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Dirk Adams DVD Movies

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Real Transsexuals - Metro

Lowest Price: $1.50 (88% off average online price)
Ever wonder what it`s like to live the life of a she-male? Transgender superstar Karen Dior presents some hot members of the third sex caught in some of their most intimate moments.

Best Of Karen Dior Collectors {5 Dis - Metro

Lowest Price: $19.00
A library of shemale titles that will shock and titillate as it should! These glamorous, hung nymphos are ready to spring into action!

Attack Of the 50 Foot Tranny - Vivid

Lowest Price: $9.99 (37% off average online price)
There are a million stories in the naked city. Sylvia was two of them. Christy is plagued by a cheating husband and a scheming 'best friend.' Upon leaving a party, she is startled by a bright light in the northern sky. Out of nowhere she is spirited to a spaceship where she undergoes a sexual tra...

Strap it On 2 - FilmCo

Lowest Price: $49.99
Penis envy rules the day as these four hot young black sexy ladies take their frustrations out on willing asses of four young white meat.

Summer Girls ...And Some are Not - Robert Hill Ent.

Lowest Price: $3.75 (83% off average online price)
Take a trip to the He/She sidebrbr Yes. These Chicks have Dicks! brbr Summer Girls (and some are not) #1. This is the classic transsexual movie. There are 5 scenes in this movie. 1st Kimberly Devine rides Stonie's ass, 2nd Gina tops Dirk Adams, 3rd Meghan Chavalier then tops Dirk Adams, 4t...

Strap it On 3 - FilmCo

Lowest Price: $49.99
Dominant women strap on big dildos and teach their men to take it like a bitch ... and like it!

Transparent {rr} - All Worlds Video

Lowest Price: $8.99
Director Karen Dior treats you to some beautiful ladies with that something extra! They`ve got the total package...and then some! Come see these hot-as-hell raging trannies and their horny boyfriends in action!

Transsexual Beauty Queens In Lingerie - Blue Coyote

Lowest Price: $14.19
Sexy lingerie, hung hotties and buckets of cum. Each hot babe gets big wood and shoot scum in Volume 1.

Babes Ballin' Boys 8 - Pleasure

Lowest Price: $11.90 (21% off average online price)
If you ever wondered what it would be like to have a woman f*ck YOU for a change, then you need to see this video! These horny guys get ass-banged with large dildos and thick strap-on c*cks by very sexy women. This is the real deal! We are sure it will make your butt pucker!

Summer Girls...And Some Are Not 3 - Robert Hill Ent.

Lowest Price: $3.75 (79% off average online price)
Peace, love, and she-males! Cum with the ballin`-babes for a trip to the land of the ultimate sex, the third sex!

Transsexual Beauty Queens Unleashed 9 - Avalon

Lowest Price: $39.99

Transsexual Gang Bangers 6 - Devil's Films

Lowest Price: $18.95
Featuring real trannies D.P. real girl!

She Dicks Him Around - FilmCo

Lowest Price: $99.00
This ain`t no rehearsal - this is real role reversal! Bend him over and take him down, strap one on and dick him around!

She Male Pms (disc) - Male Media One

Lowest Price: $19.99
When it`s that time of the month, most chicks want chocolate. But not these sluts with nuts, they want the cock!

Trannie Boy Toys - Xplicit

Lowest Price: $9.66 (19% off average online price)
Just when you think you`ve seen it all... Your going to love these T-girls and their lucky partners as much as we do!

Beautiful Trannie - Overthere

Lowest Price: $19.99 (26% off average online price)

Shemale Delivers - Overthere

Lowest Price: $19.99 (32% off average online price)
Ever had a fantasy the the delivery man or delivery woman would stay around for sex? That is exactly what happens here!

She Male Danger Zone - Male Media One

Lowest Price: $49.95
Once again we change the "tits and ass" phrase to "tits and cock". Meghan is considered one of the hottest she-males on the country. To be as pretty as she is, to have the great tits she is proud of and then you watch her cock get hard. You will want to suck her off or fuck her with whatever fan...

Trannie Is a Tramp - He-Girl

Lowest Price: $39.99

Different Strokes - Legend

Lowest Price: $2.45
Different strokes for different folks, they say. But have these insatibale bisexuals degenerates taken it too far? Are they confused or do they just not give a bang!

She Male Candor - Maverick

Lowest Price: $19.99
The She Males of California are a rare breed. Many of them hustle to make ends meet, and they are very good at it. Most get paid very well. They satisfy curiosity.

She-male Splendor - He-Girl

Lowest Price: $14.94 (9% off average online price)