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Fuck Sasha Grey - DVD - Evil Angel



Brian Pumper, Brian Sherwood, Claire Adams, Kurt Lockwood, Rico Strong, Sasha Grey, Steve Holmes, Tony T


Superstar Sasha Grey may be crossing over into mainstream entertainment, but the bewitching, young porn savant has done some of her most intense erotic performance before Belladonnas camera. Fuck Sasha Grey is composed of five never-released scenes that show both the range of Sashas lustful talent and the imaginative, diverse art/sex Belladonna is known for. Each of the five scenes presents sexual power exchange, with escalating intensity. Sex with a human-size teddy bear would be almost innocent if not for Sashas animalistic horniness, which also comes to the fore in a scene in which she portrays a leashed, caged dog. As a tarted up street hooker she entertains two black studs. Two scuzzy orderlies take ultimate advantage of straitjacketed Sasha in her padded cell. In each of those scenes, Sasha displays her deep throat skills and her comely ass gets reamed. And dominant Claire Adams works Sasha over in a humiliating girl-girl S and M session complete with electric shocking, graphically squirting enemas andflooding facials of female ejaculate. Theres a bonus scene in which the star takes another double-dicking. The disc includes a bonus scene, cumshot recap, cast list, filmographies, photo galleries, and trailers.Scene 1: Sporting long, unfurled braids that make her look like Princess Leia after a long night, horny Sasha Grey needs animalistic sex. She rolls out of bed and into the lap of the man-size teddy bear in her room. As she rubs her pussy on the bears fur, a human erection emerges this is not your average teddy, but Tony T inside a bear costume. His big bears paw holds Sashas head down for a choking, gasping deep-throat blow job. After working her mouth, the bear goes straight for her asshole, then feeds her some ass-flavored cock. With his prick up her ass, the beast carries masturbating, groaning Sasha, then works her butt doggie-style while spanking her with that bear paw. He jacks off, shooting cum on her forehead, face and lips. Do all girls enjoy their teddies this way?Scene 2: Lots of girls get off on some sexual degradation; in typical fashion, Sasha Grey takes submissiveness to the Best In Show level: Kurt Lockwood releases the naked, collared slut from her cage and puts her on a leash. Bad doggie goes right back in the fuckin cage, he warns, then walks her through canine behaviors like sitting, heeling,begging and rolling over. After boning her pussy with a doggie toy, he feeds her mouth a meatier treat, fucking and cock-whipping her leashed head. Because dogs love to lick ass, she gives her Master a serious, sloppy rim job, even sticking two fingers up his ass and sucking his prick from behind. He naturally fucks her doggie-style and slides the bone toy up her ass for a double-penetration. Butt-pounding makes her pussy quiff loudly, and Sasha barks, Smash my fucking head down. Make this dirty, fucking ass yours! Master sprays his load into a silver bowl, giving his bitch a drink before putting her back in her cage.Scene 3: Her long, straight hair, heels and bright red lipstick make Sasha Grey look like a street whore, and she explains to Rico Strong and Brian Pumper that shes been hanging outside their garage because, I like to make money in alleys. She cums cheaply, agreeing to a hard-earned $100 for this interracial three-way. The dudes offer filthy, running commentary throughout the scene... Sasha deep-throats each big, black cock while getting reamed by the other. Its vigorous, slammin sex with the studs manhandling and carry-fucking her, double-penetrating her and gaping the wet hole at the center of her gorgeous ass. Sucking cock while her sweaty hair is yanked, her gag spit floods Ricos balls, which slap the spit back onto her when again she rides his prick. Sasha scoops and eats the cum Brian pumps onto her face and swallows the sperm Rico shoots into her mouth. This nasty performance earns the alley whore hundreds of tip dollars.Scene 4: White-skinned redhead Claire Adams forces naked, leashed Sasha Grey into a bathroom for an intense, lengthy girl-girl S and M ordeal. Wearing fetish gear, shit-talking Claire maintains a hyper-dominant demeanor throughout. She works over the vulnerable waif Sasha with hair pulling, face slapping, choking, spitting (right into Sashas mouth), hard tit slapping and nipple torture, in addition to humiliations more exotic: Heavy boots cause Sasha to bellow in pain and anguish as Claire stands on Sashas chest. Sasha is forced to clean the toilet with her tongue. And Claire applies a wicked electric zapper device to Sashas pussy, nipples, asshole and tongue! When Claire dons a strap-on and asks, Do you want to sit on Daddys lap?, Sasha takes the dong deeply in mouth and pussy. This scene is about Sashas torment, but also Claires pleasure: The redhead domme repeatedly masturbates and facials Sasha with torrents of clear, hot girl cum, which Sasha gargles and swallows. Claire then subjects Sasha to enemas. At the end Claire makes Sasha admit that shes just a sex object.Scene 5: As creepy orderlies, Steve Holmes and Brian Sherwood find straitjacketedSasha Grey a dirty mess in a padded cell. The eerie mood of this scene is abetted by the cameras arty strobe effect, but mostly established by the lewd and disturbing behavior of the performers. Suck that dick just like you sucked your Daddys, demands Brian. Sasha deep-throats both cocks and Steve makes her suck his asshole. They remove her straitjacket and Steve slaps her pussy hard. Brian gives her a standing fuck and Steve carries her bodily, his dick lodged in her cunt. She sucks both cocks at once, and a brutal dog-style ass reaming on the floor makes her masturbate and moan. With Steve wailing away at her twat, Brian shoots a wad into her mouth, which she swallows before orally cleaning his dick. Do you want Daddy to feed you? taunts Steve, who jerks a big, runny load onto her tongue. A little more deep-throating cleans him up. The days therapy over, they put the terrified girl back into her straitjacket.

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