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Subject Of Submission 3 - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $7.78
Helpless and powerless is just how she likes it! Subject of Submission is a dense fetish series with twenty different scenes packed hard into two hours. Whether it`s a clip of the nip, a stomp of the balls, a spank on a reddening ass, or a yank of the wanker, this movie aims then shoots to please!!!

Punishment Inc - With 12 Paddle - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $7.20
Offering disciplinary service to institutions, schools, municipalities and the general public. These young girls should have known better... Comes with a 12 paddle.

Taboo - Standard Digital

Lowest Price: $10.10
TABOO is a landmark adult film. Originally filmed in 1979, this 1980 release broke through many barriers and has not only been a perennial best seller in the adult video world, but made history on several fronts. In 1983, it also scored another first when it received an unprecedented nod from the...

Spiked Heel Diaries 14 - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $4.74
The most highly acclaimed foot fetish series reaches new highs! Spiked Heel Diaries Part 14 is one of the hottest, kinkiest, toe-sucking, leg-licking, foot-fucking video's you could ever hope to see. The talent might be pros in this vid... But it's obvious what their personal fetish is! ...

Story Of "E" - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $5.00
Starring: Shanna Mc Cullogh, Deva Station, Nikita Cash, Ryan Moore, Ernest Greene, Heather, Alex Fox.

Swedish Erotica 21 - Caballero

Lowest Price: $19.77
4 HOURS, 20 CUM-SOAKED SCENES!Even before there was video, there was SWEDISH EROTICA. With millions of volumes sold worldwide for over twenty years, SWEDISH EROTICA is the most successful film and video series of all time! Now re-edited and re-mastered into four solid hours of the raunchiest clas...

Dresden Diary 22 - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $6.99
The Most Intense Series To Date! Join Chloe as she shares the daily rituals and punishments she and others encountered during her days of slave training. Starring: Chloe, Chandler, Mia Smiles, Deva Station, Cleo, Ilsa Strix, John Decker, Ernest Greene, Ryan Moore

Tales Of Torment - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $4.94

Joanna Bliss - Score

Lowest Price: $6.92
She`s one of the greatest voluptuous models ever, a gorgeous babe with FF-cup naturals and a curvy body who has been fascinating and turning men on for 15 years. And now she has her first exclusive DVD! Joana Bliss, the Romanian hottie who keeps coming back better and bustier, is your fantasy bee...

Arena Of Pain 2 - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $2.50
History has brought us some great arenas such as The Coliseum, but none reach the level of intensity as THE ARENA OF PAIN. It might not be that large, but it`s big enough for some dominant females to subject submissive men and women to some outrageous forms of torture, including spanking and whip...

Part Time 6 - Gwen Media

Lowest Price: $6.00
Mistress Nicolette must put Anastasia through the paces before passing her on to the next level of training. Slave girl Anastasia endures heavy bondage and harsh torments before being left in a compromising position for an extended period of time.

Mind Control 2 - Gwen Media

Lowest Price: $5.00
Anastasia finds a new patient in Michelle Lay and wastes no time in exploring more than just her mind. Perversion and pain reign supreme in this twisted tale of sexual mayhem!

Club Latex - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $2.99
You have to be a member to get into Club Latex. Once you get in, you may never want to leave this private world of desire, fetish and sensual latex. Admission is free, submission is ultimate! In the most exclusive club, the service is four-star fetish.

Slave Surrender - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $2.32

English Mistress 2: Rubber & Bizarre - Gwen Media

Lowest Price: $20.94
Watch while the Mistress uses slaves for her own sadistic and sexual pleasure and listen to her classic English voice, giving you an insight into her philosophy of female domination and talking though the action as it unfolds. With hot boot worship, medical procedures, electrical therapy, genital...

Cabaret Bizarre - Harmony

Lowest Price: $2.50
Here`s another twisted gem from Europe`s Harmony Video. Acclaimed fetish director Tanya Hyde delivers first-class production values for this hardcore look into the real London underground.

Ginger Bound - Gwen Media

Lowest Price: $4.99
Watch as Ginger, dressed in several different latex outfits, is totally subdued, while her 40G breasts are bound to their limits. As a latex maid, she is forced to iron clothes. Watch her struggle to reach the keys to release herself. Gagged and hooded, she struggles in her bonds. A latex sleep s...

Emily - Solo - Gwen Media

Lowest Price: $3.00
Watch, as Fetish supermodel Emily Marilyn enjoys an evening at home. Alone with her collection of Latex clothing and Bondage gear, she shows us the way to make the best of self bondage and kinky playtime. Emily dresses as the sultry Latex business woman, then moves to the kinkier side of her Late...

Arena Of Pain - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $2.50
Real life bondage players invite you to the ARENA OF PAIN... Play at your own risk!

Like a Virgin 2 - VCX

Lowest Price: $4.69
Petite and pure sex-driven pixie Bunny Bleu heads up this torrid peek into the lives of some of the more adventurous clan of adult video. The bodies are tight, the action is fast, and the sex is simply searing!

In The Raven's Nest - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $4.99
Filmed entirely on location at New York`s foremost SandM club, La Domaine Esemar, IN THE RAVEN`S NEST is an in-depth study of female domination. Starring Mistress Raven, the study includes descipline and training of two male slaves and a female through spankings, enemas, dildo training, and other...

Stocking Secrets 8 - Smash Pictures

Lowest Price: $2.44
Is there anything sexier than a brunette in sexy lingerie? We don`t think so, and to prove it we present the Czech goddess Isabella Camille. But some prefer blondes. No problem. Meet Lonnie, an American hard-body with a mane of golden hair to fuel your fantasies. Both of these girls know how to j...

Nina Hartley's Private Sessions 11 - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $13.98
Bring a slave. Nina invites you back to her private dungeon for some tough love.

Gentlemen Prefer Jenna - Vivid

Lowest Price: $18.49
Watch and see why GENTLEMEN PREFER JENNA! Don`t miss Vivid`s hottest sensation, Jenna Jameson, doing what she does best ... YOU!

Crocodile Blondee - VCX

Lowest Price: $7.00
Rita is a sex-hungry maniac who cuts a path through hordes of flesh to satisfy her insatiable quest for the ultimate in sexual fulfillment. No human-male or female is safe around this one woman sex machine and she gets her greatest pleasure in making sure her partners as satisfied... and they alw...

Latex Dominatrix - Gwen Media

Lowest Price: $4.87
Mistress Jean meets Mistress Sandra in Vienna. After a wonderful afternoon touring the city in a horse-drawn carriage (in Latex, of course), the two get down to business. The helpless latex covered slave is at their mercy, but, they suddenly turn their attention to the tall, slim latex clad Claud...

Bondage Desires - Gwen Media

Lowest Price: $4.54
bStarring Jacqueline Du Monde & Anna Valentina!/bbrbr Anna thought she was coming over for an evening of conversation... little did she know! After cutting off Anna's lingerie, Mistress Jacqueline places her 'friend' into a myriad of bondage predicaments. Tightly strapped to the bed, Anna has ...

Bottoms Up 2 - Legend

Lowest Price: $14.95
100% pure anal! Lex Drill says it`s Bottom`s Up time girls! So they all raise their asses high into the air to get their sweet little butt holes rammed by a huge cock...or two. Only a handful of girls can take on two dicks in the ass at once and we have them here in this feature for you.

Pleasure Thru Pain - Legend

Lowest Price: $3.00
Welcome to the lair of the sensuous Mistress Sonja and her play things Michele, Lark and Devora.

Collector 5 Natalia Starr - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $6.79
Such a good little sex slave I have found. She was down on her knees as soon as she saw my crop coming to give her discipline. She bent to my will and will make a lovely addition to those who serve me.

Desires Of A Dominatrix 6 - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $2.99
Poor sweet Tanya must endure the wrath of Nicole, lingerie and latex abound in desires of a Dominatrix 6.

Hot English Punishment - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $9.76
HARDCORE XXX DOMINATION!The Brits never seem to tire of spanking pretty round asses pink!

My Naughty Tranny - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $0.99
HARDCORE XXX SHE-MALE ACTION!Come get naughty with these sexy tormented trannies.

I Like To Watch - Caballero

Lowest Price: $19.00
You just don’t know who’s watching you!! If you’re not careful he’ll be watching. Bridgette Monet is one of the most gorgeous girls to have entered the erotic film industry. And, always in her sex scenes there is that certain erotic feeling of genuine excitement. This film contains most o...

Panty World 7 - Dane

Lowest Price: $4.99
The Voyeur(J.J. Michaels, Kurious) The voyeur strikes again, while cruising the streets of LA he encounters a beautiful young lady who is heading home after a busy day of shopping for panties...

Whips and Chains - Bruce Seven

Lowest Price: $14.99
HARDCORE XXX BONDAGE ACTION! Whips and Chains is what this movie is all about. In addition we have added new toys that will blow your mind. Another trip down the road of Pleasure and Pain. Starring: Casee, Dru Berrymore, Nancy Vee, Shelby Stevens --

Euro Bondage 1 - Gen XXX

Lowest Price: $2.99
Forget the British invasion! This is the hottest and boldest thing to come out of Europe in years! Watch it....or else!

Bondage Club, The - Sunshine

Lowest Price: $4.88
This video is the first in a series that will show you scenes of different people as they play bondage games and talk about things they have done. The women are beautiful and the men know they what they are doing as they lead these women through a series of games that will turn you on. Ona's Dan...

Jennica Lynn - Score

Lowest Price: $4.99
With her M-cup boobs, soft curves and bubbly personality, Jennica Lynn is all-stacked, all-natural and all-woman! In the first DVD devoted solely to the Swedish sensation who has taken XL Girls by storm, Jennica takes you on an intimate big-tit honeymoon. Shot on-location in the Dominican Republi...

Beat Me Senseless - Legend

Lowest Price: $30.00
Do You Remember Me?I`m the girl who stood you up for your senior prom. Do you remember me? I`m your first wife you caught f*cking your best friend in a dog collar and diapers. Do you remember me? I`m that stripper you tipped your life savings away on. Do you remember me now? I`m all of them. All...

Erotic Visions (Metro) - Metro

Lowest Price: $6.94
On a background of beautiful women draped and undraped in elegant lingerie, James Avalon sketches a few erotic moments in his arousing visual style of light and shadow, shapes and sensuality.

Big Clits Big Lips - Channel 69

Lowest Price: $23.90
Bigger, fatter, wetter!Fat Lips, Shaved, Hairy, Fuckable! Suckable!, Fat Clits

Let My Puppets Come - Caballero

Lowest Price: $1.95
Damiano's Let My Puppets Come is an innovative ingenious sex comedy! Enjoy the outrageous sexual explicitness of these fun multi-dimensional characters. If you're looking for a good laugh and some great sex, look no further. Let My Puppets Come is a MUST SEE!

Dresden Diary 20, The - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $7.69
Shot in the most beautiful of castles, this is by far the most Intense Dresden we`ve ever seen.

TS Sex School - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $4.57
These gender benders get one hell of an education before their ready to walk on the wild side. This sure isn't PSIOI! These transsexuals are given some firm lessons in what to do with those sexy bodies of theirs. Starring: Ariana, Meghan Chavalier, Kimberly DeVine, Marilyn Mansfield, Connie ...

Slave Drivers - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $4.89
The Art Of Slave Training Redefined. Director Skye Blue captures the true essence of servitude. Slaves are put through some of the most intense bondage and domination sessions you've ever seen on the video! Starring: Sydnee Steele, Alex Foxe, Jewell Marceau, Nikkita Wolfe, John Shiva, Mistre...

Leather Bound Dykes From Hell 14 - Bizarre

Lowest Price: $7.99
What`s hotter than two women doin` each other? Two women into pain doin` each other. Brittany Andrews and Patricia Kennedy are tops who get their willing bottoms to do anything they desire!