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 Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept money orders?

Since our prices and inventory are constantly changing, all transactions on our site must be processed immediately. For this reason, credit cards are the only form of payment that we are able to accept.

Can you ship internationally?

Visit Adult DVD Marketplace International to purchase from those sellers who are approved to ship internationally.

I have a question about an order I have placed-- whom do I contact for help?

If you have any questions about an order you have placed, please contact your seller directly for that information. You can find your sellers contact info on your order confirmation e-mail, or by logging on to the site and viewing your order history.

In the unlikely case that you are unable to get a response from a seller within an apropriate amount of time, you may contact us to assist you in communciating with the seller.

When will my order arrive?

Our seller agreement stipulates that all orders be shipped within two business days of the transaction, and most of our sellers ship via USPS Media Mail (although some sellers offer upgrades to faster shipping methods). The arrival expectation for USPS Media Mail shipments is 4 to 21 days. For more info on shipping times, consult here.

If you haven't received your shipment within this timeframe, and you would like information on the order status, please contact your seller directly for assistance. If you are not able to resolve the situation directly with the seller, contact us for assistance.

I just sold a DVD, when do I get paid?

If you've selected remimbursement via PayPal, the reimbursement payment for your prior month's sales should be available in your PayPal account approximately 5-7 business days after the first business day of each month.

If you haven't registered for direct deposit, and your monthly sales total exceeds $20.00, then you will be mailed a check within the first 2-3 business days of the month. Balances under $20.00 will automatically transfer over to the subsequent month.

For more information, consult our Seller's guide here.

I'm getting ready to go on a vacation... can I temporarily suspend my listings until I get back?

To temporarily remove your listings from the market, follow these steps:
    1) Log into the site
    2) Select "Manage Listings" from the "User Account" menu
    3) Select "Suspend All My Listings" from the top of the page
When you want to put the listings back into the market, select "Resume All My Listings" from the same page to restore the listings.

I can't add items to my shopping cart? My browser doesn't currently support cookies, how do I enable them?

To enable cookies on IE 5.5 and above, follow these steps:
    1) Choose Internet Options from the Tools menu.
    2) Click the Privacy tab.
    3) Make sure the setting is at Medium-High or lower.
    4) If this doesn't work, make sure an exception hasn't been set to block our specific site (this option varies by IE version, but will either be a button labeled Sites on IE 7, or there may be an Edit button under a Web Sites section of the dialog in older IE versions.
    5) Re-start your browser and return to our site.

How can I use PayPal for purchases from your site?

We don't currently support the direct use of PayPal as a form of payment on our site, although you can access your PayPal account indirectly through the use of a PayPal debit card, which can be obtained directly from PayPal.


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