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All About Gia Darling - DVD - Third World Media (TWM)



Gia Darling


Gia Darling has been out of site and sound for a bit, but Third World Media has kept an exclusive line open with the Shemale superstar. She came to our offices a few weeks back and she is looking real good! Gia is a superstar who has crossed the boundary from shemale porn star to media Darling. With appearances on major TV programs, as well as the Howard Stern show, Gia is nearly a household name. She comes back today with a live appearance in, All About Gia; where she reveals some secrets about where she is been and what she is has been up to lately. She also spent some time reminiscing about some of the favorite scenes she has done in the past....Gia reveals for the first time that she has gotten married and is living a wonderful life. She looks great, sounds good, and is the envy of all the young girls in her new rural community. She has matured into a beautiful young lady who we are all so proud of!! For now, she has plans to continue directing for Third World Media, but down deep she is still a naughty girl, who still gets a little pudgy remembering the days she was in front of the camera rather than behind it.....Gia had a big thing going on for Tom. He is definitely one of her favorites. And he does not seem to mind Gia too much either; as he sucks her big tits and swallows her meaty hog. She shaves itclean for Tom to suck on and he seems to have mastered the kind of oral stimulation Gia really likes. She chubs up quickly, before giving Tom a bit of the same oral treatment, as her massive jugs jiggle and shake as she slurps and sucks away at his knob while jerking around her own stiff rod. They do the 69 and gag on each others cocks, before Tom tags Gia from behind, slamming her skinny butt-cheeks as her half hard hog bounces with each anal thrust. Gias man pussy is just like a girl pussy and she can cum hard with the right strokes. Tom got all the moves and finishes Ms. Darling off with some oral pleasure. She rewards him for a job well done with a mouthful of ejaculate, as her eyes roll back into her head and Tom whacks his own whanker off, globbing the end of Gias cum-glazed cock tip.Gia kinda likes Jimbo too. In fact, he has a shaved head like Tom and he is in absolute love with Gias phallus just like Tom too. He licks and sucks and swirls his tongue in and out of the tip of Gias hard foreskin coatedmeat. He swallows and gags himself on her entire package, before the two move into the 69 position where Gia works her oral skills too. She is wearing pig tails and pink brazier and looking very cute with Jimbos cock stuffed in her mouth. She looks even hotter as Jimbo mounts her from above and takes a hard ride on Gias only remaining manly feature. She plugs him well from below and then splits him wishbone style, long stroking his bright white shitter. She thrusts her thick thighs as her bubble butt s hakes and Jimbo squeals like a pig from time to time. He finally gets his turn on her soft fuck box and plugs her till she coughs up a milky one. He pulls out to dump his semen right on top of hers.Gia used to call Max her little muskrat . He was into foot fetish stuff and so is Gia. She soaks her stuff in the tub, sudsing up her huge tits and rapidly expanding sheath. She finishes up her bath and changes into a garter and lingerie. Her balls buldge from her bikini as she makes Max suck her toes and lick her feet. She is a little rough with him, but he does not seem to mind, as Gias feet are pretty and also very clean after her bath. She makes him worship her toes as she puts peaches on them and makes him lick it up. I love licking peaches off your feet, Miss Gia, Max exclaims, as he continues to suck chunks of peaches and tranny toe at the same time. From her feet its a long trip up her legs to her cock and asshole, which she shoves his face in and forces him to devour. She humiliates him more by rubbing peaches on his face and smearing it in with her ass and ball sack. He swallows her entire shaft and sucks it till a massive load of Gia ejaculate lands on his tongue and subsequentlydribbles out of his mouth.Gia likes to take matters into her own hands sometimes... In the case of a beautiful transsexual like Gia, that means private time, where what matters most is her hands and her cock. She lays in bed and erotically works her wang over in a variety of seductive ways. Her big boobs come out of their brassiere and she caresses them while stroking her stiff clit. She builds up for the big one and comes through strong, with a thick load of Gia cum spilled across her stomach.Gia always thought Jagger was a cool dude. He spends time in the gym, looks hip and loves to pay homage to her meaty surprise. He sucks her till she is good and hard and she does the same to him, only his cock is smaller than hers is. Her ass is tighter than his is too, as she expends little to no effort prying his shitter open and plugging it with 7 certified inches of organic tranny corn cob. She plunges him out in RCG followed by doggie, as Jagger appears to really enjoy the hard romping. Gia is in rare form, as sheworks his anus over before pulling out and depositing a thick creamy load of milk inside the Jaggers mouth. He spills over in excitement too, landing a healthy one on her still throbbing erection.

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