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Theater Sluts 5 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $9.97
Dirty D brings you hot XXX porn in a dark theater. Insatiable sluts taking on dozens of horny strangers Where the audience IS the show!

10 Man Cum Slam 14: Sperm Diet - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $7.00 (69% off average online price)
Sperm Dietbrbr Naomi is the cutest little fuck pig. All the black guys in her Slam were wondering how on earth a white girl ever grew her ass cheeks so big. The answer, apparently, was by consuming barrels of semen. Ingesting billions of sperm cells evidently causes the fat cells in the gluteus ...

5 Guy Cream Pie 12 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $19.15 (15% off average online price)
PUSSIES OOZING WITH 5 LOADS OF CUM!Apparently Banesca, a whore from Las Vegas, didn`t understand that doing a 5 GUY CREAM PIE means you`re going to have a lot of sperm deposited inside your womb.Cuz when she arrived on set, she confessed that not only was she not on birth control, but it was her ...

5 Guy Cream Pie 22 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $19.75 (9% off average online price)
We`ve noticed that girls with voluptuous, child-bearing hips retain cum more than other girls. It must have something to do with being a natural-born baby factory. You`ll witness it for yourself with Luscious Lopez. Big globs of cum hover within her p*ssy lips, but are reluctant to come out. Thos...

Barefoot Confidential 15 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $5.50 (76% off average online price)
A cheerleader seduces the janitor with her sweaty tootsies. A cruel babe forces a starving man to eat raw sushi off her bare feet. And a young blonde gives a British footjob to Andre Madness. No wonder Howard Stern loves this stuff as reported on his radio show of September 26, 2001!

Crack Whore Confessions 6 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $14.88
Denise ran away from home to launch her hood rat career in Sin City, Las Vegas. She began by stripping and entertaining customers with her ability to cum while sliding down the pole. She moved on to working the Strip, hanging out in casinos and hotel bars for dates. At 18 years old, she`s not old...

Cum Eating Cuckolds 11 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $11.27
There`s no accounting for the scientific accuracy of a porn title. So when reference is made to black cum, one merely accepts it on matters of faith without explanatory footnote or sourcing of other corroborating academic material. If you don`t like that explanation, well, fuck it. Which is what ...

Cum Eating Cuckolds 12 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $1.99
Husbands Cheated On And Forced To Eat Black Cum! Caution: This Could Happen To You! Eat It Bitch! Next time you're sucking cock, close your eyes. What do you imagine? Piney woods, red hills and saw mills? The benzene fragrance of unleaded gas? Or the ghastly breath of tubercular old men? D...

Grrl Power 14 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $8.50 (64% off average online price)
NASTY AND KINKY AS f*ck!When`s the last time you sank your prick into barely legal p*ssy like mine? Go ahead it`s real tight and wet, huh, mister? Feel my p*ssy walls clamping down around your c*ck. The muscles jack you off while you suck on my big natural titties. Want to stick it up my butt, m...

Petite Amateurs - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $8.00
Imagine 12 hot chicks light enough to pick up and spin around on your dick; girls with p*ssies so small and tight that even an average-sized dick looks and feels enormous inside them! Not only do these babes have delicate hands and pretty feet but also shapely asses and breasts to go along with t...

10 Man Cum Slam 13 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $69.98
Blaxploitation? This was the most difficult Cum Slam we ever had to shoot. Why? Because we had a black girl getting down on her knees and swallowing the cum of 10 white guys. People called us racist. They said this was what happened back in the days of slavery - all the plantation owners would g...

5 Guy Cream Pie 10 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $11.00 (50% off average online price)
PUSSIES OOZING WITH 5 LOADS OF CUM!Can you believe that we`re already up to volume ten? To celebrate our anniversary, we got the hottest Latina working in the business today: Lena Julliet. If you look at the front cover, you can see that this girl bites her fingernails. What`s she so nervous abou...

Chica Boom 24 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $4.15 (82% off average online price)
HOT LATIN GIRLS!Look at Lyric`s p*ssy lips hanging out. They look good enough to chew on, don`t they? Latin girls` p*ssy lips are sometimes refered to as roast beef, because they`re pink on the inside and brown on the outside. Hey, we`d rather eat them than some French dip any day of the week! No...

Cum Eating Cuckolds - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $24.94
Your wife says you don`t satisfy her in bed. She needs big, black c*ck. And she wants you to watch! While her black stud is pounding her p*ssy, sheadds to your humiliation by ordering you to lick her dirty assh*le. You do it because you don`t have a choice. You`re a wimp. You were born to be a cu...

Load In Every Hole 6, A - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $5.00 (77% off average online price)
BAD GIRLS GET TRIPLE PENETRATED!The girls in this video are bad. Very bad. For example, Mya tries to sell classified secrets to a foreign government. When the authorities find out, they offer her two choices: the FBI, or let them f*ck and cum in every one of her holes. She chooses the latter and ...

Super Quick - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $24.94
This time its personal! A lab accident has given Dr. Peter Quicken the ability to move at super speed. As SUPER QUICK, he fights crime, saves the world and gets a helluva lot of p*ssy! In this episode, arch-foes Mega-Doom and Radiation Boy slam-f*ck SUPER QUICK`S girlfriend in the ass and hold th...

Tampa Bukkake 6 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $75.00
Jackie is a 3-hole slut that loves sucking and fucking every cock she can get her hands on! Dirty D called up the bukkake crew to keep Jackie happily filled with cocks and cum. Watch as Jackie gets all of her hot wet holes filled with cum repeatedly! You do not want to miss this real raw three ho...

5 Guy Cream Pie 23 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $21.95 (1% off average online price)
Cherrie Rose is a tall girl with strong genes. She`s the kind of girl you`d want to breed with if you were trying to create a master race of large, strapping children. To paraphrase the Pet Shop Boys, She`s got the brawn, you got the brains, let`s make lots of kiddies. Of course, you wouldn`t wan...

Barefoot Confidential 24 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $4.25 (81% off average online price)
HARDCORE XXX SEX ACTION!Alexis Malone is God? Well, maybe or maybe not. But those perfect feet of hers are certainly worthy of some serious worship! Look at them! Perfect toes, high arches, soft soles. Everything a foot maniac could want. Throw in a tight body with a bubble butt and those black e...

Chica Boom 14 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $5.75 (75% off average online price)
HOT LATIN GIRLS SPICE IT UP!Are you ready for the most passionate sex of your like? Fire up your c*ck for somecaliente f*cking, south of the border! See a tiny Chicana with perfect tits swallow a prick fatter than her wrist! Witness balls-deep anal with attitude. Watch young, agile putas contort ...

Chica Boom 37 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $1.90 (92% off average online price)
Oh, mighty Isis! Remember that Saturday morning TV show? It sucked almost as much as watching Shazam motor around in an RV. But at least the goddess Isis was a hot Mediterranean babe who dressed in a slutty little short dress. The Isis in this movie is a little different. Its tough to be a goddes...

Chica Boom 40 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $1.75 (92% off average online price)
Make her cum... or else!If you mess around with a Latina like Rebeca, you better be prepared to go the distance. One orgasm is never enough for sex-crazed Spaniards like her. Make her cum 3 or 4 times, by any means necessary. Or else! Luckily, like all Latinas, she has multiple g-spots beyond ...

Grrl Power 9 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $4.50 (81% off average online price)
Sugar and Spice and everything niceyeah, right! What century are you living in, Mister? The only thing that tastes like sugar is my sweet p*ssy, careful not to break the hymen. The only thing spicy is the red hot I`m sucking -- can you feel its warmth on your hard c*ck? And the only thing nice is...

Honey, We Blew Up Your Pussy 2 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $5.00 (77% off average online price)
Admit it, you wish your girlfriend had big, meaty p*ssy lips. Just think of all the things you`d do to them. Once your gal`s vagina has been blown up, the fun never stops. Use the Kick Ass P*ssy Pump! It`s the only way to do it safely. In addition to the great puffy look, the inside of the p*ssy ...

Load In Every Hole 11, A - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $8.99 (61% off average online price)
ALL DOUBLE PENETRATIONS!With gas prices so f*cking high these days you hardly ever hear fill `er up anymore. Well this is cum, my friend. It`s cheap, free flowing and we`ve got an unlimited supply. And it`s a good thing we`ve found yet another batch of sperm addicted, cum guzzling, filthy as f*ck...
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