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Happy Ending - Vivid

Lowest Price: $39.99
SHE PUTS THE HOLE IN HOLISTIC!Mimi`s back, and she`ll rub you the right way! And she`s in a holistic lot of trouble. It seems the ex-porn queen has become a healer of sorts, but to make ends meet, she has to, well, make ends meet!

My Evil Twin - Vivid

Lowest Price: $2.28 (90% off average online price)
Let the sibling rivalry begin. The Patty Duke show it's not. When two twins vie for the affections of the same boy, all hell breaks loose, and so does the FBI, the local police and half the detectives in pornville! Paul Thomas presents a mystery, a comedy and a crime drama, all wrapped in one nea...

Savannamania - Vivid

Lowest Price: $15.00
It`s all about Vivid bad girl Savanna Samson. Do you have what it takes to tame the wild Savanna? Bonus! Free 90-minute feature included!

Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide To Oral Sex Part 2: Fellatio - Vivid

Lowest Price: $15.02 (39% off average online price)
Women attend a fellatio workshop lead by sex expert Tristan Taormino, where she teaches about male sexual anatomy and offers explicit advice and detailed examples to improve and enhance your oral sex skills. She welcomes her co-hosts Roxy and Christian who then demonstrate various techniques for ...

Belladonna's Underground - Vivid

Lowest Price: $5.00

Janine: Beyond Description - Vivid

Lowest Price: $12.88
She's beyond cool... she's beyond sexy... She's Janine Beyond Description. It's full on Janine. It's wall-to-wall Janine!!! Featuring chapter search, no regional coding, dvd-rom compatible, photo gallery, and previews.

More Young Julia Ann - Vivid

Lowest Price: $9.88 (14% off average online price)
Now see the scenes that made her a legend...

Obsession (Vivid) - Vivid

Lowest Price: $49.99
A man thinks he is making a choice between good and evil not realizing the choice has already been made for him.

Pretty Titties - Vivid

Lowest Price: $3.77
Natural Is Beautiful! B. Skow brings his famous tease-and-please camera work to the hottest, natural D-cups in the business. Natasha! Alexia! Angelica! April! Charley! Halie! They're all big, bouncy, hot and natural, and they love to stick their tits in your face while they're fucking, sucki...

Sentenced - Vivid

Lowest Price: $6.49 (72% off average online price)
She`s a feline felon in a world gone mad. There is no crime in this twisted future ... only thoughts of crime. And the most dangerous minds are the sex offenders. Sunrise Adams lands in the middle of the mental mayhem in an institution that houses those who imagine liaisons with hustlers, brides ...

Seventh Devon - Vivid

Lowest Price: $5.00 (56% off average online price)
Angelic, sexy Devon will show you heaven on earth. She`s got the face of an angle and one hell of a body! You`ll feel like you`ve died and gone to Devon.

Affairs of the Heart (Vivid) - Vivid

Lowest Price: $4.95 (62% off average online price)
Affairs of the Heart. The film that starts at the end and ends at the beginning. Chronicling in flashback, the relationship of porn's new superstar, Lene, and the ubiquitous Jon Dough. Bud Lee takes some of the hottest scenes that can happen between a man and a woman, and plays them out with beau...

Big Black Cock Vs White Pussy - Vivid

Lowest Price: $8.75 (17% off average online price)
The action here is mostly below the belt! White Chicks & Black Dicks..First Round...Enjoy! 4 HOURS!

Body Language (Vivid) - Vivid

Lowest Price: $5.40 (63% off average online price)
When Nan's unappreciateive husband Teddy cuts her off from sex, Janine's body develops a brand new language, all its own. A strange vocabulary filled with forbidden fantasy and lusty desire. Involving everyone from detectives and real estate agents to judges and mannequins. Body Language, from ...

Captive (Vivid) - Vivid

Lowest Price: $14.99
Is she a captive or a diplomat? And why the unrelenting interrogation? What is she supposed to know - - and why? Why is there a lewd striptease going on at her door? And if it`s jail why is there no warden? And where do the two- way mirrors lead to anyway? Believe nothing, trust no one, and watch...

Cherokee Milf: The Best Of Hyapatia Lee - Vivid

Lowest Price: $69.98
She's adult's very own poke-a-hontas...Still super hot and horny as ever! See what she does behind closed tee pee! 4 HOURS!

Cherry Bomb - Vivid

Lowest Price: $2.00 (91% off average online price)
Cherry (Monique Alexander) is under investigation as a suspect in four separate crimes. But, throughout the reenactments, it appears she is not as innocent as expected. The reenactments include Cherry and Romeo (Derrick Pierce) in a hot bedroom scene. Cherry then gets drilled by her pimp (Marcus ...

Gettin' Lucky - Vivid

Lowest Price: $2.75 (80% off average online price)

Jamie Loves Jeff 2 - Vivid

Lowest Price: $5.00 (74% off average online price)
ABSENCE MAKES THE HOT GROW HOTTER!They`re back! And they`re ready for each other, in the reunion they both wanted. And both wanted on film. This video proves you can go home again.

Stroke It - Vivid

Lowest Price: $10.00
It`s all about sex. The tease. The stroke. The mouth. The first penetration. Moving in. Going deep. The twists, the turns and then, since it`s B. Skow, a full-on facial. See five vignettes, each with a ball-bursting 20-minute tease, as Skow captures the very essence of incredibly hot Meggan Mallo...

Young Devon - Vivid

Lowest Price: $3.30 (80% off average online price)
Way sweeter than sugar, much hotter than spice! Stars: Julia Ann, Nikki Dial, Racquel Darrian, Devon, Tara, Devin Lane, Maya Divine, Jeanna Fine, Halli Aston, Gwen Summers and more!

Exquisite Excesses - Vivid

Lowest Price: $5.25 (69% off average online price)
Marriage couldn`t stop her, nor could love, nor could death! She was insatiable, and after all, whats an after life without a sex life!?

Hardly Hartley - Vivid

Lowest Price: $30.00
Get your hard-on with Nina Hartley...The Superstar ('Boogie Nights') with the legendary ass...Ms. 'Iron Buns' herself! Have a Hartley! 4 HOURS!

Jenna Jameson: Extreme Close-Up - Vivid

Lowest Price: $2.39 (83% off average online price)
Jenna Wants You To Take A Closer Look… DVD Features: • Meet The Girls • Full Motion Chapters • Previews • DVD-ROM Compatible • No Regional Coding • Multiple Angles • Bonus Footage

Layout - Vivid

Lowest Price: $16.95 (28% off average online price)
2 DVD Set! Hollywood, California: A young reporter accepts a position at adult trade mag powerhouse AVG, and becomes immersed in the strange world where pornography and journalism meet. Gradually he grows from an eager cub reporter into a sophisticated writer, surviving the distractions and ...
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