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Bat Girl XXX Parody
Bat Girl XXX Parody
Extreme Comixxx (SKU: 256674)
Lowest Price: $21.00

Subject to change without notice

Iron Man XXX Parody
Iron Man XXX Parody
Extreme Comixxx (SKU: 242020)
Lowest Price: $12.50

Billionaire Tony Stark (Seth Gamble) invented the Iron Man suit for the good of humanitythe horny girls it attracts are a bonus. With his sexy assistant Pepper Potts (Heather Starlet) trying to ride him every chance she gets, Stark must stay focused to save the world. In Iron Man XXX: An Extreme ...

Supergirl Parody XXX
Supergirl Parody XXX
Extreme Comixxx (SKU: 235405)
Lowest Price: $24.50

Collector`s Edition 2-Disc Set. Earth`s sexiest super XXX hero is a young coed from another planet. Supergirl (Alanah Rae) barely escapes the destruction of her home planet, but her greatest challenge lies ahead... Sorority life! With the help of her cousin, Superman (Dale Dabone) and her BFF, Ba...

Captain America Parody
Captain America Parody
Extreme Comixxx (SKU: 237904)
Lowest Price: $24.22

Collector`s 2-Disc Edition. CAPTAIN AMERICA XXX picks up 70 years after Steve Rogers, codename: Captain America, single handedly ended World War II. Thawed from a block of ice, Rogers (Evan Stone) is back, and he`s the only thing standing between America and the forces of evil. Along with Nick Fu...

Justice League Of Pornstar Heroes (Blu-Ray)
Justice League Of Pornstar Heroes (Blu-Ray)
Extreme Comixxx (SKU: 233137)
Lowest Price: $25.00

Blu-Ray Version. 2-Disc Special Limited Edition. Exquisite Films brings you the hottest parody porn has to offer. We have taken all of your favorite super heroes and have made them come to life in The Justice League of Pornstar Heroes, an Extreme Comixxx Parody.Overseen by Superman, The Justice L...

Super Heroins Interactive 2D
Super Heroins Interactive 2D
Extreme Comixxx (SKU: 244535)
Lowest Price: $24.49

Lurking from around the shadow ridden corners of the lewd, crude under belly of porntropolis; mastermind, mega director Sinister X returns with his latest super cinematic porno parody masterpiece, super heroine 2D. Combining technology, with sexy cinematography, Super Heroine 2D takes Hollywood`...

Lone Ranger XXX Parody
Lone Ranger XXX Parody
Extreme Comixxx (SKU: 273152)
Lowest Price: $13.50

The Wild West was one of the most exciting times in American history. From it stemmed great tales of legendary heroes and dastardly villains. One such great tale was The Lone Ranger and his run-ins with Butch Cavendish. In our story, Butch and his gang ambush The Texas Rangers in attempt to take ...

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