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1. I Dream Of Jo 3: Desire And Deception
I Dream Of Jo 3: Desire And Deception
Viv Thomas (SKU: 270507)
Lowest Price: $6.99

Desire And Deception!

2. Gina Loves Peaches
Gina Loves Peaches
Viv Thomas (SKU: 272318)
Lowest Price: $11.50

Gina B`s nipples. Peaches` boobs. Two stunning models at home having sex. What more could you ask for? Gina B and Peaches have a legendary chemistry and you can sense how much they really like each other. Submerge yourself in five incredible lesbian scenes dripping with unadulterated pleasure.

3. Lesbian Stepmother
Lesbian Stepmother
Girl Candy Films (SKU: 273515)
Lowest Price: $13.65

Mature, sexy Terri (Rebecca Bardoux) is engaged to marry her successful fianc Frank. But Frank`s pouty daughter April (Lara Brookes) can`t stand the big-busted older woman, and refuses to accept her into the family. Meanwhile, Terri`s former stepdaughter Jennifer (Mia Gold) reads about Terri`s im...

4. Club Pink Velvet 2
Club Pink Velvet 2
Viv Thomas (SKU: 272964)
Lowest Price: $10.59

Hiring hotties for an exclusive lesbian resort doesnt need to be an agonizing process. Smoking hot applicants show off their skills and their bodies as they vie for one of the most thrilling jobs of the year: To work in the no-holds-barred Club Pink Velvet resort.

5. Unfaithful 6
Unfaithful 6
Viv Thomas (SKU: 269173)
Lowest Price: $5.99

Realizing it`s now way too late, Lisa still struggles to come to terms with losing someone she loved so much. Haunted by memories of Nella, her new relationships falter and she is plunged deep into despair. Jo and Eve enjoy an idyllic life together, only for past and present transgressions to rea...

6. Club Pink Velvet
Club Pink Velvet
Viv Thomas (SKU: 271020)
Lowest Price: $11.95

Enraptured by the idea of starting a business for pleasure, not for money, a lesbian couple set about planning the sexiest house of pleasure ever to be built. You guessed it, they`re calling it Club Pink Velvet. They go over the top and under the covers researching the project and the hottest Hun...

7. Leila A Lesbian Fantasy
Leila A Lesbian Fantasy
Viv Thomas (SKU: 271564)
Lowest Price: $7.99

Subject to change without notice We have all dreamed of what it would be like to have sex with our favorite model, but could you go through with it?Choosing five of our sexiest models, Viv Thomas helps Leila`s dreams come true.Real sex, real passion, and real orgasms with five of the most erotic ...

8. Please Make Me Lesbian 4
Please Make Me Lesbian 4
Girlfriends Films (SKU: 243814)
Lowest Price: $10.95

She Was Willing to Do Anything Just To Learn To Love Other Women!

The Shocking Story Of A Young Woman Craving Her Step-Mother's Attention!

Simply The Most Realistic Sex In Lesbian Adult Video!

9. Superstar Shauna Grant
Superstar Shauna Grant
Caballero (SKU: 112564)
Lowest Price: $3.50

Original title: 'Swedish Erotica Superstar Shauna Grant'

Shauna Grant left behind a small but very popular body of work. She was truly one of the most beautiful women ever in adult films, and her virginal innocence still beguiles us today, over 20 years after her tragic suicide.

10. Shut Up And Fuckin' Blow Me 16
Shut Up And Fuckin' Blow Me 16
Odyssey (SKU: 40102)
Lowest Price: $0.75

Still the most suck for your buck, Shut Up and Blow Me #16 delivers the goods. Watch these infinitely open-mouthed babes blow the socks off some very lucky guys.

DVD Features:
Playable Worldwide
Digital Stereo Sound
No Promotions In Movie
Auto Start
Auto Repeat

11. Teens Of Japan 11
Teens Of Japan 11
Maiko Pictures (SKU: 259482)
Lowest Price: $3.20

Innocent Teen Angels!

Four Amazing Scenes Loaded With Extras!

We Have Found A Whole New Batch Of Fresh Japanese Teens Who Want To Explore Their Sexual Curiosities With Us!

12. Teens Of Japan 6
Teens Of Japan 6
Maiko Pictures (SKU: 249708)
Lowest Price: $3.64

Starring Maho Shibata & Momo Akiyama!

Sweet Japanese Teens Return To Claim Their Sexual Desires!

Innocent Teen Angels! Four Amazing Scenes Loaded With Extras!

13. Teens Of Japan 2
Teens Of Japan 2
Maiko Pictures (SKU: 244604)
Lowest Price: $3.45

For scenes exhibiting the youth of Japan and the pleasures in-which they indulge...

14. Ladyboy Confidential 5
Ladyboy Confidential 5
Third World Media (SKU: 273143)
Lowest Price: $4.49

Let`s make this our little secret!

15. We Live Together 12
We Live Together 12
Reality Kings (SKU: 208281)
Lowest Price: $2.98

From our girl friends at college to roommates and friends of friends, we go on the streets, bars, parties, and malls and we pick up the cutest girlie girls and invite them to come over and party in our apartment. Thanks for dropping in... Hope you enjoy your visit!

16. Shut Up and Blow Me! 19
Shut Up and Blow Me! 19
Odyssey (SKU: 46659)
Lowest Price: $0.49

20 Girls, More suck for your buck!This is the only Delany Adams video.

17. Chameleon, The
Chameleon, The
VCA (SKU: 27761)
Lowest Price: $2.50

Imagine being able to change into anyone else, to live out their fantasies, to taste their lust. Tori Welles is just such a creature - a sexually ravenous woman with the mysterious ability to become someone else, to become The Cameleon! Witness her changes ... and you may never be the same!

18. Amanda By Night
Amanda By Night
Caballero (SKU: 31785)
Lowest Price: $2.65

A classic of adult cinema, this title involves an engaging mystery to compliment its sweaty sex and rapacious romping. Amanda Heather is a high-class call girl trying to go straight. A last favor for a former pimp-lover results in the death of Amanda's young prostitute friends and she is inexorab...

19. Cheer Squad Sleepovers 1
Cheer Squad Sleepovers 1
Girlfriends Films (SKU: 248261)
Lowest Price: $7.75

By day they cheer the home team...By night they live their fantasies.

20. Shut Up and Blow Me! 12
Shut Up and Blow Me! 12
Digital Playground (SKU: 55180)
Lowest Price: $0.75

21. Pure Breast Play
Pure Breast Play
Juicy Entertainment (SKU: 273307)
Lowest Price: $1.25

Big beautiful, round and voluptuous breasts are plentiful in this presentation from Naked Sins. Five horny and soaking wet babes are begging to lick suck and give attention to their big waiting tittes!

22. Madisons Mad Mad Circus
Madisons Mad Mad Circus
Juicy Entertainment (SKU: 273308)
Lowest Price: $8.08

Kelly and Ryan celebrate their 500th episode with an over-the-top 8-way fuckfest. It`s the wildest Porn Fidelity scene yet.

23. Close To You
Close To You
Dane Jones (SKU: 273516)
Lowest Price: $11.79

At Dane Jones we believe that sex is beautiful and endeavor to create unique and passionate pornography, capturing real feelings and genuine intimacy. Our unique and exciting videos focus on genuine pleasure, real orgasms, emotional connections, chemistry, and natural beauty! We shoot creative st...

24. Dirty Blonde Sluts 3
Dirty Blonde Sluts 3
Indulgence (SKU: 273304)
Lowest Price: $5.75

These blonde sluts have all the fun. Maybe it`s because they are hungry for all the cum!

25. Neighbor I Want To Fuck 6
Neighbor I Want To Fuck 6
Hardcore Nextdoor (SKU: 273315)
Lowest Price: $5.75

She`ll knock for your cock, so make sure you bend her over and fuck her right!

26. Decadent Asians 2
Decadent Asians 2
International Flavors (SKU: 273314)
Lowest Price: $3.25

Nasty whores from around the globe. Ram that Ja-Penis in her Va-China!

27. Tickle My Tonsils
Tickle My Tonsils
Pounding Pink (SKU: 273318)
Lowest Price: $7.00

Put that big meat stick way in the back of my throat! I want it to tickle my tonsils!

28. Sex Me Up
Sex Me Up
Assence Films (SKU: 273316)
Lowest Price: $9.90

She gets what she wants!

29. Imperfect Angels 8
Imperfect Angels 8
Girlfriends Films (SKU: 215819)
Lowest Price: $4.15

The Tangled Web Of Fallen Doves!

Simply The Most Realistic Sex In Lesbian Adult Video!

30. Sexcapades
VCA (SKU: 27908)
Lowest Price: $1.74

Poor Harry. As a film-maker, all he's trying to do is make a buck. But his wife says his movies are too dirty; his producer says they're too clean. A hilarious sexual comedy from award-winning director Henri Pachard.

31. Ecstasy Girls, The
Ecstasy Girls, The
Caballero (SKU: 31681)
Lowest Price: $3.49

This it is one of the most impressive movies ever made for capturing a strong sense of eroticism with interesting characters and story, and is very deserving of the highest rating anyone could give it. The film is a constant turn-on. The sex is always hot, with the performers exuberant and excite...

32. Coming of Angels, A
Coming of Angels, A
Caballero (SKU: 31675)
Lowest Price: $1.88

Jamie Gillis is terrific in the best acting role he's ever had (better than even Misty Beethoven). he is convincingly cruel and menacing as a kidnapper who collects women and trains and sells them to be sex slaves. Annette Haven, Abigail Clayton, and Leslie Bovee, who play the three 'angels' who ...

33. She Made Me Cum 2
She Made Me Cum 2
Lesbian Provocateur (SKU: 263602)
Lowest Price: $7.33

Featuring Eve Angel & Lila!

In the land of lesbian love, we've selected 10 of the most beautiful ladies who are about to engage in the rituals of passionate sex. Get ready to witness a gentle woman's touch and a heavenly climax that's a feast for the eyes. The beauty of a woman's ...

34. Jenna Haze Meow! 3
Jenna Haze Meow! 3
Jules Jordan Video (SKU: 270007)
Lowest Price: $13.99

Special Edition 2-Disc Set, 16 Girls!

Nothing could be better than a bombshell blonde, a ravishing redhead & a beautiful brunette. Lexi, Elle, & Aiden show you just how hot of a combo they are with some purrrfect pantyhose play.

Molly starts out as the innocent submissive...

35. Lesbian Tutors Private Lessons
Lesbian Tutors Private Lessons
Girlfriends Films (SKU: 272960)
Lowest Price: $9.00

Private lessons are always remembered!

36. Real Sappho Letters 2
Real Sappho Letters 2
Purrrfect Video (SKU: 132825)
Lowest Price: $7.88

Lesbians, lesbians, lesbians, our lesbian fans and fans of lesbians are going to freak over this one. Six more Bongiorno styled scenes inspired by the greek poet Sappho herself. Real people, real stories, real sex!

37. Nymphette, The
Nymphette, The
Caballero (SKU: 97947)
Lowest Price: $1.54

Caress her voluptuous breasts. Fondle the soft curves of her body. Spread her legs apart, exposing her sweet pussy. And don't ever stop. Because once her hot, horny urge arises, Susanna will do anything for sex. She plays with herself while watching two sensuous lesbians scrub each other in the t...

38. Naked Fugitive, The
Naked Fugitive, The
Caballero (SKU: 42000)
Lowest Price: $2.49

The famous Cumbersome Diamond has been stolen! The thief is hiding out in a nudist camp. The lucky cops go undercover (actually, without cover) to find the culprit and rescue the prized jewel. They see to it that justice is served, but they must investigate so many naked beauties, who can blame t...

39. Japanese Shemales 2
Japanese Shemales 2
Maiko Pictures (SKU: 240712)
Lowest Price: $3.64

Featuring Akina!

Beautiful Shemale Bodies! 4 Amazing Scenes Loaded With Extras!

From Deep Inside Japan, The Shemales Have Returned To Live Out Their Kinkiest Fetish Fantasies!

40. We Live Together 13
We Live Together 13
Reality Kings (SKU: 211120)
Lowest Price: $20.98

Nothing But Hot All Girl Action In Every Scene!

From our girl friends at college to roommates and friends of friends - we go on the streets, bars, parties & malls and we pick up the cutest girlie girls and invite them to come over and party in our apartment. Thanks for dropping i...

41. Pornstars Like It Big 18
Pornstars Like It Big 18
Brazzers (SKU: 273745)
Lowest Price: $13.99

The hottest porn stars fucking the biggest cocks!

42. Sweet Petite
Sweet Petite
Jules Jordan Video (SKU: 273747)
Lowest Price: $12.99

Hot girls getting fucked! Sweet, sexy ladies here to do you bidding!

43. Sex Passion And Lust
Sex Passion And Lust
Viv Thomas (SKU: 280491)
Lowest Price: $6.99

Busting with passionate kissing, luscious licking and bouncy breast play, Sex, Passion and Lust ticks all the boxes for fans of lesbian erotica. Once again, VIV Thomas has assembled a cast of gorgeous Eastern European girls to excite your senses.

44. Deviant Maids
Deviant Maids
Totally Tasteless (SKU: 273730)
Lowest Price: $11.48

These young maids are deviant and kinky. Your gonna get fucked and your house wont be stinky!

45. Coeds Gone Wild 4
Coeds Gone Wild 4
Teen Fantasies (SKU: 273578)
Lowest Price: $5.74

bHot College Sluts Ready To Please!/Bbrbr Teen Hardcore At It's Best! The True Taste Of Fun!brbr These Coeds Pass With Flying Colors!brbr Their young, dumb and begging for that hot cum. These nasty coeds will do whatever it takes to get straight A's, even if that means getting their tigh...

46. Bi Sexual Cuckold 4
Bi Sexual Cuckold 4
Doghouse Digital (SKU: 273580)
Lowest Price: $12.00

These husbands are in for a big surprise. Not only are their wives cheating on them with another man, but their wives are going to force them to get in on the action by sucking and fucking like they do. If you neglect your hot wives you better prepare for whats to come next. In this installment o...

47. My Sex Mistress
My Sex Mistress
Indulgence (SKU: 273579)
Lowest Price: $3.75

Sssshhhhh! dont tell my wife but I have a nasty slut on the side that never says no to my sexual demands. Why go out and pay for a sex toy, when you can just go out and find some whore that will do it all for free.

48. Our Legacy
Our Legacy
Viv Thomas (SKU: 279977)
Lowest Price: $4.88

Gina B and Peaches play the match maker in their latest offering from the Lesbians at Home collection. Nine of their sexiest Hungarian honeys are selectd to perform a plethora of hos sapphic scenes. Revel in Cindy Hope's youthful beauty, Dorothy Black's fabulous tits and the georgeous Madison Par...

49. Lesbian Playmates 2
Lesbian Playmates 2
Viv Thomas (SKU: 279330)
Lowest Price: $12.00

Enjoy Dorothy Blacks legendary boobs as they make a stunning comeback, alongside Russian sweetheart, Henessy. The amazing Gina Gerson delivers an incredible performance on Candy Sweet. Amazonian newcomer, Athina, pairs up with Mira Sunset and how could we go wrong with the stunning Alexis Brill a...

50. Lesbian Babysitters 10
Lesbian Babysitters 10
Sweetheart Video (SKU: 275900)
Lowest Price: $10.60

Featuring: Veronica Avluv & Bailey Blue!

This popular series continues with India Sumer as a high powered attorney struggling with her lover, Veronica Avluv, who plays an ambitious actress suffering from Postpartum depression. The couple hires a nanny, Presley Hart, who grows very...


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