katharine Walt...

My First Swing - LGI

Lowest Price: $2.98 (68% off average online price)
A couple resolve to experiment the delicious things that goes along with a "Swing" (Change of couples) and correspond with another couple from a magazine, who is also interested: Watch!! Starring: Alexia, Danny Padilha, Cris Bell, Roger Lemos, Ricardo Prado, Latino.

100% Anal (LGI) - LGI

Lowest Price: $4.95 (58% off average online price)
24 super girls in 2 hours of the best sex anal scenes in porno. Starring: Alana Ventura, Aline Dias, Amanda Beltrao, Aretusa Lemos, Andres De Angelo, Cindy Corazza, Denise Braga, Edna Botelho, Fernanda Tavares, Geneievy Ferrari, Helen Ribeiro, Ingrid Miranda, Kenya Fernandes, Luana Alves, Marce...

Dog Position For Pleasure - LGI

Lowest Price: $1.99 (82% off average online price)
Anal & lesbian in 4 very erotic stories! This video starts with a lot of oral pleasure where a couple, who loves oral sex, goes mad on a couch. With Sheila Morena and Ricardo Prado. A couple who has been away from each other for a while really gets up to date! With Sheila Gomes and Marcel Yor...

Metrix - LGI

Lowest Price: $1.55 (85% off average online price)
From a telephone box cabin people are being transferred to a virtual atmosphere where their sexual fantasies are becoming a reality. Super production with special effects and very special happenings. Starring: Juliana Sanches, Helaine Muzy, Aline Mattos, Daniel Flyt, Fabio Guerra, Leonardo Mar...

Shaved Princess, The - LGI

Lowest Price: $14.90
You'll get horny watching these girls shave themselves!! Starring: Alexa, Brenda, Claudia, Sheila, Roger, Ricardo, Angelo & Leonardo.

Burning Asses - LGI

Lowest Price: $3.56 (56% off average online price)
100% anal with DP. Imagine a meeting between various very hot girls, each of them telling the others and you where they had their best fuck ever and why. Starring: Genievy Ferrari, Vanusa Storm, Amanda Beltrao, Alex Dragoon, Roger Lemos, Daniel Flyt, Rubens Badaro.

Fortune Teller, The - LGI

Lowest Price: $4.95 (63% off average online price)
These girls wants to know their future, and the answer is lots of sex!!!! Do you believe in fortune tellers? The fortune teller reads the "Taro" and predicts a very sexy future for all the girls, lots of anal sex, and cum shots. Starring: Aretuza Lemos, Pamela Sucker, Edna Botelho, Levy Chaca...

Horny House Maid, The - LGI

Lowest Price: $3.49 (62% off average online price)
Action, suspense, story, lots of asshole fucking! Screew them and kill them. That's the favoured game for Rebecca, aparently a calm and delicious housemaid, who doesn't miss anyone who passes her way, lots of action, suspence, sex -Brazilian quality porno film. Starring: Mayumi Horyd, Barbara...

Mister Penis - LGI

Lowest Price: $3.00 (63% off average online price)
Mr. Penis is a magician, who know's all the tricks, specially the "sword down the deep throat" trick, and how the "snake" dissapears, with the help of his beautiful assitants. Starring: Edna Botelho, Pamela Sucker, Sabrina War, Kid Jamaica, Giovana Valente, Roger Lemos, Marcel York, Levy Chacal.
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