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Rebecca Starr DVD Movies

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Barbara Broadcast Too - VCA

Lowest Price: $99.98
In this sexy sequel to the original adult classic, Chloe plays Barbara Broadcast, a world-renowned sex therapist, author and escort who is being interviewed by Samantha Owens (Dru Berrymore) for an article about her life. As she recounts her history from her introduction to sex through her experi...

Barely Legal 28 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $6.99 (60% off average online price)
Are you ready for the girls of Barely Legal #28 to tickle your taste buds? Don't miss out on this feast of juicy, cock-ripened pussy. A blonde and her brunet best friend double dare each other to see who can suck down more yummy man meat. Little Miss Perfect finds out she likes being bad when a t...

Hot Showers 6 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $18.98
There's something about steam that drives chicks wild. The moisture seeps into their crotches, awakening a hunger within their eager holes. Normally reserved babes become crazed sex fiends. Straight-as-an arrow virgins find themselves face-deep in a sapphic romp. Dildos and strap-ons are their to...

Secret Suburban Sex Parties - Adam & Eve

Lowest Price: $3.25 (79% off average online price)
IT GIVES NEW MEANING TO THE TERM NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH!Deep in America`s heartland, there`s more going on than recipe swaps and garage sales. Hot, horny, red-blooded adults are sharing spouses, exploring taboo backdoors, performing sex shows for their partners, and taking on all comers. See what`s r...

Handjobs 12 - Wildlife

Lowest Price: $4.00 (75% off average online price)
HARDCORE XXX SEX ACTION!When you just can`t seem to get a grip on life, we can help.

Little Anal Cream Puffs - Gentlemens

Lowest Price: $49.99
Tight buttholes banged out and deeply spermed! These chicks like being stretched and never turn down their reward for their help!

Bachelorette, The - Elegant Angel

Lowest Price: $5.00 (68% off average online price)
A young conservative woman is about to get married but something happens just 24 hours before the big day. Suddenly she is caught in a whirlpool of events that bring out her repressed sexuality. The crescendo of lust makes her realize that she still wants to play around. What she doesn't reali...

Naughty Teenage Lesbians 2 - Legend

Lowest Price: $13.98 (12% off average online price)
Teenage Girls bloom into women right before your eyes! This movie has everything that lovers of girl-girl features have been begging for over the years. Eighteen year old girls, experimenting with their sexuality. Now get out your dick and get ready to jack!

Strapon Chicks - Who's The Bitch Now! - Ducati

Lowest Price: $9.75 (59% off average online price)
It only takes 12 inches of hard rubber cock from Jordan Haze to prove Who`s the Bitch Now! An unsuspecting hiker stumbles across this hot take-charge blonde on the trail and ends up getting a huge dildo. Rebecca Star becomes a real pain in the ass in some hot hotel room action. And Kelly Steele t...

Sticky Side Up 6 - West Coast

Lowest Price: $29.99
GONZO GOES TO ANOTHER LEVEL!This video contain great sex, including DPs, anal, multiple girls, and a whole lot more!

Boss Bitches 8 - Gentlemens

Lowest Price: $4.00 (71% off average online price)
They`ve got you pegged in this freaky flick... These bitches strap up and stuff some man ass!

Purely 18 3: Teen Pussy Panty Raid - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $8.50 (52% off average online price)

Mr. 18" & The Super Cocks - Gentlemens

Lowest Price: $38.99
Who's that superbad mother, charming all the fine ladies with his super dick? It's Mr. 18"! Can you dig it? He's unzipping his SUPER FLY and pulling out his SHAFT for some action-packed fucking and sucking. And he's joined forces with a new crew...The Super Cocks! So watch them all, giving i...

Boss Bitches 9 - Gentlemens

Lowest Price: $0.99 (92% off average online price)
Chanz and her hardcore friends get strapped up to stuff men`s asses!

Tiny Twats - Totally Tasteless

Lowest Price: $6.95 (48% off average online price)
HARDCORE XXX SEX ACTION!Nothing better than a midget p*ssy getting f*cked by a big, hard dick. Everybody should enjoy a tiny twat now and again.