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Georgina Spelvin DVD Movies

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New Devil In Miss Jones, The - Vivid

Lowest Price: $6.50 (74% off average online price)
'5 A's ...... the perfect film' --(AVN) 25 Years Later the Devil gets her due! Paul Thomas reimagines adult cinema's greatest masterpiece in a brand new DMJ that Adult Video News is heralding a milestone!!! In it, Savanna (Miss Jones) is a virgin suicide who begs Jenna (The Devil) to grant ...

Ecstasy Girls, The - Caballero

Lowest Price: $19.99
This it is one of the most impressive movies ever made for capturing a strong sense of eroticism with interesting characters and story, and is very deserving of the highest rating anyone could give it. The film is a constant turn-on. The sex is always hot, with the performers exuberant and excite...

Devil In Miss Jones, The - VCX

Lowest Price: $3.99 (80% off average online price)
One of the All-Time Erotic Masterpieces! Starring: Georgina Spelvin, Harry Reems, Marc Stevens, Clair Lumiere.

Desires Within Young Girls - Caballero

Lowest Price: $8.00 (12% off average online price)
Georgina Spelvin has some serious money troubles. Luckily for her, she also has a pair of gorgeously delectable young daughters. She decides to introduce them to wealthy older men and let nature take its course. The only trouble is, the girls have some ideas of their own and aren't always willing...

Centerspread Girls - Caballero

Lowest Price: $9.99 (10% off average online price)
There's lots of erotic fun as Desiree Cousteau plays a dizzy TV interviewer who tapes her sex with a big-time TV preacher -- then threatens him with blackmail. This quality film, shot under McCallum's superb eye for the erogenous, is a tightly-woven, very elegant-looking erotic comedy.

Top 25 Adult Stars of all Time - VCA

Lowest Price: $1.54 (90% off average online price)
22 Award Winning Scenes, 4 Hours Long. Jim Holliday and Jill Kelly select the Top 25 stars of the first 25 years of explicit adult films. They provide brief, but insightful, historical backgrounds on each of these legendary performers. Historian Jim Holliday always delivers the goods!

Erotic Adventures of Candy - VCX

Lowest Price: $9.99 (52% off average online price)
This classic takeoff of the famous Terry Southern novel is one of the biggest sellers of all time! It is one of the few truly great adult comedies. Carol Connors is magnificent as the big-busted blonde with a heart of gold. Starring: Carol Connors, Kristine Heller, Eileen Welles, Lauren Black ...

Easy - NuTech

Lowest Price: $5.80 (62% off average online price)
Here's your chance to meet the most desirable, voluptuous, hot-blooded female ever to explode on the screen. Her mother named her Kate, her acquaintances call her Miss Harrison, but the men in her life call her "EASY" - because she is ! Jessie St. James plays Easy - and she plays it wild! Begi...

Take Off - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $7.49 (60% off average online price)
Time: the present. At a lavish party thrown by an unknown host, a young lady, Linda, meets a handsome Texan and tries to discover who and where the mystery host is. Exploring the house, they happen upon a room that unexpectedly turns into a projection room. The film that the two guests watch is a...

Fantasy - VCX

Lowest Price: $10.98
Hustler`s Highest Rating!!!Set in an elegant cafe at an island resort, Director Gerard Damiano takes us inside the minds of the characters to examine their fantasies about each other!!! Each vignette is increasingly erotic, with heat generated by the thoughtful examination of interpersonal r...

Urban Cowgirls - Caballero

Lowest Price: $5.99 (54% off average online price)
Rock along to Rock-A-Bye Billy's and meet those good ol' gals…the Urban Cowgirls! Against the glitter and spangle, the jingle and jangle of Billy's big-city dance hall, these warm-hearted honeys lay out all their cards! 'Jocelyn is a regular at Billy's and she believes in 'live and let live'…a...

Babylon Pink - Command Cinema

Lowest Price: $22.99 (9% off average online price)
2007 AVN Award Nominee for Best Classic DVD. XRCO Hall of Fame Movie! Often imitated, NEVER duplicated, Babylon Pink is the blushing-hot female fantasy film of all time! The outrageous Cecil Howard and Henri Pachard join forces for a long, shameless probe into the most intimate erotic desires...

Private Afternoons Of Pamela Mann (2-Disc Set) - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $34.88
2-Disc Collector`s Edition. Widely considered to be one of the greatest erotic films ever made, The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann is the first hardcore film made by legendary director Radley Metzger, under the alias Henry Paris. Made in the golden era of porno chic and released in 1974, it wa...

When She Was Bad - Caballero

Lowest Price: $3.56
What a family! Young, luscious Dianna won't let her eager boyfriend Jim 'go all the way' even though everyone else in her horny household is bursting with nonstop sexual activity. Stepfather Tony is constantly sleeping with high fashion models while promiscuous mom is at a sex club with her lover...

Only the Best 3 - NuTech

Lowest Price: $3.50 (75% off average online price)
ONLY THE BEST 3 is a visual mini-history of explicit adult entertainment. From the best known stag film with Candy Barr to the hottest stag with an unknown legend - all the way to a mind boggling scene shot specifically for this film. Porn through the ages offers the full gamut of sex - from the ...

Garage Girls - NuTech

Lowest Price: $6.89
One of the most acclaimed erotic filmakers in the United States and the world is Robert McCallum and Garage Girls. He has given us a mind-bending, pulse-racing sex romp. From the grease pits of Garage Girls to the luxurious quarters of their clients.

Seven Seductions of Madame Lau - VCX

Lowest Price: $0.50 (97% off average online price)

Jade Pussycat, The - I-Candy

Lowest Price: $1.75 (90% off average online price)
The legendary John Holmes reprises his role as hard nosed and hard cocked private detective Johnny Wadd. As a beautiful babe from his past hires him to find her missing brother his quest quickly becomes a saga of unique, hard core feats from porn`s raunchy early days!

Wet Rainbow - Arrow

Lowest Price: $4.45 (78% off average online price)
Harry Reems plays a college professor happily married to artist Georgina Spelvin. Everything begins to unravel, though, when an eye-catching student named Rainbow sends him a nude photo. It seems that she`s got her sight set on the good professor. Georgina is jealous at first, but soon discovers ...

Dancers, The - VCX

Lowest Price: $9.99 (44% off average online price)
Have you ever enjoyed your work? Really enjoyed your work? If you haven`t, then you must see and meet THE DANCERS. Jackie (John Leslie), road manager of the dancers know as The Dreams, takes his entourage to the small town of Key City. The guys are booked at the wild North Point Saloon, owned by ...

3 A.M. - NuTech

Lowest Price: $12.00 (28% off average online price)
One of the most highly praised erotic films of all time. Robert McCallum's "3 A.M." is truly a landmark in the adult motion picture industry. With a remarkable story, brilliantly enacted by some of Hollywood's finest young actors, "3 A.M." achieves new heights in sexual depiction. "3 A.M." was...

Indecent Exposure - TVX

Lowest Price: $59.98
This movie features two of the hottest actresses in adult cinema together for the first time in a love scene that jumps off the screen. Cindy, played by Seka, is seduced by her friend Veronica Hart and becomes a swinger. Once Cindy experiences the pleasures of lovemaking, she goes beyond all boun...

Legends of Porn 1 - NuTech

Lowest Price: $14.75 (4% off average online price)

Sleepy Head - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $9.00 (53% off average online price)
A woman`s subconscious sexual desires are released in this seething film starring Georgina Spelvin. Georgina stars with the top porn star, Tina Russel, as two sisters, one breaking free of a parochial upbringing, the other, on the threshold of a terrifying, yet revealing sexual experience. Georgi...

Country Comfort (VCX) - VCX

Lowest Price: $19.95
AN EROTIC ADVENTURE OF LUST AND DESIRE!Set in the post-Civil War era, COUNTRY COMFORT is a passionate adventure of a returning soldier, who happens upon a lusty widow and her sex-starved daughter.
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