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Blind Date (Legend) - Legend

Lowest Price: $4.95 (66% off average online price)
In a world of Tantric pretenders, Judy is a true artist. And nothing gets her juices flowing like enticing her friends into a world of mystical passions. But once Jack shares his 14-inch secret with the group, well, it's an eye opener that you won't soon forget

Taylor St. Clair AKA Filthy Whore - Legend

Lowest Price: $20.00
Taylor St. Claire is a whore. But not one of those glamorous whores you hear about on the news or that they make movies about. She`s a low class whore, the kind that works truck stops, and f*cks drug addicts as they eat their cheeseburgers. It`s no Pretty Woman, but it`s a story that must be told.

Gang Bangin' Whitey 4 - Legend

Lowest Price: $19.99
What do you get when you put a black cock in between two white lips. You get a Whitey sandwich. Watch as these girls go to town on big black cocks in Volume 4.

American Nymphette 2 - Legend

Lowest Price: $6.99 (54% off average online price)
It's 4am. Your aim is keep on having fun! You're one hot and wild woman whose willing to get crazy and get nasty! The only trouble is your grilfriends are hot for hard action as you! Damn the competition, full speed ahead! Starring: Briana Banks, Gwen Summers, Miko Lee, Nikita Denise, Sharon Wi...

Look What's Up My Ass 2 - Legend

Lowest Price: $19.95
You won`t believe what I can get up my Hershey Highway!

All About Ass 12 - Legend

Lowest Price: $29.95
Where pussies are lovely... and asses are filled!

All About Ass 7 - Legend

Lowest Price: $129.00
Hey, the title says it all. Mark Wood is the hardest working cock in porno and he is jamming that thing in every whore`s ass that he can find. Hot chicks get their ass blown out to the maximum extent allowed by morality.

Pandora Dreams AKA Filthy Whore - Legend

Lowest Price: $7.80 (38% off average online price)
What can be said about the big-titted blonde slut known as Pandora Dreams? When she`s not swallowing loads of semen on a porno shoot, Pandora enjoys hanging out at truck stops and letting anonymous guys lube up her rack and titty-f*ck her. The only thing looser than Pandora`s p*ssy is her morals....

Anal Driller 3 - Legend

Lowest Price: $9.25 (47% off average online price)

MILF Money 3 - Legend

Lowest Price: $49.99
REAL MOMS WITH REAL STROKE-VALUE!Since its inception, the M.I.L.F. Money Series has:Paid for a year of hot, nutritious lunches for one childAllowed 6 children to get Christmas presents for the first time everPaid for a mother of two to get her tubes tied to avoid future unwanted nuisancesPaid of ...

Gang Bangin' Whitey 3 - Legend

Lowest Price: $119.38
What do you get when you put a black cock in between two white lips. You get a Whitey sandwich. Watch as these girls go to town on big black cocks.

Pussyman's Big Boob Heaven - Legend

Lowest Price: $19.15
BREAST LOVERS DELIGHT: BOUNCY BOOBS and BIG TITS !!!An all-star erotic cast of today`s mega boob models and big tit XXX stars meet in one giant big tit boob fest! With the help of p*ssygirl, Taylor St. Claire, p*ssyman continues his search for the perfect cast for his big boob paradise!!!

All About ASS - Legend

Lowest Price: $30.00
See these whores get assfucked! Every whore gets totally screwed!

Try A Teen 14 - Legend

Lowest Price: $37.24
When they're really bad...they're really good!

Art Of Ass, The - Legend

Lowest Price: $39.99
100% pure anal! They don`t do it just to do it, they do it because it`s an art!

Kiki Daire AKA Filthy Whore - Legend

Lowest Price: $25.00
Kiki was born and bred to be a whore. Raised in the hills of Kentucky, Kiki was known as a slut in high school. When not sucking off the boy`s football team after big games, Kiki worked as a prostitute at a brothel run by her inbred mother. She moved to Hollywood at the age of 18 in hopes of beco...

La Femme Nikita Denise 2 - Legend

Lowest Price: $30.00
A Twisted Adult Action Thriller. Stroke Value At Its Finest! When British spy Hannah Harper is captured by a sexually sadistic terrorist cell, it's up to La Femme Nikita Denise to kick fascist butt! Starring: Nikita Denise, Hannah Harper, Mary Carey, Melody, Malory Marx

All About Ass 14 - Legend

Lowest Price: $11.99 (13% off average online price)
Forget the Pussy... Ass is Everything!

Ass Pounders 6 - Legend

Lowest Price: $23.98
100% Pure Anal!

Nikita Denise AKA Filthy Whore 2 - Legend

Lowest Price: $17.99
HARDCORE XXX SEX ACTION!When you`re as big a whore as Nikita Denise, one installment in this series just ain`t enough. So, here`s your chance to get more of this stupidly foreign f*ck pig in all her shameful cum-guzzling glory. Enjoy!

Pussyman's Teen Land 9 - Legend

Lowest Price: $16.99
Welcum to TEEN LAND , a place where young wild girls cum to learn how sexy they can really be! With Pussyman showing them the way, these young sluts will be pro`s in no time! .

American Nymphette 3 - Legend

Lowest Price: $69.99
College protests. Neurotic boyfriends. One-night-stands. It ain`t easy being pretty. But, it sure is fun!

Bang My White Tight Ass (Legend) - Legend

Lowest Price: $124.99
Dumb white trash getting pounded by black cocks and letting the studs have their way!

Try A Teen 10 - Legend

Lowest Price: $24.00

Anal Driller 5 - Legend

Lowest Price: $179.99
Drill all the way down till you strike gold with these ladies because this might be your only chance a beautiful girl lets you stuff her chocolate starfish. 100% pure anal action will have your c*ck throbbing and your mouth open and drooling.
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