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Cheating Housewife, Lusty Aunt Rachel - DVD - Red MILF Production

Cheating Housewife, Lusty Aunt Rachel



Kyle, Rachel Steele


Rachel was the mischievous, high-maintenance, nymphomaniac wife of Joe, a millionaire businessman. Although Joe provided plenty of money for her to live the glamorous lifestyle that she loved, Rachel got little from him in the way of fun and sex. Being a workaholic, Joe never had the time or the energy left for any thing like that. As a result, Rachel set about finding another man to take care of her needs. First she tried her luck with a member of Joe's staff whom she met when she stopped by at his office. She flirted outrageously with the man, but he was too square to seize his chance. Later, Rachel returned home and found Joe on the couch, reading the newspaper. After failing to talk him into being a more attentive husband, she stomped up to her room to get changed. Rachel was in dire need of a good fuck. Around noon, she and her husband received a surprise visit. It was Joe's nephew, Kyle. The young man was travelling through the area, and had decided to call in. Rachel had been married to Joe for only a few years, and she had never seen Kyle until that moment. Now, meeting him for the first time, she felt a powerful surge of excitement. Aside from youth and good-looks, Kyle appeared to be laid-back amiable. In short, he was just the of kind of fuck-partner that Rachel craved. Kyle had barely been the house for five minutes when Rachel made her first move. She began by sending Joe out to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water for Kyle. Having gained this brief moment alone with the young man, she practically pounced on him, rubbing up and down his leg and over his crotch while pressing her heaving chest into his face. She was back in her place by the time Joe returned. The complacent husband had no idea what had just gone on behind his back. Next, Rachel and Joe talked with Kyle about his immediate plans. Rachel insisted he stay with them for a while. If she was going to fuck him as much as she hoped, she would need him around constantly. To her relief, Joe agreed to take him in. Kyle was pleased at the arrangement. Already he had taken a liking to his uncle's hot wife. Early in the evening, Rachel changed into a sexy dress. Somehow, she had managed to persuade Joe to take her out that night. While Joe took a shower, Rachel went downstairs and came across Kyle reading a book. She got his attention by pretending to need his help to fasten the back of her dress. As Kyle's fingers worked the dress straps, Rachel licked her lips. She knew that the young man was running his gaze over her body, enjoying every inch of it. Confident that Joe was still busy in the shower, she decided to take things further. She knelt before Kyle, unfastened his pants, pulled out his cock, and started stroking and sucking it. In the middle of that, she made the mischievous joke of taking off her wedding ring. Kevin was taken aback by Rachel's wild and forward nature. Nevertheless, he loved every moment of the cock-sucking she gave him. The fear of being discovered by Joe only increased the adrenalin rushes of both him and Rachel. When they suddenly heard Joe call out as he approached the room, they quickly separated and adjusted their clothes. It was a very close shave for the pair, but Joe was once again oblivious to what had happened. That night, Rachel and Joe returned from their night out. Joe had gotten very, very sloshed - so sloshed, in fact, that he fell into a deep, unwakeable sleep the moment that he lay down on his bed. Rachel was hoping for a night of passion but instead looking forward to a night of snoring. Quickly, she changed into a sexy, revealing nightie, and headed off to the spare room where Kyle was staying. She woke him up, explained the situation, and led him back into her bedroom. Rachel wanted more than just a hot fuck. She wanted to cheat right under her husband’s nose. Again taking off her wedding ring, she laid it out on the table. She then started making out with Kyle. While she rubbed his cock through his boxers, the young man pulled down the top of her nightie and greedily fondled and suckled on her tits. Together they used their free hands to rub and frig Rachel's naked pussy. The mutual masturbation lasted a long time. Kyle expertly finger-fucked Rachel until she was sopping wet, and Rachel returned the favor by sensually stroking his cock until it was as hard as can be. Following that, she bent over and sucked him off. She took her time, allowing him to savor the slide of her tight-drawn lips up and down his length. After thoroughly pleasuring him with a combination of licking and deep-throating, she got on to her back and parted her legs wide to take his cock inside of her. She moaned loudly and squeezed and tweaked her tits as the young man fucked away at her pussy. Kyle was a vigorous young lover. He held Rachel's legs far back in to order to get the deepest penetration he could. His every thrust shook her body, her tits - the whole bed. Both of them got off on the fact that they were deceiving Joe. The husband lay gently snoring away while his wife cuckolded him with wicked glee. Neither of the lovers felt the need to be quiet about what they did. They mocked Joe at the top of their voices, and made as much noise as they wanted to in their fucking. In time they moved on to the doggy-position. Kylen gave Rachel gave a royal cock-pounding that caused her to gasp and moan louder than ever. Far from growing tired, the pair seemed to get hornier and hornier. They went on to fuck cowgirl and reverse cowgirl style. Rachel joyously bounced up and down on her lover’s big, stiff cock. Her tits heaved and shook as she cried out for him to give her all he had. At last, having again fucked Rachel in the doggy-position, Kyle felt the need to cum. He pulled out and blasted every drop of his creamy hot load into the welcoming mouth of his uncle’s sexy wife. There was so much of it that he glazed half her face in the process. Naturally, Rachel did not mind a bit. Having sucked her young lover’s cock clean, she thanked him for fucking her so well. From now on, she would be calling on his services as often as possible. Kyle went back to his room, looking forward to the all the fun times that lay ahead. Meanwhile, Rachel lay down next to her husband and grinned at him. She had gotten a sweet revenge for his failing to take care of her needs.

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