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Rachel Steele - Taboo Tales 15 - DVD - Red MILF Production

Rachel Steele - Taboo Tales 15


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Arianna Labarbara, Kelsie, Rachel Steele


Scene 1 - Suck to Stay Out of Jail Smart-mouthed Kelsie is on probation. When she fails to turn up to an appointment, the probation officer comes to her house to take her into custody. Kelsie's mother Rachel is distraught, but Kelsie herself gives the officer a hard time. Irritated, he puts her in cuffs. Afraid that her daughter will be arrested, Rachel asks the officer what she can do to prevent it. He tells her she can and Kelsie can suck his cock. Rachel reluctantly does as she's told. An angry Kelsie resists at first, but eventually gives in. After the officer has given both women a faceful of cums, he tells Kelsie not to miss another appointment. Scene 2 - The Substitute Tutors Mrs. Steele and Ms. LaBarbara have taken a position as substitute tutors for an anatomy class. The students have been failing, and the principal hopes the two women will turns things around. Their methods are unconventional but highly effective. Young student Philip finds this out first hand when he comes to them for private tuition. Mrs. Steele and Ms. LaBarbara make him take off his clothes. Then they unbutton their blouses, oil up his cock, and commence to stroke and suck it. They also show off their pussies to him. By the time the young man shoots his load, he's learned a lot of knew things about the human anatomy. Scene 3- Fuck Stepson to Calm Him Down Rachel and her stepson Brandon are soul-mates and lovers. At a time of great financial difficulty, Rachel borrowed money from the mob. Now they want to it back. But Rachel can't pay it. Threats follow, and she starts to fear for her and her stepson's safety. She then gets together her belongings and tells Brandon they have to flee to Mexico right away. The young man is very nervous, and has to be calmed down. Rachel achieves with sex. She sucks his cock, lets nurse her nipples and lick her pussy, then fucks him until she orgasms and he gives her a creampie. His tension relived, Brandon is able to cope with the trials ahead. Just before stepmother and son leave, they have another fuck for luck. Scene 4 - The Doctors Said it is Wrong, Stepmother Rachel and her stepson Shawn had a sexual relationship for years. The young man thought it was normal and told his friends about it. Another stepmother caught the news and reported it. Shawn was then placed in a mental hospital for evaluation. Several months passed while Rachel tried to get him out. Eventually she convinced a judge that Shawn was OK. He was released, and Rachel took him home. There she came on to him. Shawn hesitated at first because his doctors had said it was wrong. However, Rachel persisted and managed to convince him otherwise. After that the stepmother and stepson began kissing. A long night of passionate sucking and fucking followed.

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