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Kick Ass DVD Movies - Page 14

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Chica Boom 30 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $21.99
HOT LATIN GIRLS!There`s only one thing better than a bottle of cheap tequila, a pinata loaded with narcotics and a donkey show on ice, and that`s CHICA BOOM #30! Happy birthday to us. We can`t believe we made it this far, either. But as long as they keep the borders open we`ll deliver trash talki...

Chica Boom 41 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $2.00 (91% off average online price)
Veronique Vega is what they call bellissima in Italy. (Right after they grab her ass in public.) But are Italian girls any different than Latin chicas? Let`s compare. Both have hot tempers and love to scream in their native tongues. Both have dark hair, dark eyes and that gorgeous olive skin. Bot...

Club Carrie - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $3.50 (85% off average online price)
HARDCORE XXX SEX ACTION!Innocent suburbanite Mary Jo is shocked when she stumbles across the Club Carrie web site. She soon learns (to her horror) that its host, internet porn star Carrie Ann, is the slutty twin sister she never knew she had! The plot thickens when she discovers that Carrie has m...

Honey, We Blew Up Your Pussy 6 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $24.94
When Marquetta Jewel volunteered for this shoot, she thought her p*ssy lips might get slightly bigger. But she wasn`t prepared to have them blown up to Elephant Man size! Marquetta had never before FELT her p*ssy so keenly. No wonder, all the nerve endings were also enlarged to five times their s...

Jelly 12 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $8.38 (60% off average online price)
How big is too big? When it comes to booty, they ain`t no limit, G. Bigger the better. PERIOD. Know`m sayn? Let them white bitches do them crazy ass diets and sh*t. Dr. Atkins weren`t no nigga, ya feel me? If he wuz, he`d be meatin up dem butts stead of slimmin em down. White doctors don`t know s...

Kick Ass Chicks 11: Jasmine Lynn - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $24.95
THE BEST OF JASMINE LYNN!Jasmine Lynn was one of the dirtiest super-whores ever to make adult videos. Extremely submissive, she seemed to love being used by men. She relished being f*cked in the ass (the harder the better), worshipping c*ck, and swallowing cum. Nothing was too nasty for this girl...

Mean Bitches Erotic Femdom - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $4.04 (82% off average online price)
Do you fantasize about groveling at the feet of a gorgeous woman? Deep down, do you realize that your place is underneath a woman`s ass? Have you always dreamed about being blackmailed and smothered by a teenage hottie? Then this DVD is for you! Gorgeous woman seduce, enslave, and control men int...

Teen Power 5 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $10.50 (54% off average online price)
18 YEAR OLDS WITH ATTITUDE!Leave Leah Luv alone, Mister. Can`t ya see that she`s all, like, young and innocent and stuff? I mean, look at those braces. She did what? Ouch, did it hurt your thingee? Oh, you paid her? Well, Mister, if you`re ready to pay, I`m ready to play. But you can`t stick it i...

10 Man Cum Slam 11 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $9.99 (53% off average online price)
How Dare You...!?Some people don`t like the word `whore`. They think it`s rude and disrespectful. They say these girls are movie stars, performers, talent, etc. But not whores. That`s a hard one to call. You mean to say, if we didn`t pay these girls, they`d still be swallowing 10 huge loads of cu...

Atk Newcomers 2 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $1.99
Once again ATKingdom has put all of our Newcomers on one DVD for you to enjoy. Shyla Jennings is one of the hottest up and comers in the industry. She is in great company with Pepper Kester, Missy Matlin and Anna Skye. Whether you like solo, action and lesbian scenes these girls will do everythin...

Barefoot Confidential 5 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $1.20 (95% off average online price)
Little man, worship the ground on which these goddesses walk. In this volume, we uncover a gypsy`s girl`s dirty soles, a sleeping beauty`s twitching toes, and a pair of cruel young girls with soft feet and murderous hearts. You`ll kiss their painted toes and love every minute of it.

Barefoot Confidential 60 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $2.70
Just as blind men walk the earth and never see the patch of poison sumac they`re about to walk through, some guys have never enjoyed a woman`s foot. Hard to believe, but true. If that`s the case with you, here`s the next best thing: A foot movie. It`s on us. Just don`t be one of those poor worthl...

Barefoot Confidential 64 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $4.64
Don`t let a woman kid ya. Size matters to them regardless of what they say. From penis to purse strings, it`s just that way with them. Sure it ain`t fair, but that`s what it is. A guy, on the other hand, sizes up his dames with way more clarity. Particularly their feet. Smooth, shapely, toned, te...

Barefoot Confidential 65 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $2.94
Think of a woman`s foot as being a stage and each toe playing its part. Shakespeare might have said it; then, again, maybe he didn`t. Doesn`t matter, because your chick won`t be any the wiser. But if you want to slip her shoes off for some heavy foot action, swear to her that he did. Sound like t...

Barefoot Confidential 80 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $5.31
You can tell just how classy a lady is by looking at her feet. If her skin smooth and well lotioned, you can tell she`s the kind of person who cares about the details. She likes things done to perfection. So when she`s stroking your cock with her soft and painted toes, she won`t just hurry up and...

Cum Eating Cuckolds 17 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $1.60
Some see This could happen to you! and think to themselves, No way, bro! My wife loves me! Sure she does. But, there are different kinds of love. Maybe your wife loves the way you pay for her clothes; maybe she loves that she keeps your nuts in a little leather bag in the back of her dresser. The...

Cum Eating Cuckolds 8 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $24.94
As all good female jockeys, Alexis enjoys riding her man hard and putting him away wet. Only problem is, her guy doesn`t appreciate being treated like the runner-up at the Preakness. What to do, what to do. Alexis tried more oats in the trough but that enticement didn`t work. Then it hit her. Eve...

I'm a Cheerleader So Bang Me - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $5.08 (78% off average online price)
Gimme a C! Gimme an H! Aw, f*ck it. Do I really need to spell it out for you, Mister? We`re Cheerleaders, dude! Every guy in the whole world wants to slide his hand down our sweaters and cop a feel. Or sneak their probing fingers under our pleated skirts and explore our wet little coochies. But o...

Jelly 11 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $8.95 (61% off average online price)
Shit, man, I be singin da blues deez days. My hometown of N`awlins be under 20 feet of water, with gators snappin at nigga`s jimmies. I mighta aced myself if it weren`t for all da thick, solid, well-built black booties up in dis here joint. Ga-DAMN, homeboy, if dis ain`t da finest Jelly I ever la...

Kick Ass Chicks 6: Lola - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $10.50 (52% off average online price)
THE BEST OF LOLA!Lola is a sex-crazed Cuban girl with one of the biggest clits and thickest pair of p*ssy lips ever lensed! She is also pleasantly thick in all the right places, especially her long, thick firm legs and amazing rock solid ass. And how about those childbearing hips! As opposed to m...

Mean Bitches Erotic Femdom 8 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $5.85
Have you ever fantasized about having a stripper come to your office and force you to kiss her ass? Are you a wimp who is waiting for a real man to fuck your girl in front of you? Do you long to be lying on the ground and while a beautiful girl lowers her ass onto your face? If so, this is the DV...

Mean Bitches POV - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $24.94
Are you ready to DO AS YOU ARE TOLD LIKE A GOOD BOY? These Beautiful Mistresses will treat you LIKE A LITTLE BITCH! They will use you for their pleasure, they will degrade you, and they will ORDER YOU TO MASTURBATE. And there is nothing you can do about it... THESE ARE SUPERIOR WOMEN AND YOU WILL...

Mean Dungeon 2 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $3.98
Do you fantasize about visiting a Mistress`s Dungeon and being put in your place? Do you deserve a good spanking while the Mistress teases your cock? If you fantasize about ass worship, facesitting, foot worship, and tease and denial in the dungeon, thien this is the DVD for you!

Mean Facesitters 6 - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $6.40
Do you fantasize about having a beautiful girl take charge and smother your face with her delicious ass? Then this is the DVD for you! Four great scenes with lots of pacesetting, ass worship, foot worship and more!

Oops, I Got Gangbanged Again - Kick Ass

Lowest Price: $10.50 (50% off average online price)
They try to be good girls. Honestly they do. They have the best intentions. But somehow, stuff just seems to happen to them. Whoops, I tripped and impaled myself on a big cock that just happened to be sticking straight up. Was that a big load of sperm I just swallowed? I have a dick in my ass? Ge...
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