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1. My Wife's 1st Monster Cock 5
My Wife's 1st Monster Cock 5
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 116666)
Lowest Price: $10.00

Is that your wife`s mouth? I didn`t know her assh*le could stretch that far?!!! Talk about laying down some PIPE!! White Wives smothered in HUGE BLACK MEAT!! She`s tired of little white dick, that`s why she`s now an African C*ck lovin` Chick!!! Longer than the Oakland Bridge!!!

2. My Wife's First Monster Cock 9
My Wife's First Monster Cock 9
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 138299)
Lowest Price: $9.99

Take that motherf*ckin` monster c*ck! This wife is a c*ck jockey! C*ck, its your wife`s best friend! She`s gonna feel that in the morning! Stretching wives to new limits! No way is that gonna fit in there! His c*ck should come with warning labels!!!

3. My Wife's 1st Monster Cock 7
My Wife's 1st Monster Cock 7
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 121323)
Lowest Price: $9.99

More Boz for their Buck! The 12 inch wrecking crew! Boz has the same turning radius as a semi-truck! Your wife is on the next cover When Suburban wives go bad! Desperately filled housewives! Is that her assho*le or the Holland Tunnel?

4. My Wife's 1st Monster Cock 2
My Wife's 1st Monster Cock 2
Digital Sin (SKU: 107459)
Lowest Price: $5.85

5. My Wife's 1st Monster Cock 6
My Wife's 1st Monster Cock 6
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 118632)
Lowest Price: $16.00

Ain`t no stoppin` the BLACK TRAIN! More Black for your wife`s Buck! Does your wife have a black addiction? Splittin` that Sphincter! This ain`t no wedding bliss! Someone`s gonna be filing for divorce after they see this footage!!

6. Daddy's Worst Nightmare 2
Daddy's Worst Nightmare 2
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 116080)
Lowest Price: $29.92

Daddy`s little girl is a black c*ck whore!!! Fathers beware, your daughter is f*cking a Big Black Bear!!! White girls shocking their families!!! Watch Boz and Richard Mann ravish these good little White Suburban Teen Babes!! Bigger than the Brooklyn Bridge!! Longer than the Florida Keys!!!

7. My Wife's 1st Monster Cock 4
My Wife's 1st Monster Cock 4
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 113985)
Lowest Price: $9.99

This is what your wife does when you think she`s at home cleaning! Boz makes these white wives C*CK-eyed!!! Hey Bro`, Your wife is an African c*ck whore! This is why your wife says she has a headache!! Mungo SUPER Hungo!! More Meat for the white wife treat!!!

8. My Daughter's Fucking Blackzilla 12
My Daughter's Fucking Blackzilla 12
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 135777)
Lowest Price: $4.12

These girls said super-size me... so we did! Immeasurable! Five Super Tremendous Meat Packing episodes! Planetary Sized C*ck! Capacious!!!

9. My Daughter's Fucking Blackzilla 9
My Daughter's Fucking Blackzilla 9
Digital Sin (SKU: 118925)
Lowest Price: $3.63

More meat than a steak house! The kind of nourishment her parents would be proud of! BATTER UP! Heavy Duty! Momentous!

10. Daddy's Worst Nightmare 7
Daddy's Worst Nightmare 7
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 136056)
Lowest Price: $9.99


11. My Daughter's Fucking Blackzilla 13
My Daughter's Fucking Blackzilla 13
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 138990)
Lowest Price: $1.74

What her Daddy don`t know WILL hurt her! Stretching out a teen girl near you! Blackzilla... it`s what`s for lunch! Got Monster C*ck? She`s gonna need a bigger p*ssy! What did you say? I can`t hear you!

12. Abominable Black Man 6
Abominable Black Man 6
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 136731)
Lowest Price: $6.00

That`s okay sugar, walk it off! No woman is safe! Now that`s gonna hurt! Breaking this bitch! Ho, you better recognize! Showing these women why he`s the Mann! Lord of the O ring!!!

13. Abominable Black Man 8
Abominable Black Man 8
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 146267)
Lowest Price: $49.98

F*ck talkin` dirty, just suck my dick! Abominable dick meets ninja p*ssy! Givin` her that abominable black meat! Give me that snatch! Another p*ssy bites the dust! OMG! He broke her vagina!

14. My Wife's 1st Monster Cock
My Wife's 1st Monster Cock
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 111755)
Lowest Price: $10.00

Jumbo jungle cocks stretching wholesome wives to there breaking point! Filmed in digital shlongvision! Mungo well hungo! This could be your wife! The cock with attitude! Move over King Kong, here cums King Schlong! Longer than the golden gate bridge! Her family would be so proud! Suburban wiv...

15. Daddy's Worst Nightmare 4
Daddy's Worst Nightmare 4
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 119386)
Lowest Price: $24.00

Fathers don`t always know best! Throw down the book bag, she`s now an African F*CK RAG!!!! Daddies... don`t let your daughters grow up to be C*ck Whores! From the cheerleading squad to swallowing a black man`s wad!! 12 inches of power learning!! These daughter`s are going to make you cry!!

16. My Wife's 1st Monster Cock 10
My Wife's 1st Monster Cock 10
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 141892)
Lowest Price: $9.99

Giving wives more meat by the minute! Destroying wives one snatch at a time! This gives new meaning to motherf*cker! Honey, you`re not as tight as you were before! By the time he`s done, her p*ssy will whistle when she walks! I never knew p*ssy could stretch so much! This chocolate doesn`t melt i...

17. My Wife's 1st Monster Cock 3
My Wife's 1st Monster Cock 3
Digital Sin (SKU: 111149)
Lowest Price: $8.99

Generous portions of Black Meat!!! Plenteous!!! Here`s the beef!!! Respectable Soccer Moms doing unspeakable things!!! Honey, I f*cked a black dude!!! Watch out Husbands! Huge African lumber splitting white wives in two!!! This is what your wife thinks about ALL DAY while you`re at work!!!

18. My Daughter's Fucking Blackzilla 8
My Daughter's Fucking Blackzilla 8
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 117421)
Lowest Price: $3.62

There is only one!!! Beyond Massive!! Stretching P*ssies to their breaking points!!! Packs more punch than a boxer!! MUNGO EXTREMELY WELL-HUNGO!!! What a Walloping Wopper!!!

19. My Daughter's Fucking Blackzilla 11
My Daughter's Fucking Blackzilla 11
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 123872)
Lowest Price: $1.25

Now these girls know what it`s like to be f*cked by a side of beef! Anal f*cking on 100% Pure Diesel power. SO BIG----it`s the #1 reason for hip replacements in young white girls! She`s f*cking a WHAT?!?! Too big for words, thats why it`s stuck in their mouths!!

20. Abominable Black Man 5
Abominable Black Man 5
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 133543)
Lowest Price: $11.99

Richard Mann is... The Abominable Black Man!! Lock up your wives... he`s coming!!! Big black beaver cleaver!!!! A c*ck so big these girls have stretch marks around their mouths!! She isn`t really shopping with friends!! Run, white girl, run! Raising Divorce statistics one chick at a time!

21. My Daughters Fucking Blackzilla 20
My Daughters Fucking Blackzilla 20
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 199921)
Lowest Price: $3.62

Watch Shane Diesel and his huge cock stretch these innocent girls mouths and pussies.

22. My Hot Wife Is Fucking Blackzilla 1
My Hot Wife Is Fucking Blackzilla 1
Digital Sin (SKU: 102390)
Lowest Price: $3.63

'Bigger than the broadside of a barn' 'Super-colossal black man meat!' 'Cosmoconic!' 'The Goodyear Blimp's black twin!' 'So Big it has its own zip code!' 'Uh oh! Mommys jaw just popped!' 'Herculean!' 'The cock that sunk the Titanic!' 'White mom's gone bad!!' 'See cheating wives take the immense b...

23. White Wife Black Cock 6
White Wife Black Cock 6
Smash Pictures (SKU: 93475)
Lowest Price: $1.97

These cheating housewives keep finding themselves getting into all sorts of mishaps. There is no limit to what they will do when their desperation becomes so unbearable that they just have to have a black dick. It seems that their intentions are good but the outcome is always trouble. They will ...

24. Daddy's Worst Nightmare 6
Daddy's Worst Nightmare 6
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 131770)
No Listings Currently Available

Daddy ain`t gonna like this, these monster black cocks are plugging all teen holes. Pigtails and pink pussies...aaahhh the good things in life.

25. My Hot Wife Is Fucking Blackzilla 2
My Hot Wife Is Fucking Blackzilla 2
Digital Sin (SKU: 106802)
Lowest Price: $3.63

Your wife could be next. After Blackzilla is done screwing this wife you will be like spitting in the ocean. King Dongo of the Congo, the only cock that can be seen from the moon!

26. My Hot Wife Is Fucking Blackzilla 3
My Hot Wife Is Fucking Blackzilla 3
Digital Sin (SKU: 110628)
Lowest Price: $3.63

The black beast with soul! Immeasurable!! Taller than the Sears Tower!! It`s 8pm, do you know whats in your wife?!?!?! And now... the heavyweight c*ck of the world!! Get ready to rumble with the KING OF THE JUNGLE! BLACKZILLA!!!!

27. My Hot Wife Is Fucking Blackzilla 9
My Hot Wife Is Fucking Blackzilla 9
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 132283)
Lowest Price: $2.49

And now the super shlong of the king of dong!! From scrubbing floors to dirty whores!! Husbands beware when Blackzilla is near!! Did you ever think you wife`s assh*le could stretch that far?!?! That`s mcf*cking huge!!!

28. 2 Big 2 Be True 10
2 Big 2 Be True 10
Bone Digital (SKU: 157824)
Lowest Price: $16.49

Shot in HD Widescreen. Over two feet of black meat just waiting to slay the pink dragon!

29. Boz In the Bush 2
Boz In the Bush 2
Bone Digital (SKU: 150027)
Lowest Price: $7.00

Shot in HD Widescreen. Just can`t get enough of that bearded clam! Back for round two and her bush is full!

30. My Hot Wife Is Fucking Blackzilla 11
My Hot Wife Is Fucking Blackzilla 11
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 140261)
Lowest Price: $1.96

Longer than a freight train! OH NO! Blackzilla`s f*cking my wife! So big it takes two women! You`ll have to open wider than that! The meat man delivers again!! Can your wife handle Blackzilla? Talk about a jawbreaker!!!

31. My Daughters Fucking Blackzilla 17
My Daughters Fucking Blackzilla 17
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 184625)
Lowest Price: $3.62

Ouch! Fire in the hole! Parking it in the hairy bush! This cock is too big for my pink little cunt! Yum!! Gag!! This brotha knows how to make my juice box gush! Ahh bang it!

32. Daddy's Worst Nightmare 10
Daddy's Worst Nightmare 10
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 147382)
Lowest Price: $3.00

It`s the ultimate nightmare! It doesn`t get any bigger than this! That p*ssy just got mangled! Take a walk on the dark side! Spear that p*ssy! Now that`s one wrecked snatch! Feed her that tube steak!

33. Daddy's Worst Nightmare 5
Daddy's Worst Nightmare 5
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 121854)
Lowest Price: $22.95

Fathers Don't Always Know Best!brbr There are Daddies crying all over the world tonight!brbr Dear old Dad keeps trying to wake up from his nightmare!brbr You can't cry out in pain when there's a big black cock in your mouth!brbr He's crude, rude, and lubed! Black Sausage served HOT on whi...

34. Black Guys In White Thighs 2
Black Guys In White Thighs 2
Mach 2 Entertainment (SKU: 123964)
Lowest Price: $18.99

Cum explore the darker side of Mach2! Katerina Kat and her slutty friends find out what it`s like to take black c*ck in their tight white p*ssies.

35. Abominable Black Man 3
Abominable Black Man 3
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 121031)
Lowest Price: $9.99

LOOK! UP HER ASS! STRETCHING HER JAW! BREAKING HER P*SSY! IT`S THE ABOMINABLE BLACK MAN! 12 INCHES OF LECHEROUS LABIA LOOSENING! While you are looking at her, your Fiance is dreaming about this big blackc*ck! Just cause she wears your ring, doesn`t mean she don`t wanna fling! Isn`t that Joe`s gir...

36. Abominable Black Man 4
Abominable Black Man 4
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 122265)
Lowest Price: $7.25

His African dick is making her blonde hair turn black! Lick it, Suck it, Dick it, F*ck it! Holy Mole-y!! He wants them Cheeky! Sphincter says OUCH! The ABOMINABLE BLACK MAN sure loves his Tighty-Whities!!!

37. Daddy's Worst Nightmare
Daddy's Worst Nightmare
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 113339)
Lowest Price: $10.25

Someone didn`t raise their daughter right! From an all-girls school, to a BLACK C*CK FOOL! They just hope their parents won`t find out! Watch these Princess` Pink P*ssies get POKED! Gargantuan African Poles going deep into White Teen Holes! So long, it`s got its own Driver! Bigger than a Barn Doo...

38. My Daughter's Fucking Blackzilla 6
My Daughter's Fucking Blackzilla 6
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 113272)
Lowest Price: $3.63

Blackzilla`s Walloping Whopper! PRODIGIOUS! The King of Colossal C*cks! C*cks so big it has a gravitational pull! These white girls take a ride on The Stretcher! The Mighty Mo Throbber!

39. Daddy's Worst Nightmare 3
Daddy's Worst Nightmare 3
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 117098)
Lowest Price: $7.70

Father`s don`t always know best!

40. Voyeur 33, The
Voyeur 33, The
Evil Angel (SKU: 132536)
Lowest Price: $5.98

Milk And ASS-honey!

Porn's one and only Voyeur peeks in on six of the best adult-film beauties around today, including the amazing sultry Rebeca Linares and new hottie Katarina Kat, in four scorching scenes. Nothing makes these girls look sexier than a John Leslie production. The DVD inc...

41. My Daughters Fucking Blackzilla 10
My Daughters Fucking Blackzilla 10
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 121837)
Lowest Price: $4.12

Too much Black Meat for 2 Sisters!!! Breakin` in some youngins!!! Did we mention these girls are REAL SISTERS?!!!!! Georgia has her ass filled with an African Tree Trunk........ to the ROOT!!!!! More Girth than the Earth!!

42. My Hot Wife Is Fucking Blackzilla 7
My Hot Wife Is Fucking Blackzilla 7
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 118320)
Lowest Price: $1.22

Suburban Housewives begging for Big Black C*ck! MTLBC... MILFs That Love Black C*ck! Bigger! Badder! Blacker! Huge Black C*ck is a state of mind... and your wife is already there! Stretching her hole with a Monster Pole! Small white c*cks need not apply!

43. My Daughter's Fucking Blackzilla 5
My Daughter's Fucking Blackzilla 5
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 111753)
Lowest Price: $2.53

Look out Louisville, this is a Congolese SLUGGER!!! Bigger than a whale! Now that`s a Blow Hole!!! 60 lbs. of white girl stretching black meat!!! It`s a brick... It`s a train... NO WAIT... It`s Blackzilla!!!

44. My Daughter's Fucking Blackzilla 2
My Daughter's Fucking Blackzilla 2
Digital Sin (SKU: 101092)
Lowest Price: $3.50

More Meat Per Square Inch!brbr So primitively thick so inhumanly hard so unmistakably black! It's's's's Blackzilla!! So big it blacks out the sun! Watch it cum to life! Ultra wide loads! Monster black meat craving tiny white teen fles...

45. Big Black Beast 5
Big Black Beast 5
Devil's Films (SKU: 123932)
Lowest Price: $1.99

Shot in HD Widescreen. Whoever said Bigger is Better had no idea how much better it could get! Here cum the biggest, blackest, baddest c*cks that ever spilt open a tight, wet, pink p*ssy! For these incredibly horny sluts, nothing less than a rock-hard, foot-long hunk of black meat will do. And ma...

46. My Hot Wife is Fucking Blackzilla 8
My Hot Wife is Fucking Blackzilla 8
Hush Hush Entertainment (SKU: 123077)
Lowest Price: $3.62

Her suburban tits are fake, but her pain is REAL! This one`s in the BALL of FAME!!! Giving Choking the Chicken New Meaning! Entry Level Blow Job, Oral Skills Required!! No Dickhead Ever Looked This Good! Soccer Moms jammin` out with their clams out!!!

47. Slutty & Sluttier 2
Slutty & Sluttier 2
Evil Angel (SKU: 123494)
Lowest Price: $6.00

Special Extended 2-Disc Set. For his sequel to Slutty and Sluttier, Manuel Ferrara goes slut wild! The horny trio of Gia Paloma, Presley Maddox, and Katja Kassin all make their way through several rooms of a big house, sucking and f*cking all the way. Rebeca Linares is incredible, and Paola Rey p...

48. My First Black Cock 2
My First Black Cock 2
Devil's Films (SKU: 94340)
Lowest Price: $1.27

It's absolutely insane to think that these girls have never had a black cock. Watch these tight ass sluts beg and drool for their first black cock.

49. Black Cravings 14
Black Cravings 14
West Coast (SKU: 90041)
Lowest Price: $15.75

Interracial sex action with double penetrations every scene.

50. Big Black Beast 4
Big Black Beast 4
Devil's Films (SKU: 118329)
Lowest Price: $1.37

Shot in HD Widescreen. It`s more than a monster... it`s a beast! Huge black c*cks invade the hungry mouths, steaming p*ssies, and tight, tender assh*les of some of the lustiest ladies of porn who`ve ever asked for extra lube! Five oversexed beauties beg to be impaled by c*cks the size of tree lim...


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