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Buddy Love DVD Movies

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Caddy Shack-Up - Caballero

Lowest Price: $16.69
Golf was never this much sexy fun. Cum join in the game at the Burning Bush Golf Club where the caddies are the cutest, most curvacious, and voracious club handlers you ever played with on the putting green. There's Stephanie, who swings both ways to even the score, and money hungry Kathy who pl...

Slightly Used - Caballero

Lowest Price: $11.00
A group of stately courtesans have just about had their fill of servicing aging clients. Sure, the money's great since the older guys have lots of it to spend, but the lately ladies have been reminiscing about the old days, when they were working their way up the sex for-dollars ladder and servic...

Superstars Of the 80's - Gourmet Video

Lowest Price: $24.95
Fifteen scenes hand-picked from our library of 5,000 to ensure you the nastiest, steamiest scenes ever shot in the 80`s. The most beautiful girls from the early age of video when there were real superstars.

Captain Hooker & Peter Porn - Caballero

Lowest Price: $19.09
Krista Lane plays the Lady Patricia who is being held for ransom by the nefarious Capt. Hooker. This erotic treasure offers an ingenious script, appealing characters, funny humor (is that double entendre?), and tender sex.

Black To The Future - Caballero

Lowest Price: $16.65
A young and beautiful professor (Tish Ambrose) has discovered a way to become a legendary sex goddess of history, and to experience the wild, wicked and wanton ways of those erotic women. She shares her secret with three of her most beautiful and sensual pupils. They visit an unusual shop of drea...

Rio Heat - Caballero

Lowest Price: $11.99
With this video you are witnessing the awesome debut of the Brazilian sensation, Elle Rio, in a role only she can do justice to. Fresh from Brazil, she gets hired as a housemaid for a rich and raunchy American family. Once this household of horny relatives and friends get a load of her incredible...

Hollywood Vice - Caballero

Lowest Price: $7.99 (14% off average online price)
The big beat turns on the heat in sinful Tinseltown.

Mile High Girls - Caballero

Lowest Price: $5.49 (56% off average online price)
What more could two stewardesses ask for? Travel and adventure are al for the taking on an exotic trans-Pacific flight to Tokyo, Hong Kong, and he Islands of Paradise. But when you're with The Mile High Girls, expect a cloud-burst of outrageous carnal couplings at 30,000 feet! Janice (Porsche Lyn...

Dream Jeans - Caballero

Lowest Price: $9.94 (12% off average online price)
Oscar is a jeans manufacturer with big problems: not a butt in sight has his name on it. And then, like magic, along comes a mystery woman played by a performer the box cover calls 'the delectable newcomer Jeanna Fine. Yes its one of Jeanna's very first performances and she does indeed have that ...

Tricks Of the Trade - Caballero

Lowest Price: $15.00
Practice Makes Perfect! Erotic filmmaker Jim Cooper (John Leslie) knows his job! Whether it's making a sex-crazed porn starlet purr with some lusty off-camera coaching, or directing a dildo scene with a blonde bombshell, Cooper is the leading expert on the Tricks of the Trade. But, when a horn...

California Gigolo - Caballero

Lowest Price: $4.00 (66% off average online price)
The day can be boring for beautiful rich women with too much time on their hands. But that doesn't last long when they discover the sordid services of the pay-for-play studs in 'California Gigolo.' Randy West plays the owner of this brothel-for-women, and he's more than capable of helping any wea...

Soft Warm Rain - Caballero

Lowest Price: $9.00
A gold prospector (Randy West) searching for the legendary treasure of an ancient Indian tribe is dying of thirst in the barren western desert when he stumbles on a golden medallion in the sand. A vision of a breathtakingly beautiful young woman appears, dressed in regal Indian garb. She revives ...

Divorce Court Expose 2 - Caballero

Lowest Price: $24.95
What splits people up? From the looks of this video, hot, sweaty Thank-You-Sweet-Mama sex with the wrong people. And then getting caught. First there's the freaky young housewife and the yoga teacher that will have you saying 'How the sam hill do they do that?' And then her husband has at it day ...

Fantasy Girls - Caballero

Lowest Price: $4.49 (61% off average online price)
There`s no telling how much sizzling action two horny Texas studs can get into on their first trip to Hollywood! Chasing one of the FANTASY GIRLS from the Bouncing Burns Escort Service, expect plenty of erotic entertainment along the way. From gorgeous beach bunnies to the outrageous sexual escap...

Furburgers - Caballero

Lowest Price: $24.85
FURBURGERS is all about a guy called Furr who runs a run-down little cafe across from one of those snazzy, jazzy neon-lit Golden Arc Burgeramas. While he and his lovin` doll starve for the business their competitor is getting, the owner and his Golden Arc carhops are makin` out like gang busters,...

Sexaholics (VCX) - VCX

Lowest Price: $19.87
THE SORDID STORY OF A SEX THERAPIST!This sex therapist has a strong hold over her therapy group filled with patients who are admitted SEXAHOLICS.

Cheeks - Coast To Coast

Lowest Price: $54.75
Our leading couple Laurel Canyon and Cole Fury have just arrived at their vacation cabin by the lake. The cabin has a telescope with allows them to peek in on the lusty sexual retreat across the cove. Their eyes pop as they are introduced to backdoor sex while sneaking voyeuristic stimulation!The...

Find Your Love - VCX

Lowest Price: $7.59
...It's hidden deep inside the warmest, steamiest, most arousingly intimate treasure trove imaginable...You're going to love finding this one! Here's your chance to look for love in all the 'wrong' places - it's a tantalizing hunt of the most blatantly erotic kind, and it's guaranteed to keep...

Caught From Behind 9 - Hollywood Adult Video

Lowest Price: $199.98
Here`s a cathouse devoted strictly to anal pleasures. These gals just love to get behind in their work.

Nina Hartley (Porn Star Legends) - Porn Star Legends

Lowest Price: $8.94

Innocent Seduction (Re-release) - VCA

Lowest Price: $49.99
Digitally remastered, first time on DVD. It`s a non-stop cumfest with this power-f*cking cast! VCA Gold Classics brings you a tale of sweet seduction. What started off as an innocent adventure, turned into a lustful display of carnal desires! Jam packed with classic sets, raw sex and lots of big ...

Suzy Cue - Vivid Wave

Lowest Price: $60.25
This is the story of a new kind of billiards. Not 8-ball. Not 9-ball. Not rotation. This is the story of strip pool, and a hot little blonde with a particular good stroke. Of course with strip pool, its a ways winner take all. And there's always a hustler..Suzy Cue keeps your eye on the ball, but...

Crocodile Blondee 2 - VCX

Lowest Price: $4.99 (72% off average online price)
Crocodile Blondee (Stephanie Rage), the southern carnal cutie, hits the road once again in search of her ultimate challenge: to gind a man that can tame her insatiable sexual appetites. She heads north to her oversexed cousin Cindy`s (the stunning Bionca) lust farm for some RandR, unaware that sh...

Dangerous When Wet - VCX

Lowest Price: $10.70 (43% off average online price)
It`s wet hot lust as these x-rated superstars get into sex-drenched situations. Jerry Butler and Bionca need more stimulation to spice up their marriage. They encounter a swinging couple (Buck Adams and beautiful Janette Littledove), as well as a try anything jogger (Leslie Winston). The blonde g...

Penetration Of Elle Rio, The - Gourmet Video

Lowest Price: $19.99
THE PENETRATION OF ELLE RIO is an erotic and stimulating presentation of the hottest actress in adult video. Elle Rio exhibits all her raw talent as she portrays the nasty other woman in a story which includes sex penetrations. A must for sex vid fans, THE PENETRATION OF ELLE RIO is fast, furious...
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