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Lowest Price: $1.00
The Barely Legal boinkfest rolls on in #44 from the series. In this episode, tight butts, pink pussies, perky boobs and adorable faces abound, promising a great time for anyone who cares to watch. Keep an eye out for Shawnie, Destiny, Lisa Marie and Ariana Jolie - their collective sexual appe...

Barely Legal 41 - Hustler

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The barelies are back, and better than ever! Number 41 from the acclaimed series features more beautiful teens who are psyched to be seduced. Willing learners all, these cuties can't wait for some hands-on lessons in everything down and dirty. Watch as a girl's first screw turns into a threes...

Barely Legal 45 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $3.99
Yes, they're legal... Barely Legal! Eighteen-year old girls ready to pop their cherries just for you. Director Clive Mclean captures every innocently nasty f**k in jizz-dripping detail. Girls young enough to be your best friends daughter, your baby sitter! Watch them strip to their baby-pink but...

Barely Legal 48 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $2.45
Bad little girls! Sensational sex! Hustler combs high schools all over the U.S. to bring you the absolute best Barely Legal, 18-year-old sex. Baby-faced cuties with baby-fat thighs lose their innocence right before your eyes. Tiny cheeks bulge with meat. Junior twats stretch impossibly around th...

Barely Legal 40 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $2.75
If the formula works, don't mess with it. Barely Legal #40 is filled with the tiny titties, tight twats and all-out hardcore action that are the hallmarks of this popular series. Grab a hold and hang on-this ride is definitely worth the price of admission! Look out for Cytherea, whose cute fa...

Barely Legal 43 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $14.99
Quite possibly the hottest volume in this scorching series! Barely Legal #43 boasts more cutie pies with pink pussies, tight tushies and tiny ta-tas than ever before - not to mention more blowjobs, more anal and more all-around hardcore. Join baby-faced barely legals as they ditch classes to ...

Barely Legal 50 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $9.00
Barely Legal celebrates fifty muff masterpieces, hundreds of budding nymphos and the 2004 AVN Award for Best Vignette Series! Hustler's sweet, tight teens invite you to the sexiest sex party of the decade - deep double penetrations, an incredible eight girl daisy chain, nasty anal and cherry-p...

Barely Legal 47 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $3.95
Presenting the prettiest pink pussies the graduating class has to offer - tender, coral-pink labes framed by wisps of adolescent pubic hair and sweet teen treats that clutch tight around one finger. Director Clive McLean creates muff-magic again in this irresistibly naughty series - winner of AVN...

Barely Legal 46 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $6.97
Hustler proudly brings you more naked barely-eigthteen hotties with baby faces, virgin pussies and jiggling little tatas. Catch first-time sloppy blowjobs, labia-licking lezzies and teens getting ultra-kinky. Wetter, more tender pink pussies and tiny assholes are waiting to get right in your face...

Barely Legal 36 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $2.75
'Slide your fat dick between my smooth vadge lips, and push. That's it. Tweak my tiny titties and feel my tight pussy clamp down around your cock. Oh my God! You're big!' These girls are so darn ready to hump! See sweet eighteen-year-olds turn into nasty, exhibitionist sluts! One taste of coc...

Barely Legal 38 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $3.75
THINK PINK! Think pretty pink pussy folds smearing love juice all over your lips. Think perfect pink nipples on mouthful tits and smooth pink labes wrapped tight around your dick. Barely Legal #38 brings your every sweet 18 fantasy to life! Young cherry girls discover sex, then redefine f**ki...

Barely Legal 37 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $6.41
'Sure, we're only 18, but innocent... Hah! Me and my girls are competing to see who can screw the most boys in a week. Courtney's winning, dammit! And yesterday she let some total stranger slam his fat pecker up her tiny asshole! Slut! I'm so jealous! Today I finally learned how to deep throat. I...

Barely Legal 39 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $15.94
'I'm 18, and I'm, like so ready! Please take my f**kin' cherry! I'm tired of being a virgin. I want to feel your fat prick rubbing up and down my kid-smooth c*nt lips. I want to teach me everything dirty. Fill my throat with your thick meat. Spank my tight, little ass with your penis. Let me tong...

Barely Legal 35 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $2.65
There's an easy way to tell a Barely Legal Hustler honey -- just spot the freshest flesh allowed by law! Only the finest pussy petals are picked for display in the world's hottest legal teen series, and Barely Legal #35 is no exception. This episode features a smokin' hot Tanya James in a short p...

Barely Legal 30 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $3.99
The girls of Barely Legal #30 present a garden of squirty delights for fans of nut-busting teen sex. A snappy brunette withia delicately trimmed bush feasts on tasty man root. A droolworthy blonde coats her blossoming boobies with sticky ball sap, and a gorgeous young environmentalist uses her ri...

Barely Legal 31 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $2.74
We do it all the time" Can you fit into the tight schedules of Barely Legal #31's busy young debutantes? These horny tramps have been waiting 18 years for a lawful fuck, and now there's no holding them back! Two chicks on one dick os a groovy time saver when there's a bothersome boy shortage. B...

Barely Legal 49 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $7.00
Eighteen-year-old cutie pies suck, fuck and cum before your very eyes, in beautiful virgin-pink close-ups. Tight little butt cheeks smother your face. Ten jiggling tiny tatas! And these girls are so anxious to please you. Damn! The world would be a better place if only every man could have some t...

Barely Legal 33 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $2.75
The horny honeys of Barely Legal #33 know that schools is for chumps. Why bone up on American History when getting boned by a studly himbo is just as educational? After all, it's more fun for a droolworthy brat to figure how many holes she can fill with man meat than it is to memorize the Pythago...

Barely Legal 34 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $4.99
Diaries and journals are okay for keeping tabs on cunny-quaking adventures, but the cuties of Barely Legal #34 know that video is the best way to make an awesome fuck last forever. Watch from every angle as our dynamic cover duo doubles up on man root for their snappy, filmed memoirs. A demure an...

Barely Legal 25 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $1.00
Don't let these sweet, innocent faces foll you. The girls of Barely Legal #25 are bad right down to the bone. -or they want to be, anyway. One precious angel can barely fit her tiny hands around the giant cock she stuffs in her mouth. Isn't she dirty? Another little darling crams the biggest, har...

Barely Legal 29 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $2.75
Growing up horny confronts a girl with tough choices. After waiting 18 cock-starved years, the babes of Barely Legal #29 have to make lots of important decisions, like, "Should I let him bone my tight asshole?" and "During a threesome, who gets to eat my cunny first?" Never afraid of a pussy pred...

Barely Legal 32 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $2.75
Are you sassy enough to hang with the naughty brats of Barely Legal #32? When these emancipated honeys get down and dirty, the action is always no holes barred. Watch a blonde debutante teach her chocolate skinned fuck buddy a groovy two fingered trick. A budding oral queen's eyes turn out to be ...

Barely Legal 23 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $15.94
Is there anything cuter or hotter than seeing a wide-eyed, newly legal teen struggle to wrap her pink-glossed lips around a hard cock for the first time? Or watching three fresh young things smile bravely as stiff pricks slowly stretch their tight, cherry buttholes to the brink? The babes of Bar...

Barely Legal 51 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $2.49
Celebrity Edition - Another Night in Paris 'Paris' pussy pics stolen by perverts!' Paris and her friends discover the excitement of sharing dirty photos through their cell phones. And so does everyone else. This Barely Legal follows the story of Paris and her naughty girlfriends, as they li...

Barely Legal 57 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $1.00
Another hot installment of f*cking BARELY LEGAL style! These cute, innocent, naive girls need to be taught a lesson on how to f*ck, suck, and swallow. Watch these young, tight, glistening, pink slits get filled to the brim!

Barely Legal 52 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $4.99
Prime Young Girls 7 young fuck-sluts with the freshest pussies are waiting for you! Once again Hustler brings you the hottest young sluts and all the dirty details of what they've been up to this summer. Featuring hardcore Kama Sutra lessons that rewrite the ancient art of ass-banging, hot ...

Barely Legal 9 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $4.99
Daddy's little darling is all grown up: "I'm ready for the big boys now." The hottest selling series in America! Feeling out of touch with the youth of today? Barely Legal #9 offers an in-depth look inside the minds and up the skirts of 18-year-old girls. Watch a nasty sister share the splendor o...

Barely Legal 53 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $2.74
Join these naughty girls as they are let loose to flaunt their perky young titties and smooth beavers! Lain has a kinky romp with the TV repair man! Sierra Turns 18 and gets a shiny new vibrator for her birthday. Ola plants her panties in James' dryer and ends up having her juicy lips put on s...

Barely Legal 21 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $2.75
Look, Ma--no cherry! The girls of Barely Legal 21 are fucking and sucking like crazy -because they finally can! Whoever thought being a grown-up would be so much fun?

Barely Legal 6 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $2.74
Barely Legal #6 explodes with the raw power of legal-teen poontang. These girls will fuck anywhere: backyards, bathrooms, even on the job. Check out some highlights from this sizzling expose on shameless teen sluts. A shy, ball-gargling foreigner meets an all_american stud and discovers that lust...

Barely Legal 8 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $1.50
America's most trusted source of prime, legal teen pussy returns with another dripping-wet selection of stellar snatch. Barely Legal #8 offers only the finest in teen twat and freak nasty antics. Our girls are young, willing and ready for anything. An adventurous french nymph hitchhikes across th...

Barely Legal 26 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $3.75
Can you guess why the girls of Barely Legal #26 are so happy? They'll give you 18 hints. Don't miss out as the thrilled-to-be-legal teens eagerly wrap their tight pussies around real cocks for the first time. See the doll-faced cuties giggle with delight as hungry studs nibble on their precious p...

Barely Legal 19 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $2.65
Okay, I have to admit me and my girlfriends always thought butt sex was kind of an urban legend. Our 18-year-old pussies are already a totally tight squeeze. How could you fit an entire dick into an even tinier hole? Well, now I know! I just spread my bung for the biggest, hardest prick, like, ev...

Barely Legal 28 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $1.75
Are you ready for the girls of Barely Legal #28 to tickle your taste buds? Don't miss out on this feast of juicy, cock-ripened pussy. A blonde and her brunet best friend double dare each other to see who can suck down more yummy man meat. Little Miss Perfect finds out she likes being bad when a t...

Barely Legal 18 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $2.75
You've got a new lucky number: Barely Legal #18, the latest, steamiest volume in the red-hot series, is crammed full of tempting teens who just happen to have reached thos long-awaited digits themselves. Come celebrate with the happy birthday babes as they finally receive the gift of cock in they...

Barely Legal 20 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $15.94
The girls of Barely Legal #20 know how to spell relief: 'D-I-C-K!' They've been waiting eighteen frustrating years to get their hands on some! Get a load of their slutty adventures in the lastest edition of America's hottest teen video series! DVD Features: Digitally Remastered Animated Cha...

Barely Legal 4 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $3.25
18 and Ready Squeaky-Clean Teens Crave X-rated Fun Feeling patriotic? Barely Legal #4 celebrates our nation's sexual diversity serving up five slices of juicy, 18-year-old American pie. Savor more than a dozen beautiful girls from the shores of the Big Island to the gritty streets of New York Ci...

Barely Legal 22 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $4.99
A girl never forgets her first anal, or the first tome she stuffs two cocks in her mouth and pussy at once. Most teens lock these cherished memories away in a secret diary -but not the sweeties of Barely Legal 22. Their most precious moments have been captured on video, just for you. Share the ma...

Barely Legal 58 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $2.74
These young cheerleader whores are full of team spirit and big throbbing c*cks! They feverishly practice their oral skills on each other`s p*ssies and sport f*ck to stay in shape. These young sluts know how to take one for the team!

Barely Legal 27 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $2.75
It's so hard to be good! The girls of Barely Legal #27 don't mean to misbehave, but they've been itching to get their hands -and mouths, and tight, teen pussies- on some cock for so long. Rules are bound to be busted along with their cherries. After 18 dick-deprived years, the little darlings are...

Barely Legal 24 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $2.75
Yay! We're finally 18!! Look at these smiling faces. Can you blame the girls for being tickled pink? The newly legal darlings can finally have all the dick their little pussies desire. Watch as the grateful cuties grin through mouthfuls of cock. Share in their joy as two of the teens discover t...

Barely Legal 55 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $2.17
Nice girls turn naughty! You're calling the shots when these innocent cuties go bad! Watch fresh, tight pussies get stretched to the max as they get rammed in true Barely Legal style!

Barely Legal 56 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $0.99
Watch these young girls as they suck dick and take a hardcore pounding in their tight p*ssies! One Barely Legal darling even offers up her ass for a slammin` that leaves her weak and begging for more. These cuties just can`tsay no and just can`t get enough!

Barely Legal 10 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $2.74
18 and bursting with goodness. Pluck them while they're ripe! Is there such a thing as too much hot, 18-year-old pussy? Barely Legal thinks not. Agree? Then you're ready for the downright nasty babes of barely Legal #10. This video is stuffed with the tighest, most insatiable pack of legal teen t...

Barely Legal 16 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $2.74
How can anything so fresh be so dirty? When you're a horny, newly 18-year-old girl, it's easy! Barely Legal #16 captures novice nymphos as they test their erotic boundaries- only to discover they have absolutely none. Take the smutty scamp who honks on an older dude's horn until it blows - who ca...

Barely Legal 54 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $2.49
Dear Barely Legal, I'm failing Professor Cannon's class! But, he was more than happy to show me exactly how I can get my grade up. It started with heavy petting, then he asked me to give his dick a massage with my mouth and then over an hour of hot sex...his cock was so hard when it entered my t...

Barely Legal 5 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $2.00
TIGHT WET TEENS: old enough to know better but too young to care. Are you tired of X-Rated flicks where surgically enhanced broads in cheerleading outfits masquerade as teenagers? Wanna see how real girls do it? Check out Barely Legal #5. This awesome collection delivers a banquet of tasty just-l...

Barely Legal 15 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $2.29
barely Legal girls don't mean to be bad - they've just been waiting so-o-o lo-o-ong to grow up that it's hard to behave. barely Legal #15 is their rudest romp yet. Watch these greedy little brats grab all the cocks in sight and stuff them into their sweet, dirty holes without even asking permissi...

Barely Legal 14 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $2.49
Just when you thought Barely Legal girls couldn;t get any hotter, along comes their latest blistering bone-fest: Barely Legal #14. Your head and balls will explode when you gaze directly at the scorching antics of these newly adult teens in heat. Get ready to fire your load. Clive McLean has done...

Barely Legal 59 - Hustler

Lowest Price: $2.69
Toned bodies ripe to the touch! P*ssy like sweet sugar! These Barely Legal sweeties are dying to be explored, touched, and f*cked. Andre Madness directs this latest installment of too cute, Barely Legal lovelies!