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 Customers Who Bought "Ghetto Booty XXL 5" Also ...

1. Ghetto Booty XXL 6
Ghetto Booty XXL 6
Hustler (SKU: 141158)
Lowest Price: $1.90

Good Lawd! Lookie here... Five thicka-than-a-snicka chics: Lethal Lipps is a beast with her anal game, Taffy is deep throating it, Vanity Cruz is a pro at backin` that ass up, and Chyna White and Mo Wetta`s asses are bigger than a muuf*cka. What more do y`all need?

2. Ghetto Booty XXL 2
Ghetto Booty XXL 2
Hustler (SKU: 100305)
Lowest Price: $1.50

Inner City Squad is back for round two on yo ass! In the hood we don`t always wanna f*ck the perfect bitch, sometimes we wanna f*ck that trick bitch that`s got a whole lot mo` ass to hit. These ho`s can`t get enough stiff black c*ck. I`m supplying you with tha raw sh*t. Pure, untapped street cert...

3. Ghetto Booty XXL 7
Ghetto Booty XXL 7
Hustler (SKU: 147101)
Lowest Price: $2.40

Ample asses and phat p*ssies! Mya G loves getting her ass banged! Injoi loves slobbin` knob and hardcore f*cking! Lovette Lovely is a brickhouse, dick-lovin` freak!

4. Ghetto Booty XXL 3
Ghetto Booty XXL 3
Hustler (SKU: 106582)
Lowest Price: $0.99

If it`s XXL that you like, then you must peep this, we got six big boned bitches. Baybee, Cherokee, Suckable, Flirt, Sunshine, and Bonnie Blaze, who by the way is takin` it up the ass for the first time! Can`t ever say that New Orleans boy D. Sparky ain`t show ya`ll no luv!

5. Ghetto Booty XXL 4
Ghetto Booty XXL 4
Hustler (SKU: 113346)
Lowest Price: $2.39

Whoever says bigger ain`t better should take a dip inside these thick, juicy p*ssies. You haven`t had good p*ssy until you`ve had Kina Kara`s. You ain`t sucked pretty titties until you`ve sucked Ms. Panther. And you ain`t had your dick sucked until Kyria Banxxx wrapped her lips around your sh*t l...

6. Ghetto Booty XXL 1
Ghetto Booty XXL 1
Hustler (SKU: 94561)
Lowest Price: $2.40

The word`s out, D. Sparky is f*ckin` with that raw, and we ain`t talkin` bout that white powder! We found out Sparky`s got a little personal fetish, and it`s big bitches! The females that don`t fit the porn profile. Y`all have been chokin` your lizard to the Ghetto Booty series for the last four ...

7. Ghetto Booty 9  xxl Series
Ghetto Booty 9 xxl Series
Hustler (SKU: 168225)
Lowest Price: $2.39

If you`re looking for hardcore action, you`ve come to the right place. These are amateurs of the ghetto looking for some action. Maybe they can find their way into your DVD player.

8. Ghetto Booty Xxl 10
Ghetto Booty Xxl 10
Hustler (SKU: 189670)
Lowest Price: $0.75

Check out Volume 10 or as we like to call it: The GetF*cked At The Crib Edition! Fivethick sistas get wrangled, tangled, and fandangled... For real though!

9. Ghetto Booty 25
Ghetto Booty 25
Hustler (SKU: 119706)
Lowest Price: $2.40

Big booty girls Pinky, Mina Scarlett, Oasis Starlight, and Camrie Foxxx gets it crackin` while Sunshine gives up every hole with double vag, D.P., and anal. We keep bangin` the hottest series on the streets!

10. Ghetto Booty Xxl 11
Ghetto Booty Xxl 11
LFP Video (SKU: 195594)
Lowest Price: $2.40

Sweet, thick soul sistas getting their asses tapped, their booties bounced, and their faces covered in cum! Now THAT`S a whole lotta AZZ! These thick broads from the ATL know how to work their big ol` asses so good, that when ya hit it, they make you scream Good lawd!

11. Ghetto Booty 29
Ghetto Booty 29
Hustler (SKU: 148196)
Lowest Price: $2.40

Thick and juicy, these shawtys are 100% hood certified and ready to lay it on ya! Show some love for that GHETTO BOOTY!

12. Tippin' the Scales
Tippin' the Scales
Combat Zone (SKU: 134629)
Lowest Price: $0.75

Big, beautiful, black women certified!

13. Ghetto Booty XXL 8
Ghetto Booty XXL 8
Hustler (SKU: 150966)
Lowest Price: $2.39

Yo, yo, yo, ya`ll... Come check this out! Some of the biggest, baddest, thickest natural ass you`ve seen in a long time! These ATL ladies know how to turn a brotha out! Directed by D. Sparky, this one is off the hook!

14. Big League Booty 4
Big League Booty 4
Hustler (SKU: 149475)
Lowest Price: $0.75

Just when you thought you`ve gotten enough thick, luscious black ass, we give you some more! Check out these thick sistas devouring rock hard c*cks!

15. Ghetto Booty 28
Ghetto Booty 28
Hustler (SKU: 144756)
Lowest Price: $6.00

Down south, we like `em thick with it. We don`t recruit them bony broads. Get the lotion ready and handle ya biz!

16. Ghetto Booty 27
Ghetto Booty 27
Hustler (SKU: 138902)
Lowest Price: $2.39

The always imitated, but never duplicated, GHETTO BOOTY series is back and we`ve rounded up the baddest bitches this old town had to offer.

17. Ghetto Booty 14
Ghetto Booty 14
Hustler (SKU: 80339)
Lowest Price: $3.92

Introducing five gold diggers with one question: Where dem dollars at? That`s right! They`re not accepting your stiff wood and they ain`t giving up the good juge until you start dishing out the goods. These girlz love to f*ck, but they demand that you leave the money on the dresser when you`re do...

18. Black & Wild 26
Black & Wild 26
Hustler (SKU: 149236)
Lowest Price: $0.75

These luscious chocolate beauties are wild and ready to bust your nut! Always wild as a muth@f*cker!

19. Ghetto Booty 26
Ghetto Booty 26
Hustler (SKU: 122524)
Lowest Price: $2.15

Yes people, we`ve got bush! These ghetto bitches are the type that you pick up in the club, take `em back to the hood, and f*ck `em real good. Nuff said!

20. Booty Tales 3
Booty Tales 3
Hustler (SKU: 136603)
Lowest Price: $2.39

Squeeze these juicy black humps as they ride your stiff cock!

21. Ghetto Booty 23
Ghetto Booty 23
Hustler (SKU: 114223)
Lowest Price: $7.93

We know you love ghetto ass, so we gonna keep `em cummin with these freaks from Chi-town, North Carolina and Cali. They`re busted wide open on this one!

22. Ghetto Booty 24
Ghetto Booty 24
Hustler (SKU: 117598)
Lowest Price: $2.00

Booty, booty, booty, booty... nothin` but booty bouncin` everywhere!

23. Black & Wild 22
Black & Wild 22
Hustler (SKU: 113052)
Lowest Price: $1.08

We scooped up six new hood bitches that luv to get dicked down from the side, from the back, or however they want that. And Hershey Pipes is gettin` ass plugged, too!

24. Ghetto Booty 22
Ghetto Booty 22
Hustler (SKU: 112613)
Lowest Price: $2.40

Summer Day, Strokahontas, Ms. Goddess, and Chi-Town`s finest, Mrs. Candy, and Cream definitely gonna deep you cummin` back for more GHETTO BOOTY!

25. Black & Wild 24
Black & Wild 24
Hustler (SKU: 118616)
Lowest Price: $1.08

Keepin` it straight gutta as always with a mix of nasty bitches lookin` to get cut up!!!

26. Cream In Chocolate 2
Cream In Chocolate 2
Candy Shop (SKU: 122645)
Lowest Price: $3.25

Cream that deep dark chocolate tunnel!

27. Ghetto Booty 19
Ghetto Booty 19
Hustler (SKU: 102648)
Lowest Price: $2.40

Nothing but big black ass! You know the kind... The kind that jiggles as they move and jiggles as they get penetrated with big black c*cks. Enjoy!!!

28. Big League Booty 2
Big League Booty 2
Hustler (SKU: 137050)
Lowest Price: $2.40


Watch these big beautiful black butts takin' fat black cock 12 inches deep!

29. Iz Yo Daddy Home
Iz Yo Daddy Home
Black Market (SKU: 150582)
Lowest Price: $1.00

These chocolate babes love the older black man! They love the experience and the extra long c*ck that these dudes have! Join us on this wild and wonderful trip!

30. Big League Booty 3
Big League Booty 3
Hustler (SKU: 146067)
Lowest Price: $2.40

These ghetto girlz all yearn for a thick dark brotha to grab their huge booties and f*ck their juicy twats! Watch these hood chicks get the boning of a lifetime!

31. Ba Dunk a Bounce 6
Ba Dunk a Bounce 6
Candy Shop (SKU: 148057)
Lowest Price: $2.99

Tons of plump and juicy ass jiggling in your face!

32. Ba Dunk A Bounce 7
Ba Dunk A Bounce 7
Candy Shop (SKU: 153233)
Lowest Price: $3.92

Tons of plump and juicy ass jiggling in your face!

33. Gangsta Booty
Gangsta Booty
Candy Shop (SKU: 168514)
Lowest Price: $3.00

There`s nothing like big, beautiful, black ass! And that`s all there is in this DVD so enjoy!

34. Black Anal Moms
Black Anal Moms
Evasive Angles (SKU: 194493)
Lowest Price: $4.71

This si a serious collection of some fine black asses getting fucked. Superstar certified, this movie has so much nasty, anal sex- it is guaranteed to keep you busy.

35. Ba Dunk a Bounce
Ba Dunk a Bounce
Candy Shop (SKU: 116137)
Lowest Price: $5.11

Big Phat Juicy AssesReady To Crush You!

36. Big League Booty 5 Sports Edition
Big League Booty 5 Sports Edition
Hustler (SKU: 150965)
Lowest Price: $2.40

With football over and basketball heating up, a man needs some good ball play to get the blood pumping! These thick sistas love to get their game on! Grease `em up and let`s get to ballin`, ya`ll!

37. Budonkadunk 4
Budonkadunk 4
Heatwave (SKU: 120975)
Lowest Price: $1.95

Empress boasts bangin booty atop thick juicy thighs! Don`t let those innocent eyes fool you... she can f*ck like a pro! Chunky Cheyanne Foxxx has more junk in her truck that could ever be squeezed in a fish net mini, like a sexy tuna caught in the net waiting to get dick speared! Cover girl Ms. C...

38. Bag the Old Bat
Bag the Old Bat
Legend (SKU: 85138)
Lowest Price: $14.94

bOld Bags And Hags Take On Young Cocks!/bbrbr 4 hours of geriatric bangin!brbr Retirement home sucking and fucking!brbr Slammin granny ass!brbr So what if your best friend's granny has no teeth? All the better. She can give you a sloppy gum job better than any hummer from some young s...

39. Big Phat Black Wet Butts
Big Phat Black Wet Butts
Evasive Angles (SKU: 97152)
Lowest Price: $12.35

This is 1000% jerk-off material! Six big asses wetted down! Cinnamon is the new girl you can`t miss, real thick. Super thick Chocolate Stallion looks unreal with oil on her. Tisha Price is tall, thick, so fine, and more!

40. Black & Wild 15
Black & Wild 15
Hustler (SKU: 88306)
Lowest Price: $1.81

These five superbitches are armed with the P.O.P (power of the p*ssy!). China Black is that girl that doesn`t give a f*ck and because she`s so nasty, we got her to do DP, anal, and double vaginal for the first time in her life and we caught it raw and on camera. Cherries is a video virgin from Ja...

41. Black & Wild: Nothin' But a Gangsta Orgy
Black & Wild: Nothin' But a Gangsta Orgy
Hustler (SKU: 110886)
Lowest Price: $1.81

When it comes to f*ckin` bitches, we leave their p*ssy in stiches! With these ho`s straight out da hood, you know they f*ck and suck dick good. We`re not gonna just throw parties, we`re throwin` nothin` but gangsta orgies! Nuff said.

42. Cream In Chocolate
Cream In Chocolate
Candy Shop (SKU: 116141)
Lowest Price: $1.00

Chocolate holes spewing creamy man juice!

43. Crazy Big Booty 3
Crazy Big Booty 3
Black Ice (SKU: 115249)
Lowest Price: $1.00

Thick as they cum, these sluts want you to cum git some! These big ol` asses are brown and round and will swallow everything around. Step up and give these big booties bitches a slam! Don`t let this opportunity pass to pounce on pounds of ass!

44. Bubble Bursting Butts
Bubble Bursting Butts
Candy Shop (SKU: 116139)
Lowest Price: $3.00

Stand Back...Booties Ready To Burst!

45. Assiliciously Delicious
Assiliciously Delicious
West Coast (SKU: 39301)
Lowest Price: $4.00

REQUESTED BY THE FANS ... ALL BLACK ... ALL ANAL!Five scenes of 100% ass-cracking sex!!!

46. Ghetto Booty 9
Ghetto Booty 9
Hustler (SKU: 58798)
Lowest Price: $5.99

HARDCORE XXX BLACK ACTION!GHETTO BOOTY #9 is like whoa! Everyone is just nasty. Nothin` else to say! Complete with soundtrack CD.

47. Ba Dunk a Bounce 2
Ba Dunk a Bounce 2
Candy Shop (SKU: 121442)
Lowest Price: $2.00

Jumbo size asses, enough to feed a family of ten!

48. Ghetto Booty 4
Ghetto Booty 4
Hustler (SKU: 34482)
Lowest Price: $2.40

This is the 4th edition of Ghetto Booty, and It seems that there's no end to the Ghetto Booty girlz out there. The red bone, Diamond and fine ass Cappichino really havet that gangsta shit I know y'all want. Peep this one, and GB #5 is gonna be even more gangsta. Keep it Ghetto. -D. Sparky.

49. Ghetto Booty 11
Ghetto Booty 11
Hustler (SKU: 70958)
Lowest Price: $1.81

From the ghetto to the suburbs, we got `em suckin`, strokin`, f*ckin`, and swallowin`. Includes a bonus scene from Jackie Moore, the suburban girl with the ghetto ass.

50. Assliciously Delicious 15
Assliciously Delicious 15
West Coast (SKU: 112822)
Lowest Price: $12.95

All Black All Anal All Good!

The DP Edition

6 Scenes of 100% Ass Cracking Sex

Includes highlights of Mo & Mo Ass Crackin

Spunky brings another hot and steamy release for all of my ass lovers with Assliciously Delicious 15. Each one of these cuties gets their pu...


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