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Eric Edwards DVD Movies

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Taboo 2 - Standard Digital

Lowest Price: $6.95 (70% off average online price)
The classic signature series from Kirdy Stevens continues. It will turn you on and thrill you as did Taboo, the hottest X-rated film of the last decades.

Private Teacher - Caballero

Lowest Price: $12.99
Jimmy is a horney high school guy who spends all of his time spying on his kinky neighbors with a telescope. Worried, his aunt hires a sexy private teacher to help bring him out of his shell. After a few private lessons, Jimmy gets a firm grip on his own sexuality. And so do the girls next door.

Summer Camp Girls - Caballero

Lowest Price: $4.24 (62% off average online price)
A little rich girl is sent off to summer camp by her Mafioso daddy to hide her from the real world. Little does he know that at Camp Quim, sex wins out over arts and crafts every time. Shauna Grant is stunning as the virginal youngster who finds true lust behind closed cabin doors, and Joanna Sto...

Young Like It Hot, The - Caballero

Lowest Price: $4.99 (53% off average online price)
Hold the phone for exoticly erotic pleasures. When the sexy operators of the Ocean Valley Telephone Company are in danger of losing their jobs to a computer, they all decide to give their customers a more personal touch. Hypatia Lee will take you to the boiling point in The Young Like It Hot. ...

Coming of Angels, A - Caballero

Lowest Price: $4.24 (65% off average online price)
Jamie Gillis is terrific in the best acting role he's ever had (better than even Misty Beethoven). he is convincingly cruel and menacing as a kidnapper who collects women and trains and sells them to be sex slaves. Annette Haven, Abigail Clayton, and Leslie Bovee, who play the three 'angels' who ...

Alexandra - VCA

Lowest Price: $2.69 (84% off average online price)
The gorgeous Eve Sternberg makes her one and only screen appearance in this Hustler Highest Rated title that wowed the critics! One of the original couples movies! Starring: Joanna Storm, Eve Sternberg, Ashley Summer, Lauren Wilde, Eric Edwards, Reg Wilson.

Playing With Fire - Standard Digital

Lowest Price: $7.00
Acclaimed director Kirby Stevens has done it again. In Playing With Fire the subject is step-kids. See what happens when Catherine (long-legged Cynthia Taylor) marries stud Danny and their kids get obsessed with wicked and perverse thoughts! DVD Features: Digital Clarity Photo Gallery O...

Satisfactions - Caballero

Lowest Price: $4.39 (63% off average online price)
Harold Lime, Producer of Harry Reem' comeback movie, 'Society Affairs', has given the adult audience yet another reason to breathe heavily for a while. It's called 'SATISFACTIONS' and the girls are hot enough to set off smoke detectors in the theater. DVD Features: Interactive Buttons Jump T...

Miami Spice - Caballero

Lowest Price: $4.95 (52% off average online price)
Amber Lynn is a Miami vice copper, and when she's not tooling around town in her Lamborghini looking for evil-doers, she's undressing South Florida's eligible bachelors and bachelorettes and laying her own special frisking technique on them just to make sure their on the 'up and up.' Right now sh...

Innocent Taboo - Caballero

Lowest Price: $4.75 (48% off average online price)
Two buddies from the same neighborhood grow up and marry a pair of luscious and sexy sisters. Throughout the years the two families grow up side by side, never dabbling in the partner-swapping salaciousness that they all dream of. They get their chance when they're all invited aboard the boss' lu...

Getting Lucky - Caballero

Lowest Price: $4.09 (67% off average online price)
For Johnny, Daryl, and Moon grad night is a time to bust-out and party, and that’s exactly what they do in ‘Getting Lucky!’ Join the boys as they head out on the town for a night to remember, and get involved in some of the most outrageous sexual encounters to ever sizzle the screen! Johnny...

Tracy Takes Paris - Classic X

Lowest Price: $7.95 (32% off average online price)
The city of lights will never be the same. Sexy Amber Lynn can`t keep it up - the profit margin, that is - at her very exclusive travel agency, Romantic Rendezvous Inc. She enlists the x-pert help of her agents, Eric Edwards, Tracey Adams and Peter North. Since Tracey x-pertise will make you forg...

Sexcapades - VCA

Lowest Price: $2.75 (83% off average online price)
Poor Harry. As a film-maker, all he's trying to do is make a buck. But his wife says his movies are too dirty; his producer says they're too clean. A hilarious sexual comedy from award-winning director Henri Pachard.

Top 25 Adult Stars of all Time - VCA

Lowest Price: $3.49 (78% off average online price)
22 Award Winning Scenes, 4 Hours Long. Jim Holliday and Jill Kelly select the Top 25 stars of the first 25 years of explicit adult films. They provide brief, but insightful, historical backgrounds on each of these legendary performers. Historian Jim Holliday always delivers the goods!

Great Sexpectations - VCA

Lowest Price: $23.99
'Witty, charming, sexy, beautifully photographed and well written...' That's what Adam Film World has to say about Great Sexpectations, the sequel to the award-winning Sexcapades. An all-star cast is featured in this tale of an X-rated director with his hands full of beautiful - and ambitious...

A Coming Of Angels - The Sequel - Caballero

Lowest Price: $3.98 (62% off average online price)
The three Angels ran a detective agency that specialized in the most intimate and provocative undercover investigations imaginable. From mean streets to satin sheets, open your mind and forget your inhibitions. As our story opens, a U.S. Senator discovers his daughter is kidnapped. Stopping at no...

Indecent Pleasures - Caballero

Lowest Price: $3.49 (66% off average online price)
Is it immoral, obscene, or... INDECENT PLEASURES?

Vanessa Del Rio: Latina Goddess - VCA

Lowest Price: $19.88
Wild, HOT, Latina Love all started right here! VCA Presents Vanessa Del Rio - in 4 solid hours of her hottest sex scenes. DVD Features: Previews Continuous Play Digitally Remastered Playable Worldwide Runtime: 240 minutes

Wild Dallas Honey - Caballero

Lowest Price: $19.95
When ram-rodding rodeo star Randy West is released from prison, his fantasies are filled with an explosive Texas-sized homecoming celebration with his luscious lady Honey Wilder. But when this lusty longhorn finds out his Wild Dallas Honey has hitched her wagon to a wealthy businessman, sparks fl...

Erotic World of Cody Nicole, The - Classic X

Lowest Price: $4.90 (67% off average online price)
You're invited to enter her world of sexual wildness... Starring: Cody Nicole, Gina Martell, Eric Edwards.

Swedish Erotica 84: Taija Rae - Caballero

Lowest Price: $3.21 (68% off average online price)

Take Off - Video-X-Pix

Lowest Price: $8.74 (53% off average online price)
Time: the present. At a lavish party thrown by an unknown host, a young lady, Linda, meets a handsome Texan and tries to discover who and where the mystery host is. Exploring the house, they happen upon a room that unexpectedly turns into a projection room. The film that the two guests watch is a...

Blow Off - Caballero

Lowest Price: $4.87 (56% off average online price)
Detective Savage is hired to follow Lisa DeLeeuw through her romantic romps for political reasons and eventually he quits his job to join in. Intrigue and hot sex make this a true erotic classic.

Lust At Sea - Caballero

Lowest Price: $2.99 (74% off average online price)
Sexy private eye, Paige Shagwell, gets herself into more undercover action when she infiltrates the lewd and lascivious goings-on off the coast of Miami. Seems a local procurer has himself a nice little business with girls turning tricks on a fancy yacht for South Florida's VIPs and high rollers....

Legends of Porn II - NuTech

Lowest Price: $18.00
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