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Jesse Eastern DVD Movies

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8 To 4 - Caballero

Lowest Price: $57.77
Hustler's Highest Rating!- HUSTLER MAGAZINE. Lucious Loni Sanders, and tantalizing Tigr give Jesse Adams a wonderous workout atop the copying machine that may never be duplicated...Veronica Hart and Annette Haven are simply incapable of a boring moment on screen. -CHERI MAGAZINE.

Tasty - Caballero

Lowest Price: $9.39
When the ratings slip at radio KNUT, deejay Tasty Tastems (Hyapatia Lee) switches to all-sex radio! She’s determined to get her listeners off, over the airwaves, with sex toy ads, sizzling phone calls, and hooker traffic reports. Horny late-night deejay Dr. Fermento gives an on-the-air meat inj...

Depraved Innocent - Caballero

Lowest Price: $4.48 (56% off average online price)
The shocking expose of a girl gone wild! You've seen their kind before...one day they're sweet and naive, the next they're a sex fiend!

Future Sodom - Caballero

Lowest Price: $9.99 (4% off average online price)
Come see the fantasy in Future Sodom, you won't be disappointed. Come join the hot sex with these freaks in the adventure.

St. X-Where - Caballero

Lowest Price: $10.99
St. Somewhere is an erotic hospital where the nurses hop into bed with horny doctors, interns, orderlies and patients at death's door. Jerry Butler, who relishes aphrodisiac pills, is very handy with surgical gloves. Doctor Joey Silvera screws nurses on a bed next to Shone Taylor, who's se...

Jane Bond Meets Thunderballs - Caballero

Lowest Price: $5.99 (39% off average online price)
In this episode Stacey Donovan plays the part of Jane Bond, fighting off slavers for the good of the world. It's non-stop fun and sex in this quite erotic film from the famed director Harold Lime. Jane takes on the formidable foe, Thunderballs (Sasha Gabor). Some offbeat comedy enlivens the m...

St. X Where 2: The Hospital - Caballero

Lowest Price: $16.69
If you got laid-up at the original St. X-Where you know what to expect when you check into this hotter, bolder, raunchier St. X-Where II: The Hospital. All the elements for an arousing, climaxing, uplifting cure are at your bedside. Watch your temperature rise when nurses like Keisha, Britt Mor...

50 Million Dollar Cherry - Caballero

Lowest Price: $4.99 (65% off average online price)
What would it take to spread Samantha Strong's legs and plunge in her pink, precious pussy? Plenty! Because in this raunchy romance, the woman portrayed by Samantha is a virgin, and she has to stay that way to collect $50,000,000. If she is deflowered, that awesome amount goes to her family and f...

Dirty Movies - Caballero

Lowest Price: $4.49
It's the year 2729, and a group of historians open up a time capsule containing five porn videos. Since artificial insemination wiped out recreational copulation they watch, fascinated with all the sex from the past.

Dream Jeans - Caballero

Lowest Price: $9.94 (12% off average online price)
Oscar is a jeans manufacturer with big problems: not a butt in sight has his name on it. And then, like magic, along comes a mystery woman played by a performer the box cover calls 'the delectable newcomer Jeanna Fine. Yes its one of Jeanna's very first performances and she does indeed have that ...

Smoke Screen - Caballero

Lowest Price: $6.95 (40% off average online price)
Robert Bullock is the playboy manager of a gorgeous rock singer, Megan Leigh. Nina Hartley is Robert's long-suffering wife. When her man is out on the road, doing his thing, Nina stays home and waits for him, never allowing another man into her bed although she knows full well her husband is catt...

Stolen Kisses - Caballero

Lowest Price: $9.95 (12% off average online price)
Aja loves her man Buck Adams, but unfortunately, ol' Bucky has been a little remiss in his bedroom duties of late. Simply put, Aja hasn't been getting any, and she's going nuts. Finally, she finds a neighbor willing to lend a helping hand, and she feels a little better. But that was just a one-ti...

Blowin In Style Rock N Roll - Evil Angel

Lowest Price: $4.62
Special 2-Disc Set. Two of John Stagliano`s early features come together for their belated digital debuts in a new double-DVD. Rock `N` Roll Heaven and Blowing In Style show the director`s emerging filmmaking skill before he became famous as Buttman. The double-disc DVD includes cumshot recap, ph...

Secret of My Sex-cess, The - NuTech

Lowest Price: $3.50 (72% off average online price)
He started out with a couple of strikes against him: he ws poor, and from the wrong side of the track. But what he did have going for him was hanging right between his legs-in fact it was hanging almost down to his knees (except it didn`t hang during periods of erotic excitement - it grew to imme...

Call Girl, The (Caballero) - Caballero

Lowest Price: $6.49 (42% off average online price)
Porsche Lynn stars as a sex-crazed siren who's living with guardians John Leslie and Nikki Knights. They keep a pretty tight lid on her erotic hi jinx, but when they head off for a weekend alone together, Porsche makes the most of her time home alone! She hooks up with the couple's foxy maid Ange...

Cheeks - Coast To Coast

Lowest Price: $54.50
Our leading couple Laurel Canyon and Cole Fury have just arrived at their vacation cabin by the lake. The cabin has a telescope with allows them to peek in on the lusty sexual retreat across the cove. Their eyes pop as they are introduced to backdoor sex while sneaking voyeuristic stimulation!The...

Savanna The Lost Footage - Antigua Pictures

Lowest Price: $40.00
14 scenes of the legendary Savannah never before seen on DVD. From her stunning looks to her blonde bombshell personality, see why Savannah goes down as one of the most gorgeous porn stars to grace the silver screen. From deep in the Antigua vaults comes a tribute to Savannah, one of the hottest ...

Load Warriors, The - Caballero

Lowest Price: $49.95
The time is the future. An earth laid waste by the ultimate cloud of destruction. Those humans that have managed to survive have created a world run on primitive primal lust and depravity. With devices that stagger the imagination. Created for one purpose, to stay alive. Since the great war, wide...

Midnight Fire - Jet Multimedia

Lowest Price: $22.00
The sun sets on a busting city. A room fills with smoke as the phone lines light up & a hand reaches for the dial. You're on the air with Nikki "Midnight" Ryder. Her sultry, erotic voice caresses the air waves as you adjust the controls to tune her in. Spend a night with Nikki as she paints your ...

Japanese Young Girls - Leisure Time

Lowest Price: $7.69 (28% off average online price)

Peepers - Cal Vista

Lowest Price: $8.95
You can see the darndest things through a telescope; theyre great for bird-watching, the race track, and astronomy, but where they really com in handy is for up-close investigations of the endless intimate sexual liaisons that take place behind locked doors but open windows!Why, with one of thos...

Dr Feelgood Sex Psychiatrist (rr) - Las Vegas Video

Lowest Price: $7.88
Dr. Feelgood (Summer Knight) is on a mission to revive the sexuality of all her hot patients and she goes to all lengths to cure them. No holes are left empty in this medical break-through movie. Dr. Feelgood treats all types... From lesbians to psychotic freaks. This movie is not currently accep...

Hot Rockers Triple Feature - Alpha Blue Archives

Lowest Price: $3.97
HOT ROCKERS 1985. 87m. Sharon Kane, Melanie Scott, Taija Rae, George Payne. A cheesy original rock soundtrack and hilarious acting abound in this retro time capsule! GROUPIES GALORE 1983. 50m. Mei Ling, Crystal Lake, Theresa Jones. 80s hair rockers use their biggest fans as cum receptacles! TAIJA...

Night Temptress, The - Jet Multimedia

Lowest Price: $4.94 (73% off average online price)
A beautiful housewife is bored with her marriage and she is constntly calling for release of her innermost passions. She falls prey to the Night Temptress who lures her into a journey of wild sexual fulfilllment.

Oriental Gang Bang Fantasy - FilmCo

Lowest Price: $21.99
Vivian, a brand new sex star, teams up with debutante master Edward Powers to give you the hottest anal scene ever shot. Then, the two narrate 2 other amateur sex vids Vivian has just done the day before. Cumisha, the best anal sex slut in the adult industry teams up with Vivian to fuck and suck ...
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