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Jean Bardot DVD Movies

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Sexual Rendezvous - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $2.87 (85% off average online price)
A HIGH SPEED ADVENTUREPACKED WITH HARDCORE LATEX ACTION!There`s more here than meets the eye, as the party, full of beautiful, latex-clad girls, takes a sexual turn. Sandra and her best friend, Brianna, are the sexiest voyeurs one could wish for. Eventually, they join in on the action and take th...

Crimson Mansion: Brianna Takes Control - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $6.01 (74% off average online price)
UNIQUE SCENARIOS OF SUSPENSION, BONDAGE,EROTIC PLAY, AND PUNISHMENT!As a personal slave, Brianna is accustomed to being summoned to her Master`s quarters. This time, it`s different! Guy le Florio, the owner of an exclusive training facility for women, must leave for an extended period. He will se...

Latex Dominatrix - Gwen Media

Lowest Price: $4.87 (77% off average online price)
Mistress Jean meets Mistress Sandra in Vienna. After a wonderful afternoon touring the city in a horse-drawn carriage (in Latex, of course), the two get down to business. The helpless latex covered slave is at their mercy, but, they suddenly turn their attention to the tall, slim latex clad Claud...

Rubberella steel Chamber - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $2.25
Rubberella: Steel Chamber Duration : 54:57 Studio : Gwen Media Language : Unknown Series : Rubberella Categories : BDSM, Latex, MILF, Threesome Director : Robert Zak Actors : Anastasia Pierce, Jean Bardot, Paige Richards This is the beginning of Rubberella - the first video from now leg...

Maximum Kink - Anastasia Pierce

Lowest Price: $45.00
This new title is named Maximum Kink because it really has it all.Beautiful Fetish models behaving in the most deviant ways and really getting off! Watch 7 Hardcore Fetish Scenes with 9 Fetish Superstars and you won`t be disappointed. A very visual movie, beautifully shot with all models dressed ...

Shameless - Anastasia Pierce

Lowest Price: $42.99
These women are in charge.

Catwoman - Anastasia Pierce

Lowest Price: $44.00
More girl-girl sex with sexy villains and hopeless heroines who are helpless and trapped! See what becomes of them at the mercy of unforgiving mistresses!

Mechanical Sex - Anastasia Pierce

Lowest Price: $7.00
Six insatiable women armed with power tools and fucking machines with one obsession: get each other off!

Rapture - Anastasia Pierce

Lowest Price: $14.95
A two hour movie starring Anastasia Pierce in every scenes. All the women are in Rapture enjoying to the maximum all kind of perversions: 3 somes, Fucking Machine, Breath Play,Vacuum Bed, Pantyhose, Pussy Spreaders, Anal Plug, Role Play and more. Enjoy this very dirty and very satisfactory title!

Tastes Like a Peach - Peach

Lowest Price: $129.99
Peach Girls are good... good enough to eat. Don't take our word for it? Then feast your eyes on this yummy serving of Peach Girls. When you put girls this sweet together, they can't help take a little taste... and ask for seconds. You might want to have plenty of napkins around when you sink your...

Breathtaking Brunettes - Peach

Lowest Price: $37.77
Peach DVD's Breathtaking Brunettes captures the elegant and alluring beauty of raven-haired vixens. A gorgeous Peach Girl in every scene to quench your burning desire for the classic beauty of a sexy brunette. Whether you crave the naturally busty Jaime Hammer, or the petite Asian beauty of Tean...

Vicious - Anastasia Pierce

Lowest Price: $40.00
How far can they go?Get ready for full throttle spanking, bondage, humiliation, and lots of latex!

Crimson Mansion 3 - Gwen Media

Lowest Price: $5.98 (73% off average online price)
Maria continues to disappoint Mistress Brianna and is confined to her ball cage when the Mistress enters the room. Maria is then subjected to a series of new training procedures, including exotic confinements, spankings, floggings, ballet boots, corsets, latex hoods, and more. Once satisfied with...

Kinky Girlfriends - Gwen Media

Lowest Price: $14.99 (29% off average online price)
Three friends, all with Dominant and submissive desires! Well, nearly all! Mistress Jean, Rubber Eva and Anastasia all get together for a day of kinky play. But, as the hours roll by, the play gets very intense! Anastasia begins the session as a captive in the hanging ball cage, while the other t...

Heavy Rubber 2 - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $4.37 (77% off average online price)
Heavy Rubber #2 features scenes from some of GwenMedia`s best movies. Including, Ivy Manor 2, Head Games, Emily-Solo and Sessions 6.

Crimson Mansion 4: The Catacombs - Gwen Media

Lowest Price: $8.98 (54% off average online price)
The Catacombsbrbr Head Mistress Brianna has been out for a night on the town. Her slave, Cathy, was accompanying her on the trip. Apparently something happened while they were out. Mistress Brianna arrived back at the Mansion with Cathy in tow. She seems very angry!brbr What could have ha...

Web Slaves - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $9.99 (51% off average online price)
Hot and Steamy Latex Action with Just The Right Amount of Punishment! BRBR The cruel Mistress Jean uses her dungeon slaves for their profitability factor. That is, they're used for content pictures for the mistress's highly profitable website. Why is it profitable? The slaves only get paid with...

Heavy Rubber 1 - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $7.69 (70% off average online price)
Heavy Rubber #1 contains segments from some of the great GwenMedia movies: Rubber Starlets, Part Time, Ivy Manor 1, Rubber Nurse, Part Time 2 and Part Time 4...plus Bonus Footage of Rubber Girl Kim Lee! Heavy Rubber also spotlights some of the most gorgeous models in fetish video.

Rubberella 3 The Facility - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $10.49
This is GwenMedia`s first Interactive DVD! In select scenes you choose what happens to the poor captives.Rubberella is at it again! Bizarre training methods are used on her personal pet, latex slut.She is secured to the work station while working. Her inability to work fast enough angers Rubberel...

Rubber Starlets - Gwen Media

Lowest Price: $8.98 (50% off average online price)
Three girls. One Dominant, the others young, sweet, inexperienced in BDSM and.....submissive! Watch, as Mistress Jean turns them into her little playthings. Sultry Anastasia is dressed in sexy, rose-colored latex lingerie and made to pose and perform. Then, enter the novice! She is unsure of what...

Rubberella: Day Spa - Gwen Media

Lowest Price: $7.75 (64% off average online price)
Ruberrella brings new meaning to the body wrap at her very exclusive day spa. When an unsuspecting client comes in for a routine treatment, they can often end up getting more than they bargained for.

Rubberella: Steel Chamber - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $12.99 (42% off average online price)
The first in a series of movies featuring Ruberrella, star of a new Rubber Fetish website! As Rubberella is walking in a dark alley, she is captured and shackled by two leather clad indigents. After being placed in a gas filed glass chamber and forced to serve as a statuesque centerpiece, Rubb...

Double Trouble - Gwen Media

Lowest Price: $8.88 (58% off average online price)
An inflatable body bag is on the bondage table. Large electro-shock suction devices cover the breast areas. The hooded body within the bag writhes in pain. Rubber-clad beauty, Sasha Monet, decides she`ll have some fun with the captive. She crawls over the helpless soul. Teasing, licking and torme...

Nicole Sheridan's Domination Diaries 2 - Gwen Media

Lowest Price: $18.98 (10% off average online price)
This one picks up where the last one left off. Nicole has her slaves pick up the lovely Mandi Slade once more for a series of training sessions. While they are doingso, slave Darby doesn`t seem to be adapting to dildo worship. Nicole decides that she needs further training in this area. She is su...
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