Keep Calm, We Will Be Back

October 28th, 5:38pm EST
Operating in an adult industry is always a challenge, some days more than others.

Several hours ago we received the surprising and unfortunate news that our credit card payment processor is exiting the adult space, effective immediately. As a consequence, our ability to process credit card payments has been temporarily disrupted. We are in the process of signing up with a new processor, but it is unlikely that the cutover can happen before Monday given the time of day the cut-off occurred.

To our customers, whom we greatly appreciate, we sincerely apologize for the disruption, we ask for your patience, and we hope you'll keep checking back with us.

To our sellers, whom we equally appreciate, we'll do our best to restore transaction processing as quickly as possible, and your upcoming reimbursement will not be affected.

Thanks to all for the paitence and understanding as we work through this transition.

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